Saturday, March 29, 2014

Who's number one when it comes to TV's...?


You can't go wrong with the VT30 Panasonic Viera plasma's, D8000 Samsung plasma's or Sharp Elite LCD's.

They were the top three (Sharp, Panny, Sammy) in the 2011 shoot-out held last month at Value Electronics in Scarsdale, NY.

When you factor in price, the plasma's are the easy choice.

Can a new 2011 blu ray DVD player with built in wi-fi function with a 10 year old big box TV that isn't HD?


My old multi-disc DVD player has died. I need to replace it but it seems most of the DVD players out are blu ray. At least the ones worth buying. I have my eye on a Samsung 5700 blu ray DVD player with built in wi fi. Now it seems that they work best with HDTVs but I know that is only if you plan on playing blu ray DVDs and you want the best picture quality from the disc. I stick with DVDs, I review films for a living and most of the DVDs I get are regular DVDs plus I really don't care about picture quality, as long as the image is clear. I want to know if the newer model blu ray DVD players will work with my 10 year old Samsung TV which is a big heavy box, not an HDTV. My friend who is somewhat knowledgeable about DVD players has said yes, I've read reviews where people with 20 year old TVs were able to stream the wi fi onto their TVs, but someone from Best Buy I'm positive didn't know much about DVD players said no modern blu ray player will be compatible with an older model TV. I need to have an HDTV. My TV still works fine and I can't afford an HDTV and a Blu Ray player at the same time but the player is essential for my work. Can you all please help me, let me know if a modern model blu ray player will work on my 10 year old non HDTV? If not, what is my next option? Thanks.

Check the blu ray disc player and your old tv and see what it offers for video and audio connections. If the blu ray disc player has the output for video and audio that can be used for your tv then it will work. Personally I would recommend a Panasonic player, they are the most reliable and trouble free player in the market. I have a first generation player from Panasonic model BD-10 which is over 4 years old and played over 300 blu ray disc movies without having one problem. They always have a player that is recommended each year by Home Theater Magazine. Hope this will help you out.

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High quality HD over standard antenna??

Nic W

Today, on the radio, I heard that HDTV of standard channels (ABS, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS) is broadcast free of charge over standard "Old fashioned" TV antennas.

This reputable radio host also mentioned that this form of HD was actually BETTER than cable or satellite because it was not compressed format.

Anyone know anything about this? Also, is there a way of taking advantage of this broadcasting without the "Roof mounted" antenna? Like maybe rabbit ears or something?

Yes, it's true.

DTV (including HDTV) is already broadcast in most of the US.

And DTV uses the same antennas as the old analog system. Some people will need better antennas though; DTV can be fussy about signal quality. If you already get good analog TV reception, your current antenna is probably good enough.

You can use any old TV with a cheap converter box to receive HDTV signals, but you will only see a DVD quality picture because that's the best that analog TVs were built to display.

To see HDTV broadcasts in "HD" resolution, you need one of the following:

A HDTV (includes ATSC tuner)

A "HD ready" TV and an external ATSC tuner box

A computer equipped with a SVGA or better display and a ATSC tuner card or USB tuner.

Is over-the-air HDTV signal better than cable or satellilte?

Uncle Penn

I was listening to a popular radio consumer advocate. He said that you will actually get a better picture using an antenna to get your HDTV vs. cable or satellite. The reason given was that cable and satellite have to compress the signal, but free over-the-air does not.

In the computer world, there's lossy compression, like JPEG, where some clarity is lost. Then there's ZIP where no data is lost and you receive a perfect reproduction.

So I guess their are 3 questions:

1. Is an over-the-air signal compressed or not?
2. Do cable and sattellite companies use a "lossy" compression scheme for the HDTV signals.
3. Is it true that the HDTV picture is superior if received from over-the-air transmission.
To Pancakes - HDTV has resolutions of 1080i and 720p, both superior to progressive DVD which is 480p.

The ATSC standard for HDTV transmission is MPEG-2 compression and 19mbit data rate. OTA and cable both use MPEG-2, as does most satellite transmission. Some recent satellite local stations are compressed with MPEG-4. All HDTV is compressed. However, the MPEG specs allow for different amounts of compression and different qualities. When OTA utilizes the full bandwidth for a single HDTV channel at 19mbs, you will get the best quality obtainable from HDTV. However, many OTA stations will broadcast several programs on sub-channels simultaneously with their HD channel. That steals bandwidth and bitrate from their HD channel, and if that is done too much, the HD picture quality will suffer (the subchannels are usually not HD). So you cannot lump all OTA into one category for picture quality.

The same is true for cable channels; they have the option of retransmitting the exact signal broadcast, in which case the cable will have the same quality as the broadcast. However, some cable systems will decompress and recompress the signal so they can use a lower bitrate and less bandwidth. If they do that, the cable's picture will be poorer than OTA. It is also possible for the cable to receive a higher-quality signal from the station (less strongly compressed) that the networks use to distribute their HD content. If the cable system then compresses that signal to a high bitrate, but the broadcaster limits its bandwidth, the cable signal would be better. i do not know if this latter approach is being used by any cable companies at this time, but it is a possibility.

Finally, satellite compression is often more severe than OTA or cable, and my experience with satellite HD is that for the major networks, it is not as good as OTA or cable. However, special HD channels on satellite (HDnet, Discovery HD) are excellent.

In summary, the answer to our question is: it depends.

Finally, all MPEG compression schemes are "lossy". It would be impossible to get the HD picture in the allotted bandwidth with lossless compression. But the degree of "loss" is flexible and up to the party doing the enccoding.

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does a LG 47LW5300 47-Inch 1080p 120Hz Cinema 3D LED-LCD HDTV have a pc port?


and anyother ports like hdmi usb things of that sorce

No, LG is just an descent quality TV manufacturer. They have a high repair rate. I would prefer Samsung over LG because of its LED and picture quality. Go for the top of the line TVs for 2011, including the UN46d7000 or UN46d8000. These are the best sets in the market today, including 3D as well.

Tube TV vs 1080p HDTV?


Comparing the two tv's in this scenario.

TV#1 2002 Model Flat Tube 60Hz 27" Screen
TV#2 2011 3D Ready 1080p 120Hz 63" Screen

Just for giggles I plugged in the RCA cables (Red, White, Yellow) to my new tv to play the PS3. Resolution is set to a maximum of 480p for these cables. Picture quality is terrible! Rainbow effect & nothing looks good. But, when hooked up to the old school tv same method, looks great!

Now normally I do run the latest 1.4 HDMI cables & use the 3D glasses & all that good stuff, but this was just for my own amusement, now that i've seen the difference, I want to know.....why......

So the question???? Why, does an advanced piece of technology not look nearly as good under these circumstances as the old school tv which looks great?

The old school TV is designed for the 480 that the composite cable gives it. Your new TV has to artificially increase the resolution of the TV from 480 lines to 1080 lines. Some TV's do a better job doing this than others.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Should I wait for the 2013 50 inch Plasma TVs to arrive?


I need some advice. I am currently looking at the Panasonic TCP50ST50. I can get it for around $875 given the sales, CC discount, and points I have saved up. But, should I buy this TV now, or wait for the 2013 models to arrive. Here are my needs: I cannot go larger than 50 inch. Picture Quality is the number 1 priority. I have surround sound already set up. The TV will be an a basement that has windows, but still a dark room. I will be using it mostly for HDTV, Blue Ray DVD, and some gaming. I have a Wii U so I already have an ability to stream into my Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu accounts. So the questions would be: approx how much will the 2013 50 inch models be? Is Panasonic still the best? And will the new features on the 50" models be worth the extra expense?

You should consider the LED TV, tough the price is higher for that size. I find that the picture quality is better and the newer models are also equipped with a number of features (i.e.3D , direct internet connection, youtube streaming). Wait for the new models to be launched, so that the older models' price will drop. Samsung and Sony are also quite good choices.

after seeing the great graphics of the 360 & PS3, do you think these systems would last for 10 years?


the PS4 and new XBOX being 2016 or beyond? i mean the next stop would be the final one since you cant go over photorealism
no, officialy the PS2 was only 6 years, because the PS3 came out in 2006. I dont care how long they make game for a system, some games for the dreamcast and neogeo are still being made after 18 years. i am talking about an official new system

Someone recently asked if it was really true that the ps4 and xbox720 would be released in 2010. Which is ridiculous. They might start work on a new xbox that soon, but it will take a long time to develop, and they won't likely call it xbox720, either, "720" only relates to snowboarders or skaters.

Both consoles were designed to satisfy the high-end HD market. Only a small percentage of people have HDTV's yet. After February 2009 that percentage will make a jump, but it will still be years before it even reaches the halfway point. Maybe 2013 or so.

Next, the xbox and ps3 are the limit of current home-pc processing technology. Processors reached their current, 2 to 3 ghz limit about 5 years ago, due to heat problems. A recent advance in chip technology will allow faster chips to be made, but it's not even close to being implemented yet. The xbox has 3 fast processors, and the ps3 has a staggering 7. That's about as many processors as you can put into a computer or console, and still have it be cost-effective and have developers making applications for it.

So the bottom line is basically, they CAN'T make the next generation yet. The technology it will have to involve is in its infancy, I doubt it will be implemented in time to save Moore's Law, maybe in big mainframes or servers it will be implemented in 2 or 3 years, but I think it will realistically hit PC's in about 2012 or 2013. Console developers need to see how it works in PC's before putting it in consoles, so giving them a couple years dev time would put the next generation around 2014 to 2016.

Now about that photorealism thing, I disagree, there's a lot more to do to make games more realistic and lifelike.

For one thing, most 3D games use classical rules of perspective, ignoring the way the world actually looks to your eyes. You don't see a rectangle in front of you, and you have much more peripheral vision too. If you turn quickly in a 3D shooter, straight lines often look curved. Devs have been making optical tricks to deal with this for a while, but there is much work to be done.

A couple years back, Sony showed off the first flexible LCD video screen. That's right, you could conceivably have a game system where the screen wraps around in a semicircle around you, or even a "virtual reality" room where the screen surrounds you. Games for such a system will be awesome and will take more than the next generation to handle

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New VHS VCRs in 2012?

Joe B

I still have a cabinet of about 200 videotapes which have never come out on DVD. I value these movies enough to warrant the shelf space, but watch them infrequently enough not to warrant transfer to DVD-R. Luckily, the VCR I am using is a prosumer grade JVC S-VHS. It's very well built and I keep it plugged into the TV but unplugged from the wall to avoid somehow wearing out the power supply or fluorescent display. But, it's from 2000 and I know one day it will go dead. So, what are my options going into the future? Are any manufacturers still making high quality machines, such as for archival use?


Magnavox DVD VCR Player ZV457MG9 (2012 gold award best dvd/ vcr player)

Overall Rating
These days, we have access to high-quality media on almost every device we own. You can watch your favorite shows and videos on HD televisions, computers, laptops, smartphones and more. What about all those tapes and DVDs collecting dust in your closet, though? Not all your high-tech devices can play the content contained on these aging media. DVD/VCR combo players are a safe haven for playing this content in world that has almost forgotten VHS.

At TopTenREVIEWS, we rated and ranked the best devices capable of playing, recording and archiving both DVDs and VHS tapes. At the end of our review process, the Magnavox DVD VCR Player ZV457MG9 came out on top, earning our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for DVD/VCR combos. It achieved this honor by including every single feature we looked for on our side-by-side comparison chart.

With features such as 1080p upconversion and progressive scan technology, the unit transforms standard-definition images and sound into a clear, crisp signal worthy of any HDTV on the market today. To complement its excellent picture quality, the Magnavox DVD VCR Player is compatible with Dolby Digital sound. Furthermore, the assortment of connectivity options on the back panel enables you to connect it to almost any device you own.

Is it advisable to review some smart TVs before your purchase?


In the coming month my sister in law is going to purchase her smart tv. Yesterday we were discussing about it and I suggested that she read some online reviews before she buys one. She said she doesn't need to read them, since she doesnât believe in such reviews. Wha's your opinion?

As it is always advisable to read reviews on a product before purchasing, I find smart TV something you'll have to try out for yourself. Smart TV isn't for everyone. There are people who enjoy TVs for purely watching programs and movies and there are people who want their TV to run like a smart phone. I personally love smart TV. I've had great fun using smart TVs in the past and they seem to get better every year. I've tried the Viera platform on my VT30 and it runs great although it can lag sometimes. I also have a newer 2012 LG LM 9600 (calibrated) model and the smart TV runs much faster. It even outperforms a normal laptop - HDTV hook up in pure speed. One thing I really like about my LG smart tv though is the remote. You can speak into the mic (built-in) for typing which is very time efficient when internet surfing. Typing in URL's on my viera can take forever.

Go to a retailer and check out all smart TVs and then decide. The decision is ultimately yours.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Which HDTV is Better?

Craig Mill

Sony - KDL40BX420 LCD (1080p, 60Hz) - $580
Samsung - PN43D490 Plasma (720p, 3D, 60Hz) - $540

Which of these is better. Im going to use it mostly for gaming and tv, with the occasional movie. 3D would be cool but its not that important. I will be sitting far enough away that 1080p wont really matter. I was looking at them at best buy and the plasma looked a little dark but it was pretty bright in the store. Also, if you have another TV to recommend let me know.
32" - 45"
$400 - $650 (maybe a little more depending on the tv)

The Song LCD. Plasma has lots of issues, like leaving a trail when something or someone moves on the Tv, which is typically called "ghosting". Also Plasma screens sometimes "burnout". Though, Plasma has a better color spectrum. But the best type is an LED.
Also, there are only so many games you can play in 3D and you have to buy glasses which I've seen for an extra $200.

Look up "squidoo best HDTVs of 2011" in google, and you'll find all the info you need.

I'm also looking at getting a new Tv, so I know a lot of good ones, but what's your exact price range. I know around $550 but is $580 the max? Also how many inches do you want? Add your price range and inch range and I'll add some recommendations.

Ok, so I'll just write the info for each tv. I would put the url since I'm still in the process of fixing my computer, so I have to use my iPod and PS3 to go on the internet.

1. Sharp- AQUOS Quattron 40" Class/ LED/ 1080p/ 120Hz/ HDTV (reg. $1,099.99 ON SALE $599.99.) (reviewed as a 4.8/5)

2. Panasonic- 32" Class/ LED/ 1080p/ 60Hz/ HDTV (reg. $699.99 ON SALE $549.99) (reviewed as a 5/5)

Samsung midrange 2011 LED TVs vs Panasonic midrange 2011 Plasma TVs ?

- - -[--[s

Panasonic, Plasma HDTVs have the lowest MTBF(mean time between failures). They also are cheaper when we're talking about 42"-46" screens and up vs. LCD screens in this size range.
Off the top of my head, they produce better black levels, color quality, and off-axis viewing.

Checkout this direct link to not just Panasonic plasmas, but also a handful or two of other makers, to eliminate bias towards just Panasonic's lineup of their plasmas.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ps3 quality question?

Rachael Pe

Ok so I am a gamer and I have a ps3 which I use a lot I just bought siren blood curse a horror game and its really dark but when I try to brighten it up it doesn't work is there anyway I can improve ps3 quality

HD TV+ HD Cable+ PS3= HD Picture


3D HDTV+ PS3 (3D Update) + HDMI= 3D HD Picture

What is the best 3D HDTV to buy in 2012?

Michael Gr

I'm in the market for a new 3D HDTV but I'm not sure what brand to look for. I would appreciate any recomendations that I get.

the best is panasonic 3d tv's they win more wards for there tv's in the past 3 years than any other company

so the guy below me does NOT recommend a 3D tv due to it has brilliant quality 2d picture better than a normal 2d tv and be able to watch a 3D blu-ray film

dont listen to that guy below me,, he probably thinks you have to watch tv with the glasses on

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to stop my parents from spoiling me? Also am I a spoiled brat?


I am 13 and I feel like I am being spoiled. My parents get me alot of things without me asking.

Here are the things my parents buy exclusively for me:
-New iPhone 5C
-My first phone was iPhone 3G when I was 8(I feel so spoiled here)

Here are the things that I share with my family or that my family shares with me-
-2013 retina display 13" MacBook Pro
-2006 iMac
-Original Nintendo Wii
-Apple TV
-Sony HDTV (with a screen 1 meter high, and l.5 to 2.0 meters wide) from 2008
-Windows 7 laptop (for my moms work, and I use it for creating video games because of better support)

I also barely have an allowance. I am asking this since my uncle called me a spoiled brat. I think I am spoiled but I dont think I am a brat. I also am only allowed to play the ps4 on weekends. I didnt ask for any of these except for ps4 since I won my regional spelling bee last year. I also didnt want an iPhone 5C, I was fine with my 3G. I am thinking of trading the 5C in for the nexus 5. Also my friends are much more spoiled than me so if I consider with them they would say im not spoiled. If I am too spoiled how to talk to my parents. This is also not an attention seeker. Thanks.
I am not asking for anything. I just want to stop being spoiled.
I dont wanna be a spoiled. IDK why

Well, I got the following
Three 24 inch
One 40 Inch
One 60 Inch
Mac ($1,400)
Alienware ($1,600)
Acer ($300)
Acer ($250)
Dell Inspirion ($500)
and more

Xbox 360
PS2 (lol)

And a shit top of phones.

Surround sound questions?

Lakota C

I have been trying to get my surround sound to work for hours and still nothing, i bought some things that didn't come with a user manual because i bought them from ebay, and i couldn't find the manuals online
I have an hdtv Philips 40" 40PFL4707/F7
a 5.1 surround sound receiver PIONEER VSX-D457 5.1 HomeTheatre DOLBY
a 5.1 surround sound speaker set up VM Audio EXMS590T 800W 5.1 Home Multi Media Surround Sound
and an hdmi dvd player
I'm very confused as to how i should connect each device to each other.
My reciever does not have hdmi cable inputs/outputs.
I want the video to come out in hd, how do i hook these things up?
Below are some of the pictures of my receiver and all the plug ins that i have no idea how to set up.

Below are pictures of my subwoofer, i need to know how to set this up to my receiver.

My speaker set up came with these cables

And lastly do i have to hook the audio from each device (xbox 360, tv, dvd player, etc) to the receiver? or can i hook all devices to the tv and then send the sound to the receiver through the tv?
This is a list of inputs and outputs on my tv
2 x HDMI (19 pin HDMI Type A) - Side,
1 x HDMI (19 pin HDMI Type A) - Rear,
1 x VGA input (15 pin D-Sub (DB-15)) - Side,
1 x Composite video / component video input (RCA phono x 3) - Rear,
1 x Audio line-in (RCA phono x 2) - Rear,
1 x Digital audio output (coaxial) (RCA phono) - Rear,
1 x Headphones (Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm) - Side,
1 x USB (4 pin USB Type A) - Side

If i do have to plug in audio to the receiver, would i be able to have both the hdmi cable going to the tv while also having audio only cables going to the receiver? or would that not work?

Thank you for reading all of this, and especially thank you if you can help me. I know this is a lot of stuff, but there are so many different ways i could be messing it up that i need to know the exact right way to do it for it to work.and i (obviously) have no idea what i am doing ahah
Sorry for such a long question and i hope someone can help :)
Thank You!!!!

First off the VM Audio sub-woofer is incompatible with the Pioneer VSX D457 Receiver, they will not work may be able to use the Satellite speakers if they are 8 ohm with the Pioneer VSX D457 next you do not have any digital connections on that receiver so you are only going to get stereo at best the Pioneer VSX D457 has Dolby prologic which is an analog 4.0 system and can be used to produce a psudo-surround from stereo. Dolby Pro-logic makes no provisions for a sub-woofer....some high end prologic receivers did there own sub-woofer provisions as aftermarket unfortunately your D457 is not one of them, so there is no provision for a subwoofer of any kind...also you will not be able to use a blu ray player with any satisfaction in would hook everything up to the TV then run a cord from the headphone jack out to the receiver for stereo sound nd then use prologic to produce a pseudo surround effect.
It may be best to leave the Pioneer VSX receiver out completely and just hook the VM Audio speaker system up directly to the TV.....

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How to make a commentary in windows movie maker 2011 with A camera?

Q. hey I was just wondering how to make a commentary in windows movie maker 2011 I have no mic but i do have cameras with mics on them soo any tips?

Aunsoft Video Converter helps you convert between various formats. It is the must-have conversion tool for video lovers, and enables you to enjoy movies on computer, to further edit video for creation, to present video on HDTV, and to publish video online in web-friendly format. You can control your video and music on popular portable devices including iPad, Nexus One, HTC Hero, Zune, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, iPhone anytime anywhere.

Aunsoft Video Converter supports a lot of video and audio formats. It can convert TiVo to MPEG for you, making it easy for you to burn the output MPEG file to DVD with burning software. Then you can enjoy recorded TV shows anytime you want. It converts MKV, MTS, M2TS, TOD, MOD, TS, FLV, MXF to MP4, WMV for you to play different videos on portable devices like iPad, iPhone 4, Zune, PSP, XboX 360, Apple TV, WD TV, Nexus One, HTC Android Phones, HTC Legend, HTC EVO 4G, Motorola Droid X, Droid 2. And it can even let you convert the popular Flip Video/Flip HD video from Flip Mino, Flip Ultra, Flip MinoHD, Flip Ultra HD, Flip SlideHD pocket camcorders with high quality.

With this powerful converter, you can also convert videos for video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, and upload video to YouTube and MySpace to share videos.

What is best HDTV (for 2010/2011) for me?


My room is about 11ft x 11ft. The space for the television is built for a 30 inch wide or less. The space is on the edge of my wall. I want it so when I have friends over everyone they enjoy clear high-quality lifelike images before them. Please be specific and list websites as well as the official site.I am looking for the perfect choice. Thank-you.

26 inch LCD. 1080p panasonic i work for the geek squad at best buy. good luck

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Which Desktop should I get?


Difference between these two desktops?
They are both Dell XPS 8500. Which one should I get? There is a 50 $ price difference.
First One-
3rd Gen Intel® Core⢠i5-3350P processor
Features a 6MB cache and 3.1GHz processor speed with Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz.
Intel® Core⢠i5 processor
Features smart 4-way processing performance with a speed boost.
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
Automatically speeds up your processor when your PC needs extra performance.
For multitasking power, expandable to 32GB.

Multiformat DVD±RW/CD-RW drive
Create custom DVDs and CDs.

1TB Serial ATA hard drive (7200 rpm)
Offers spacious storage and fast read/write times.
AMD Radeon HD 7570 graphics

Feature 1GB GDDR5 dedicated video memory for lush images with intricate detail. HDMI output for connection to an HDTV.

4 USB 3.0 and 6 USB 2.0 ports
For fast digital video, audio and data transfer.
Built-in Dell Wireless 1703 high-speed wireless LAN (802.11b/g/n)
Connect to the Internet without wires.

Bluetooth 4.0 interface
Easily link with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a mobile phone or MP3 player.

Built-in Ethernet LAN
With RJ-45 connector for quick and easy wired Web connection.

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system preinstalled
Provides a stable platform for word processing, Web navigation, gaming, media storage and more.
Software package included
With CyberLink Media Suite Essentials and more. Includes 1-month trial of Microsoft Office 365.

There is also Internal high-definition 7.1 Performance Audio with Waves MaxxAudio
IT is 749.99 $.

Here is the other one.
3rd Gen Intel® Core⢠i5-3350P processor
Features a 6MB cache and 3.1GHz processor speed with Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz.
Intel® Core⢠i5 processor

Features smart 4-way processing performance with a speed boost.
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
Automatically speeds up your processor when your PC needs extra performance.
For multitasking power, expandable to 32GB.
Multiformat DVD±RW/CD-RW drive
Lets you create custom DVDs and CDs.
1TB Serial ATA III hard drive (7200 rpm)
Offers spacious storage and fast read/write times. The 16MB cache provides enhanced performance.
AMD Radeon HD 7570 graphics
Feature 1GB DDR5 dedicated video memory for lush images with intricate detail. HDMI output for connection to an HDTV.
19-in-1 media reader
Supports Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity, miniSD, microSD, MultiMediaCard, Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard, MultiMediaCard Plus, MultiMediaCard micro, RD MultiMediaCard Plus and Compact Flash I/II formats.
Also supports SmartMedia, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick Micro, xD-Picture Card and Microdrive formats.
4 USB 3.0 and 6 USB 2.0 ports
For fast digital video, audio and data transfer.
Built-in Dell Wireless 1703 LAN (802.11b/g/n)
Connect to the Internet without wires.
Bluetooth 4.0 + LE interface
Easily link with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a mobile phone or MP3 player.
Built-in 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN
For quick and easy wired Web connection.
Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit operating system preinstalled
Provides a stable platform for word processing, Web navigation, gaming, media storage and more.
Software package included
With CyberLink Media Suite Essentials.

THERE is also
Integrated 7.1-channel with Waves MaxxAudio

THIS one is 679.99$

Which one should I get? I am really confused. Can u also tell me the difference between the two Ethernet types, GDDR5 vs DDR5 and the sound systems and also are the hard drive speeds make any difference with SATA and SATA III. At last and tell me which one is bang for the buck. Thank you in advance. Please describe of why you know.

The $679.99 desktop seems to be a better buy since it has a memory card reader. The addition of a memory card reader allows you to read memory cards such as those from digital cameras and a few other devices to be used.

The Ethernet ports are the same since the desktops are the same model which, I presume, uses the same motherboard. The different types of Ethernet LAN are the theoretical speeds that the Ethernet is able to handle, most if not all new computers in 2013 come with 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN. The more speeds do not matter since everything is restricted by internet speeds by your internet provider (Verizon, Comcast,etc...)or by networking equipment in your home. If you connect to your internet with a cable to your router or modem, the Dell Ethernet LAN is used. If you use WiFi, then the Dell wireless LAN is used.

There is no difference between GDDR5 and DDR5 since they are labelled under the amd radeon 7570 card which is a dedicated card with its own memory. DDR5 is GDDR5 when it is under a graphics card. A dedicated card is for better performance and graphics for gaming or videos.

Hard Drives in pre-built computers are hard to find out, but again there should not be a difference since they only have one hard drive but the xps 8500 has its hard drive connected to a SATA III port.

The sound systems does not make any difference as many integrated sound systems are sufficient enough. You may have to buy separate speakers for either of the computers which adds to your computer costs since new computers may not come with speakers.

The $679.99 model is better since it costs less and has the same specs and a memory card reader. Keep in mind there are other things that may increase the price of your desktop such as taxes and additional items that are not included such as speakers and monitors. If you are buying from a store, haggle with the manager for a better price, be sure to be kind to them. Best regards to you

Is this a good gaming rig?


A friend is helping me build a gaming computer, I don't know tons about them, but I know enough to be able to overclock and the like (what I intend to do with this actually) But this is a bit above what I know. So Is this a good rig for gaming? (apologies if my grammar is a tad off, I'm native German so English is not my first language.)

BLUETOOTH: USB Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter
CASE: Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Full Tower Gaming Case W/ Side Panel Window
CASEUPGRADE: 12in Cold Cathode Neon Light
CD: 24X Double Layer Dual Format DVD+-R/+-RW + CD-R/RW Drive
CD2: 24X Double Layer Dual Format DVD+-R/+-RW + CD-R/RW Drive
COOLANT: Standard Coolant
CPU: Intel® Core⢠i7-3820 Quad-Core 3.60 GHz 10MB Intel Smart Cache LGA2011
CASE FAN: Maximum 120MM Case Cooling Fans
FA_HDD: Vigor iSURF II Hard Disk Drive Cooling System
FAN: Corsair Hydro Series H110 High Performance Liquid Cooling System 280MM Radiator & Fan
HDD: 2TB (2TBx1) SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 64MB Cache 7200RPM HDD (Single Drive)
HDD 1TB x 2 (2 TB Capacity) Raid 0 Extreme Performance
HDD2: 1TB SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 32MB Cache 7200RPM
IUSB: Built-in USB 2.0 Ports
KEYBOARD: * AZiO Large Print KB505U Keyboard w/ Tri-color backlight
MEMORY: 16GB (4GBx4) DDR3/2133MHz Quad Channel Memory
MONITOR: 32" Widescreen 1920x1080 Sceptre X325BV-FHD LCD HDTV w/ Built-in Speakers, VGA & HDMI-Input
MOTHERBOARD: (SLI/CrossFireX Support) MSI X79A-GD45 Plus Intel X79 Chipset Quad Channel DDR3 ATX Mainboard w/ Winki 3, OC Genie II, 7.1 HD Audio, GbLAN, 3 Gen3 PCIe X16 & 4 PCIe X1
MOUSE: Razer Deathadder 6400dpi 2013 Essential Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
NETWORK: Onboard Gigabit LAN Network
OS: Microsoft® Windows 8 Pro (64-bit Edition)
POWERSUPPLY: 850 Watts - Thermaltake Smart Series SP-850M 80 Plus Bronze Modular Power Supply
SOUND: ASUS Xonar DG 5.1 Channels PCI Xonar DG Sound Card
USB: PPA External 4-Port USB 2.0 Silver Star Hub
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 4GB 16X PCIe 3.0 Video Card
VIDEO2: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 2GB 16X PCIe 3.0 Video Card
WNC: PCI Wireless 802.11n 150Mbps Network Interface Card

Altogether it will cost me about $3010.

He assures me this would be able to play Battlefield 3 on dual monitors, or Skyrim with 150+ Graphics Mods installed.

What do the good people of Yahoo Answers think?

It is definitely something i wish I could afford...The only problem I see here is that the power supply might not be enough for both those video cards. The 680 needs at least 550w and the 640 needs at 350w so, you need a better power supply for it. Other than's a really good computer with tons of stuff.

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Looking for Black Friday 2013 Deal on Samsung 60 LED HDTV?


I need to buy new Samsung 60 inch Led HDTV. Now the day to find best Black Friday 2013 deals form Best Buy, Sears or Newegg. So anyone here can help me in finding crazy Samsung HDTV deals on Black Friday? I really need help.

Thank you

hey Naughty. Sears has a best deal on Samsung 60 Class 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV, you can save $1000 on this real ultra slim Samsung HDTV. So what are you thinking now? Get deal now before it sold out.

I find this deal on Coupon Park and here is the link,

Hope you enjoy it and fulfill your need.

Happy Black Friday Shopping.

Thank you

Are these Samsung HDTV's exactly the same?

Dr. Stewar

I notice the Samsung UA40F5000 has the exact same specs & features as the Samsung UN40F5000, & Im just wondering if TV's that are the same, have different model codes from each other?

The Samsung UA40F5000 is european:

& the Samsung UN40F5000 is american:

Yes they're essentially the same TV.

Samsung's TV models basically mean (where - size - year - model)

Therefore in UA40F5000 vs. UN40F5000 everything (size, shape, year, model, etc.) are the same, they're just made/sold elsewhere.

- UN/UA = Place
- 40 = 40"
- F - 2013 Model
- 5000 - Series/Model Number

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

hdtv sound?


My tv has optical sound output is there any way i could hook it up to my surround sound that has red and white plugs

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

The red & white plugs are an analogue interface (called composite or A/V), while the optical output is digital. What's more, fibre optic audio has only become available within the past few years, unlike composite which has been commonplace for decades.

In fact, it's even a chore to convert between digital coaxial and optical audio (the two most popular digital formats for audio today).

In the end, if you do manage to find a way to convert the signal, you're going to be left with a poor quality signal and much less money in your pocket. The best thing to do would be to upgrade your surround sound system to one that's more compatible with today's technology.

I'm assuming either 1) you mean your TV has optical IN, or 2) your satellite/digital cable box has the optical out...

i own a 42 inch vizio hdtv lcd my sound quality not that good sound goes from high to low what wrong?

bill m

Most tv nowadays has an option called Sound leveler or Auto sound. Try to enable or disable that. Lcds doesn't have good sound quality due to the size of the tvs. To get better sound you need to hook it up to a sound system.

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