Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Do you know an HDTV with awesome built in speakers?

best sound quality hdtv
 on 10 Best soundbar speakers for your HDTV
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I know HDTV's are notorious for their built in speakers sound quality, so I was just wondering if there was one out there with some good, ready to go speakers.
If someone could just tell me 1 HDTV with better than average sound quality, they get best answer. I'm fully aware that a home theater sound system sounds better than a TV's internal speakers.

Mitsubishi has a relatively new line that features a sound projector for it's built in speakers. It uses 16 small individually amplified speakers that allow it to very directionally beam sound to various reflective points in the room. Yamaha uses the same technology in its YSP line. While it not as good as a full size surround system, with the addition of even a small subwoofer it has great sound on its own. Available in either a 52" or 46" LCD size it's also got a great picture as well.

Full Disclosure: I am a dealer for both Yamaha and Mitsubishi as well as many other television brands. I personally have the 52" version at my home.

What's the best way to connect an external hard disc to a brand new HD television?

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I want maximum picture and sound quality.

These are the outputs on the disc: USB, coaxial, Ext.IR, HDTV and AV.

Note that they're all just "little holes" about the size of the plug you plug your earphones in your ipod except for of course the USB.

Also, can USB carry a 1080i resolution to your television (given that your television has DivX reading capabilities) ?

You can not connect any hard dis drive to a tv. The tv is not a computer. USB connection from Ipod can be connected to the tv along with computer video from the computer.

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