Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to make speakers on a tv louder?

Q. They're external speakers. They're little logitech ones and at the end of their cord it one has a red amd the other has a white. I just bought a JVC 32" HDTV 720p tv today for my room. And i just plugged in these speakers and when i do i can hear the sound coming out but its very there anyway i can make them louder? I just plugged them into the back where it said "audio" L (white) R (red). How can i make the speakers louder?

A. In your tv's audio settings, you should be able to set it to surround sound. This could be your problem. If this doesn't solve your problem, the speakers will not get any louder. You need to plug them into a surround sound type DVD player. It will have its own power to supply the speakers. Your TV probably just doesn't have the power to put out.

What sequence settings do I use in adobe premiere for the JVC GZ HD30 camcorder?
Q. Or can you tell me how to figure it out?
it shoots in 1080p

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How to connect DVI output from PC to Component input in HDTV with dip switch adapter?
Q. I have a new Dell PC with an ATI Radeon X1300 video card, and am trying to connect it to my JVC HD-ILA Television through my receiver (which has component in and out). Basically, I purchased a DVI to Component adapter, which has several dip switches on it, and I am not getting a picture on my TV when I boot up. Sometimes I will see a second or two of video garbage but then the screen is blank. I feel like I've tried all of the different combinations of dip switch settings (16:9, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i). I guess my last resort is to just buy a DVI to HDMI and plug it right into my TV, but I wouldn't be able to use my receiver like I'd prefer to do for simplicity. Has anyone encountered this problem or have a suggestion on how to view my PC on my HDTV through my receiver? Thank you!

A. Very good choice on your TV, that and the 42" Toshiba DLP
would have been my choice, DVI (out) from the computer to the Component (in) should work, im sure you did, but you changed your TV's input to component1 or 2 right? You may have to downgrade to the AV cables which the card should have a Video out plug. Or if your in the market, upgrade your TV and go flat panel. The bad thing about that is a decent 42" LCD is a small fortune. I wouldnt go plasma if your goin to use it for a computer but the back of most flat panels have a serial connection to use it as a monitor. I know I havent really answered your question but i wouldnt bother with the HDMI, youll get the same results. all the DVI to Component adapter does is dumb down the picture and allow a different interface. The HDMI runs both picture and sound in HD where as the DVI only does video so its kind of a waste. not to mention the price of the HDMI cable and adapter. Best bet is call a Best Buy and talk to the home theatre department.

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