Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is SAMUS a good HDTV brand for gaming and movies?

Q. An associate at Best Buy told me that it's great for current-gen consoles and the 120Hz kinds don't give the Wii games any noticeable lag especially when I'm using Component cables. He might have just been trying to sell me the most expensive one though.

A. For the guy above me you call yourself a top contributor in tvs the guy who ask the question got the tv brand name wrong its not samus its samsung and yes they are a good brand samsung and panasonic are one of the best brands.

Why are all my games on ps3 starting to show screen tearing?
Q. This never happened before, only a 5 month old slim ps3 and brand new hdtv with 1080p. A few days ago my games started to show screen tearing, some more than others. Also games have started to show annoying texture pop ins. Is this a fault in my ps3? Help, please.

A. Have you tried using a different HDMI cable? Or maybe a different HDMI port on your TV? What happens when you watch a movie on your PS3? Can you hookup your PS3 to another TV? If the problem isn't your TV, or the HDMI cable, it is definitely your PS3. My guess would be that the RSX chip (graphics chip) is malfunctioning. If that is the case, it would require you to get a replacement PS3.

What kind of an HDTV has the most bang for the buck?
Q. I am looking for an hdtv that is $399 or less, and I want to put into consideration all the other side costs that come with owning and maintaining an HDTV...I do plan on having a bluray player as well as an xbox, so I would want the quality to be very high as well...Overall, what is the best deal?

A. HDTV is you paid for what you get.
there is low end standard models . Mid End and Hi end models for LCD TV , there is also LED TV ( LCD -LED back-light ) that re-fine from LCD TV, but cost more.
$ 399 just enough for standard models with 720 P / 60 HZ refresh rate, that very " bad " for games / sport movies.
to enjoy Blue-Ray great quality , you need FULL HD 1080 P models.
for games , you need 120 HZ refresh rate to " cover / hide " away the " motion blur ".
you need 1080 P + 120 HZ refresh rate models for better quality. that cost more that 399.
if you looking the best , very " high as well " LED TV 1080 P with 120 HZ models is good enough.
you need to paid more for better Brand for total quality and reliable.Samsung / Sony / Sharp / Panasonic / LG / Toshiba cost more , worth to paid for.
quality to be very high as well...Overall, what is the best deal? $ 399 unable to get this !! you can get an good LCD TV. but don't excepted too high .

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How to connect my pc to my hdtv?

Q. If i use a VGA to HDMI cord, can i achieve 1080p resolution? I have read that I can only get this with a DVI to HDMI cord. But my pc doesn't have a DVI port. My video card is a Intel G33 Chipset family and it can achieve that resolution but i want to know the best way to set this up. I am going to be using my HDTV for 3D animating and design.

A. That HDMI-VGA cord will NEVER work. Don't even THINK of using one of those.

Those HDMI-VGA cords are meant for video cards that have a specially-built HDMI port capable of sending out a VGA signal. It will NOT work in reverse for connecting a VGA computer to an HDMI monitor. If you attempt to use that cable with your G33 motherboard's VGA output, you will get NO image.

The HDMI jacks on monitors or HDTVs can ONLY be connected to DVI or HDMI signal sources. It will NEVER work with VGA.

How do I change the channel so its on games?
Q. I own a Sony Bravia LED LCD HDTV 3D.
We got it a few days ago and we have no idea how to get on the channel it needs to be on in order to play games.

Thanks in advance!!! :)
Sorry if this is in the wrong category... I had no idea where else to put it. :/

A. AV typically would be the channel which can be seen on the remote as an arrow pointing into a box, usually at the top. Your tv however sounds new so if you have hooked your tv to say and xbox 360 or ps3 using a HD cable then it would be on one of the HD channels, to view the list of channels press 'source' on your remote, if you are using a scart lead (i.e. red, yellow and white needles) then it will be on the scart channel. Look at the back of your TV to see which port you have inserted the cable from the console into, then go to that channel.

Would my built in laptop blueray player play 3D content if?
Q. I'm buying a hdtv 3D and I will be connecting my computer to it. It has a bluerayer player and I just bought the cyberlink powerDvD11 which supports 3d. Would that allow me to play 3D movies? Also the tv I'm getting has 2D to 3D conversion. I can watch anything 3D by the touch of a button. But I would rather play a movie made to be 3D

A. On a 17" screen you have to sit pretty close to appreciate 1080p content so as long as you dont sit too far away yeah it will look good. And laptops can output 1080p over HDMI and should be able to do 24hz but i would have to confirm that part.

I had a blu-ray burner on my laptop that i got last april and it was nice and that was only a 15.4" screen. Only downside is that the software for playback can be a bit troublesome sometimes

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Whats the best price someone has found for a ps3, online or in-store?

Q. I'm looking to buy a ps3 soon, i dont mind what hard drive it is, but has anyone found a really good price for one, also, a decent hdtv price might be useful


A. 120GB Slimline PS3 for £249.99 at GAME:

Thats real good for 120GB, and its slimline :)

I can't find any cheap originals though

Edit: From GAME, there's either the 120GB slimline, or 80GB normal + 1 game for the same price, so its a choice of more memory and slimline, or less and a free game

What if government set a minimum price for all items and used price control to make things affordable?
Q. For instance, government officials would get together every year and decide that there companies must provide an HDTV that costs at least $200. Companies could make more expensive stuff, but government would make sure that everything always stays affordable and nothing could ever be too expensive for standard stuff. Would that work?

A. It never has yet. What happens is that a government with that much power and control (authoritarian) and which subscribes to price controls is usually left-wing, and it sets prices not by how much things cost, but based on political considerations of gaining the support of the poor (which they create more of) while cursing the greed of the corporations.

The number of goods available at the controlled price usually decreases, while a black market for those goods is created.

That is what happens when a government decides to control prices.

How much will a really good suround sound setup for my hdtv cost?
Q. Im getting a new hdtv and I want some nice speakers,but im use to high-end headphones so im going to need something that sounds better than average,how much would it cost?

A. If you want quality you're diffidently looking at $400+

You have stated surround sound, so I'm not counting proper home theater systems.

I am using a 5.1 Logitech G51 surround sound system at the moment. The sound quality and subwoofer are above average. And the power of the speakers are acceptable enough to be compared to home theater systems. It costed me $350 when I bought it. It should only cost about $150 these days. There are newer models now with more power. Look into the z5500 aswell.

If you want an proper quality home theater system you're looking at $800+

Recommend brands
- Sony
- Pioneer (Best)
- Yamaha (Best)

You'll find many home theater systems from those brands ranging from $800 to many thousands depending on your quality expectations.

The first link is a Panasonic brand. Not the BEST, but it's still a reliable brand. For the price, the sound quality will be decent to say the least, but it will go loud. (1000Watts) is plenty of raw power. Also consider the speaker types. These are little speakers, similar to the logitech g51 recommendation above.

This link is when we start getting into truly 'quality' home theater systems. Notice big speakers. It's has less power than 1000Watt but the sound quality and the brand will make it just as loud and good. 800Watts is still very very loud.

It all depends on how you feel about quality. The best thing to do would be to go into the store with a music player and ask to test different types of systems to see what you like.

Good luck

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What is the best hotel to stay at in the Orlando area?

Q. The visit will be in June with 4 adults and 2 children. I would preferably like one with a kitchenette that way we wouldn't have to eat out as much. Also one that is reasonably priced and close to everything..any suggestions would be appreciated.

A. A good place to stay is the ORLANDO DREAMER VACATION HOME! It's a GREAT DEAL!
Why stay in a hotel room? You can have an entire house for the same price!

Enjoy a relaxing vacation in the peaceful vacation home providing you with easy access to Disney and Florida's many other attractions. The 3 bedroom 2 bathroom villa, with game room and access to a gated community pool, is situated in the peaceful community of Davenport just off Highway 27, only ten minutes from Disney World.

Below are just some of the facilities that are offered:

Community Pool/Playground access just down the street
Home sleeps 8
Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios minutes away
Surrounded by golf courses like Champions Gate & Highlands
Game Room with Pool table, Air Hockey and Foosball
Master Bedroom, 1 Double Bedroom, and 1 Twin Bedroom
Sleeper Futon (Double)
Wireless internet service
Free national and international phone calls to Europe
42" HDTV in family room with DVD player, TiVo Box, and X-Box console
DVDs, books, X-Box games, toys, and board games
Cable TVs in all bedrooms
Fully Equipped Kitchen & Laundry
High Chair and Port-a-Crib
Wide open floor plan
Within five minutes of major restaurants and grocery stores
Spread out and enjoy yourselves in the comfortable home away from home.
Villa Details
Wireless internet service is available throughout the house.
Master Bedroom
This features a queen size bed, Cable TV, DVD Player, dresser, telephone and radio alarm clock. The en-suite bathroom has large walk-in shower as well as a large tub, toilet, and double wash basin.
Double Bedroom
This features a double bed, Cable TV, radio alarm clock, closet, and dresser.
Twin Bedroom
This features a bunkbed, Cable TV, radio alarm clock, dresser, and closet.
Family Bathroom
This is shared by the Double Bedroom and the Twin Bedroom and features a bathtub with shower, toilet, and wash basin.
Family Room
The Family Room area is part of a large open floor plan, and features an entertainment center with 42" HDTV, DVR box, DVD player (and DVD selection), X-Box (and games), gumball machine, large L-couch, coffee table and double bed futon-couch.
Sitting Room
The Sitting Room area is also part of a large open floor plan, and is a comfortable area with a double recliner couch, a love seat, coffee table, desk, and glass table with stools.
Dining Area
A formal dining area with large table and six chairs on a stone tile floor adjacent to the kitchen.
The kitchen comes equipped with all the necessary equipment to cook yourselves gourmet meals or simply enjoy a take-out meal from numerous local restaurants. The kitchen includes a microwave oven, range, dishwasher with garbage disposal, CD player, and cordless phone.
Laundry Room
This room features a washing Machine and Tumble dryer, making it possible to travel light. You will also find an ironing board and iron.
Game Room
The Game Room is equipped with an air hockey table, a pool table, and a beautiful foosball table. It's all set for family tournaments!
Community Pool
The community pool is just a short walk down the street from the home, and also features a playground for children, and basketball courts.
Throughout the home you will find little extras such as board games, children's toys, books, DVDs and X-Box games.

How or where can I find an old reader's digest article?
Q. It featured a small article on beautiful moths and huge pictures of colorful specimens.

How or where can I find this old Reader's Digest article?

A. Hey dude, i just found an awesome articles site.

The site has got numerous articles on all of the following topics....Its awesome dude..i m loving it...

For u i hav copied the indexpage of the site . Hav a look, i msure u wud lov it too..

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Where can I find an online newspaperthat allows teens to write journalism articles for it?
Q. I want to be a journalist and I would need some experience before starting college. I was wondering if there are any special websites or online papers for teenagers or that allo teenagers to go through the whole journalism process?

A. Hey dude, i just found an awesome articles site.

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What did you guys think of Britney's performance in Europe?

Q. Did you watch Britney on Star Academy, Bambi Awards and X-faxtor ? ? ? Wasn't she absolutely amazing ? ? ?

What I want to know actually, is if her performances will be released on a DVD or something ? ? ?

I'd love to watch her on my new Bravia HDTV. . . :))

P.S. Should I also check BitTorrent sites ? ? ?

A. It was Outstanding Performance !!!

When is the earliest time/date that the Season 6 Premier of LOST will be available to download on itunes?
Q. When is 1st available time to download in the USA and when is the1st available time to download in Europe? I live in Europe, but my itunes account is American.

A. Lost season 6 episode 1 and 2 already aired. I found website with rapidshare / megaupload / torrent and other link to download here :

Do I need a HDTV to play PAL games on my NTSC ps3 console?
Q. I'm in switzerland but I bought a ps3 console in America. I bought NASCAR here (PAL) and it says I have to change my video output setting. I can't change it, cuz it's NTSC Standard.
So do I need to buy a HDTV tp play PAL games on my NTSC console?

A. no,pal for europe so u should be ok

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Friday, May 31, 2013

What is the best kind of tv for playstation 3?

Q. Ive been needing a new tv for a while, But i want a tv that is best for my ps3 but dont know what kind to get.

Is LCD better over a HDTV?

is 1080p better than 1080i?

What brand is better?

what has the best picture?
I want a tv between 20 and 30 inches.

My ideal budget is around $300-$500.
I use my ps3 mainly for gaming.

A. To begin with, LCD is a very nice technology, and it does offer the best picture. But other technologies such as plasma offer a wide viewing angle and better performance in low lit areas. 1080p is much better than 1080i. 1080i is interlaced (hence the i), meaning you're not getting every detail on the TV every second. 1080p delivers 200 million pixels, in progressive format, meaning you get the whole picture. Currently, 1080p is the king of HD formats, and only Blu-Ray or HD-DVD movies offer that (natively). The best brand for TV's would be Sony, LG, JVC, or Panasonic. Look for a 1080p TV if you will be watching movies on your PS3, or get a normal HDTV if you want to use it solely for games.

Plus, ask yourself this:

How far will I be sitting from the T.V?
The further, the more bigger your T.V should be. For example, a distance of 5-6 feet would be good with a 42 inch, or if further, get a bigger T.V.

Think about your budget also. Again, if you want a big T.V with 1080p, its going cost you a lot. Plus, 1080p T.V's are expensive compared to regular models, and 1080p has to be on sets over 50 inches to really be noticed.

Overall, to basically answer your question, any HDTV is nice with a PS3, but it is your preference, and your needs which influence your decision.

what is the viewing size difference for wide screen tvs?
Q. more specifically, how much more viewing area do you get when moving from a 37" widescreen to a 40" widescreen, from a 40" to a 42", etc. i want to know at what point it becomes worth it to upgrade in size based on how much you are paying per extra percent of viewing area.

A. Construct the formulas in a spreadsheet and you can get as precise as you want ... but it's ultimately a subjective decision.

You can use the ratio of screen sizes alone as close enough (since aspect ratio is fixed the area changes proportional to screen diagonal). So you just need to compare relative prices to relative screen sizes to get a measure for $/in screen size which is proportional to $/area

Note that a widescreen HDTV needs to be about 12% larger than a 4:3 TV to give the same "size" image (See 1st link).

However, the real issue is what is the right size screen for where you plan to view from. Or, since any size screen will look the same if you sit at the distance that provides the same viewing angle, what is the right viewing distance for your optimum $/area TV?

See the 2nd link for some additional info on viewing distance, angle, screeen size, etc..

Is there a better version of 3-D glasses for home viewing?
Q. I have the 2-D/3-D version of Journey to Center of the Earth on Blue-Ray and the 3-D version looks completely green on all of our TVs, including the HDTV. It appears to be in 3-D, but the color is all green or red. The same thing happens at a distance and for the rest of my family.

Are there any better versions of 3-D glasses for home viewing.

A. There are lots of 3-D movies coming out so I have been looking into getting some better glasses than the cardboard ones.

I found the company below. I cannot personally recommend them yet - but they have a selection of sub $10 glasses.

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How do i change my xbox 360 settings from hdtv to regular tv?

Q. I just bought an xbox 360 from ebay. For some reason the game that i put in has no picture as well as all my other games. The guy who sold it to me told me that he had set it on HDTV and i would have to change it to regular tv because i don't have an HDTV. So I would like to know how can i set my 360 so it can have color/picture?

A. On the RCA Cable that plugs into the back of your 360 there is a switch that will switch the quality from HDTV to TV since you are not using HDTV make sure you only have the standard RCA cable plugged into your TV (pretty much common sense). any way the switch you are looking for will look like this.

Use that ^ Link ^ to see what the switch will look like if you are still unsure.

How do i change my xbox 360 settings from hdtv to regular tv?
Q. I just bought an xbox 360 from ebay. For some reason the game that i put in has no picture as well as all my other games. The guy who sold it to me told me that he had set it on HDTV and i would have to change it to regular tv because i don't have an HDTV. So I would like to know how can i set my 360 so it can have color/picture?

A. I did the same thing. There is a switch on the end of the audio/video cord (on the side closer to the xbox). One side said 'HDTV' and the other says 'TV' (for standard definition). Choose your setting based on which definition TV you are using... When I switched it to HDTV where it should have been, it made my gaming experience SO much better!

How do you fix lagging between an Xbox 360 and HDTV?
Q. Recently my xbox 360 has been really laggy when playing rockband 2. No one has touched the settings and the game and xbox were working perfectly for a while and all of the sudden a few days ago the game got really choppy when the notes are scrolling down and is virtually impossible to play because you need to hit the notes so far ahead of time. The game was already calibrated for my HDTV and was working fine before. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this?

A. Calibrate the lag in your settings.

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What sort of monitors does the mac Mini work with?

Q. I'm looking at buying a mac mini, but I'd really prefer to not pay another 500 dollars to get the mac's display, and the mac website is incredibly vague. Can I buy another display and attach it to the mac mini, or would that just not happen? thanks.

A. The Mac Mini has a DVI output jack, and it comes with a DVI-to-VGA adapter.

So it will work with any monitor that has either a DVI or VGA plug.

I own a Mac Mini, and I have used it with a variety of monitors from a 15-inch Dell LCD with just a VGA jack, to a 52" Sony Bravia LCD HDTV using a DVI-to-HDMI cable. They all worked beautifully.

Hope this helps.

What is the best HDTV to buy?
Q. I am currently tv shopping and I plan on buying a 26 in or a 32 in tv but I want to know what is the best contrast ratio you should get that is still affordable. I plan to only spend up to 500 dollars. I would just like to buy an affordable good quality hd tv. I would also like to know what to look for when shopping for tv's like technical things such as contrast ratio.

A. The Best?? that would be the Pioneer Elite. The best for $500?? good luck with that, go to walmart or something, no matter what $500 isn't going to get you the best of any tv.

What kind of video camera should I buy?
Q. I've been looking into buying a camera for a while because I take film classes in school and I want to work on some projects independently. I'm looking for something in-between a super expensive professional camera and a cheap camcorder, maybe in the 500-900 dollar price range? I would be editing and working with final cut, I don't know if any cameras are more compatible with that program than others... help!
Also I want one that can have an external microphone connected to it

A. Canon VIXIA HF20 HD Dual Flash Memory with 32 GB Internal Memory and 15x Optical Zoom
Capture up to 12 hours of HD video to a 32GB internal Flash drive as well as directly to removable SDHC memory cards
Genuine Canon 15x HD video lens; DIGIC DV III image processor
3.89 MP Full HD CMOS image sensor; 1920 x 1080 Full HD recording
SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer; Genuine Canon Face Detection
HDMI terminal for easy, one-cable connectivity to your HDTV

3)Sony HDR-CX110 High Definition Handycam Camcorder
1920x1080 Full HD Recording w/3MP still image
Memory Stick PRO Duo media slot
1/4" back-illuminated "Exmor R" CMOS sensor
1080/60p playback via HDMI and compatible HDTV
30mm CZ Vario Sonnar T* with 25x Optical zoom


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Thursday, May 30, 2013

What is the absolute cheapest I can get an internet and cable package?

Q. My roommate and I are looking for a cheap internet package and if we could cable tv as well. Since we a but poor college folk and there is only two of us we are looking for the best deal so we can save as much money as possible for beer.

Any suggestions or tips and tricks on where to go looking for bargains?

A. If you want to be really cheap, and you only want internet and cable, then bundling actually may not be the best bet.

For example, I pay about $12/month for ultra-basic Comcast cable. This barely gets me any more channels than I could get over the air, and it doesn't include a cable box. But since I have an HDTV with a QAM tuner (most have this), I can receive unscrambled digital cable without a box, and the bonus part is that all the networks (ABC/NBC/CBS and a couple others) are actually in HD, even though I am not paying extra for HD.

Note that Comcast doesn't advertise this cable plan much (if at all), but as far as I know they are required to offer it.

As far as Internet, you can probably get DSL for about $30/month. I am splurging a little and getting Comcast's turboboost or whatever they call it. That is costing me about $42/month. But Comcast also offers a cheaper and slower plan that matches DSL's price and speed. I tried it once and it was definitely slower, and kinda sucked for large uploads/downloads.

What is a high quality brand hdmi cable?
Q. I want a high quality hdmi cable that is relatively inexpensive. I have a Vizio HDTV and it didn't come with a hdmi cable. Please let me no where I can purchase the brand recommended.

A. Select one of these cables:
Make sure it is a "Premium 24AWG HDMI High Speed Certified Male to Male Cables". is a great company, solid products at bargain prices, I swear by them for all of my home theater builds.

Here's a quicklink to the 6 foot version:

Do you know of a reasonably priced video scaler/processor that will upconvert VHS and Laser Disc?
Q. My dad has a Laser Disc player and the picture doesn't look as good on his new HDTV. I'm looking for a reasonably priced video scaler that would improve the picture.

A. Unfortunately, good performing video processors will not be cheap.

One of the very best video processors is the DVDO iScan VP50 and at $2,500, it better be.

The lowest end of the DVDO product line, the VP20, costs $1,500, which is lower in price but still expensive.

You can take your chances with eBay, but you do have to make sure the seller has a good reputation by checking his feedback rating and there is no guarantee that you may be able to score a bargain.

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Are there health risks / downsides to using a HDtv as a computer monitor?

Q. I am looking to purchase a new computer monitor soon and my options are to buy a 27" computer monitor or a 32" HDTV. Both are the same price and resolution. The 32" size is appealing to me but are some other issues/specs i should consider?

PS: This will be sitting on my computer desk so I will be sitting approximately 2-3 feet away from it.

A. I don't think there are any downsides using a HDTV as a computer monitor. This is how you can turn a HDTV into a computer monitor:

1. If you don't have a DVI (Digital Video Interface) Card installed on your computer, buy an external DVI card.

2. Find the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) interface. Most HDTVs have this.

3. Attach the DVI into the HDMI. Connect your HDMI cord to the HDMI input on your television and the DVI to the DVI input on your computer.

4. Turn on the computer and HDTV. The computer's resolution may be different from the HDTV resolution, so you will have to adjust the resolution of the HDTV. You will find instructions in the manual of your HDTV on how to do this.

Is it possible to use a HDTV as a COMPUTER monitor?
Q. Is a HDTV better than, or at least comparable to, a computer monitor for use with a computer?

And if so, which HDTV and computer would be the best combination?

A. If your computer has HDMI output, just use an HDMI cable to connect it to the TV. If it doesn't, you're using VGA output, so the picture can't ever be better than VGA. (And it'll cost you about $100 for a decent VGA to HDMI converter.)

Can I use my Panasonic LCD HDTV as a computer monitor?
Q. I want to use my Panasonic LCD HDTV as a computer monitor. My computer only has a VGA input. My Panasonic LCD HDTV has these types of connectors:

2 HDMI Inputs
2 S-Video Inputs
3 Sets of A/V inputs
1 Set of 3 Composite Video inputs

I want to know which type of cable can be used to connect my LCD HDTV to my computer. You can also mention cable strategies such as :


I also want to know if I can buy these types of cables at a store (CircuitCity, WalMart, RadioShack, etc...). Please don't mention anything about Video Cards.

If you impress me with your answer, you'll get 10 Points. Make sure your answers as detailed as possible.
Why do I need to buy a video card?

This is an example:

With this cable, I can connect my computer to the LCD HDTV. Are there any other cables like these buy in different formats or does anyone know where can I buy this type of cable?

A. You can use the s video but the quality wont be as good

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Why do the Samsung LED TVs have such a limited viewing angle as far as contrast goes?

Q. Is there any way to fix the fact that the image looks washed out when you step to the sides or on top of the TV?

A. Limited viewing angle is one of the main problems with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) type HDTV's (and LCD's in general - even computer monitors). It is one of the reasons why I bought a plasma display instead of LCD. You can't do anything about it except possibly angle the set for the best possible display for the majority of the area. Nothing you do will be more than a compromise though.

Here is an article from Consumer Reports about LCD viewing angles...

What SLR camera would you recommend for a real estate agent?
Q. I am considering buying a new camera for my real estate business as well as personal use. It will mostly be used for interior shots so a wide angle lens is essential.

A. You can consider buying
1)Nikon D3000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens
*10.2-megapixel DX-format imaging sensor for prints up to 20 x 30 inches
*Includes 3x 18-55mm Zoom-Nikkor VR Image Stabilization lens
*Nikon EXPEED image processing; in-camera image editing and Active D-Lighting
*3.0-inch color LCD screen; 170-degree wide-angle viewing
*Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

2)Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 12.1MP Digital Camera with 18x POWER Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD
*12.1-megapixel resolution
*27mm wide-angle Leica DC Vario-Elmarit lens; 18x optical zoom with POWER O.I.S.
*HD movies with 1280 x 720-pixel resolution; AVCHD Lite format
*2.7-inch TFT LCD screen
*Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

3)Canon PowerShot SX20IS 12.1MP Digital Camera with 20x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch Articulating LCD
* High-powered 20x wide-angle optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer
* Capture 720p HD movies with stereo sound; HDMI output connector for easy playback on your HDTV
* 2.5-inch Vari-Angle System LCD; improved Smart AUTO intelligently selects from 22 predefined shooting situations
* DIGIC 4 Image Processor; 12.1-megapixel resolution for poster-size, photo-quality prints
* Powered by AA batteries (included); capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

4)Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens (Black)
*12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor captures enough detail for poster-size, photo-quality prints
*Large 3.0-inch LCD display; includes Canon's EF-S 18-55mm, f3.5-5.6 IS zoom lens
*DIGIC III image processor provides fast, accurate image processing; improved Autofocus and framing rate
*EOS Integrated Cleaning system, plus Dust Delete Data Detection in included software
*Stores images on SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

5)Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens
*New 15.1-megapixel CMOS sensor with DIGIC 4 Image Processor
*Includes Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens
*Full HD video capture at 1920 x 1080 resolution; HDMI output
*3.0-inch Clear View LCD; Live View Function for stills (Quick, Live and Face Detection AF modes) and video
*Capture images and video to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

6)Olympus Evolt E520 10MP Digital SLR Camera with 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 and 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 ED Zuiko Lenses
*Box Contents - E-520 body, Li-ion battery BLM-1, Li-ion battery charger BCM-2, USB cable, Video cable, OLYMPUS Master 2 CD-ROM, Instruction manual
*Up to 3648x2736 resolution - RAW (12-bit), JPEG, and RAW+JPEG File Formats
*CompactFlash Type I/II, Microdrive, xD-Picture Card (Dual-Slot) Memory Card Slot
*3.5 frames per seconds sequential shooting speed, up to 8 frames in RAW mode
*Dimensions - Width 5.35 x Height 3.60 x Depth 2.68 (136x91.5x68mm) excluding protrusions

What kind of HDTV do you use for a computer monitor?
Q. I'm not sure of the quality when using TVs for monitors, but I want at least a 26". Don't know what would be too big and if I should get 1080i, 1080p or 720p? I would be viewing 2 ft. when at my desk and 5 to 6 ft when on my couch.

A. Beautiful inside and out, the Samsung Touch Of Color T260HD LCD monitor is a great way to get the most out of your PC--as well as watch your favorite 1080p HDTV broadcasts. It features an embedded DTV tuner that enables you to watch digital HD broadcasts without a special receiving set. And with six image input terminals, you can connect several pieces of digital equipment to the T260HD and use them simultaneously. Two HDMI connections make your monitor a multimedia centerpiece. Additionally, SRS TruSurround XT is embedded to improve audio performance.

Screen size: 26 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels
Brightness: 300 cd/m² (candela per square meter
Response time: 5 milliseconds (ms)
Viewing angle: 170 degrees horizontal, 150 degrees vertical
HDMI audio/video input: 2 (1 on back, 1 on side)
DVI video input: 1
VGA video input: 1
Component video input: 1 set
Antenna input: 1 RF
Audio input: 1 left/right analog
Audio output: 1 SPDIF digital audio

Samsung Touch Of Color T260HD 25.5-Inch LCD HDTV Monitor
Price: $449.99

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where can you buy a HDTV Calibration Disc?

Q. I have been looking in retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Radioshack and have had no luck. Anyone out there know of any places? I am trying not to order online.

A. Look for the Disney WOW disk. It's actually a pretty good calibration disk and should be at any store that sells Disney disks.

How can I get the best possible picture quality on my LED HDTV?
Q. I've recently purchased a 50" Sony Bravia 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV and while the picture quality of quite good straight out of the box, I'm sure it could be better. I haven't really altered the settings at all so does anyone know if there are particular settings to get the best possible picture? I do have it hooked up with a HDMI cable.

A. You cannot use anybody elses numbers because the adjustments are there to compensate for YOUR source devices, your cable and your particular television.

Go get a Pixar BluRay or DVD. In the disk setup menu you will find test patterns and instructions on setting your basic Brightness, Contrast and Color. This is important because televisions are set to nearly 100% brightness and contrast at the factory to be 'eye-catching' if the unit is used for a floor demo. Properly setting these values - will NOT look as good at first. But fine details will become noticeable, wide areas of solid colors will be more solid and not swirl with other colors, etc.

This is a basic calibration you are doing. You can always order the new Disney WOW disk, the Speiers and Munsel or good old Digital Video Essentials. These disks have more test patterns, are more involved but give you lots of great tutorials.

Start with a Pixar disk. This may be all you need.

Also - go into the TV and turn OFF various optional processing like 'motion flow' and other things. While these things do make motion smoother and make some details pop out - it can create un-natural effects like the 'soap-opera' effect. (Once you see this - you will know what I am talking about.)

Oh - and congratulations on the purchase.

How can calibration DVDs help your HDTV if they're standard definition?
Q. I don't understand how these DVDs will help your picture quality if they're standard DVD and you're calibration for an HD picture. And please don't go on about how they have them on Blu-Ray. For a long time they were only on standard DVD and some of those are still being recommended.

A. Do you know why you calibrate?

When you have some image - the electrical signal gets modified by a bunch of things before you see it:

* The quality of the source material
* The output electronics of your source device (Disk player, game system, cable or sat box)
* The type and somewhat the quality of the cables going to your TV
* The input electronics of your TV
* The Brightness, Contrast, Color settings on your TV

When you 'calibrate' - you want to start by shoving a pure-white, pure-red, pure-green color through all that mess so can compensate for everything by adjusting your TV brightness, color and contrast settings.

A standard def DVD is totally capable of giving you white, red, green fields to make basic adjustments. It can also produce grey-bar test patterns and other test patterns to adjust contrast, brightness, etc. Being 480 or 1080 does not matter for these adjustments. Flowing through all YOUR gear and cables is the important part.

You probably do NOT want to use a DVD for the more advanced adjustments like convergence or adjusting the fine-focus on your HDTV. But these settings are usually hidden away in a service menu so that only someone with some training, and the HD version of the test patterns, would use them.

Even putting in a Pixar DVD into your BluRay player, going to the disk setup menu and using the test patterns to do the basic adjustments is much better than leaving a HDTV set to the factory "torch mode".

The BluRay version of Digital Video Essential or the Spears and Munsell disk is better. These run $18-$30 on Amazon and give you more test patterns and tweeks, a green filter to look through, etc. So if you have not bought one of these but want to master the settings in your HDTV, these should be on your shelf. But using a DVD version can still get you to 90-95% of where you want to be.

Hope this helps.

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my apple tv remote was damaged and i need a replacement. where can i get one?

Q. I was planning on returning my apple tv for a refund but my dog got a hold of the remote and it is destroyed. where can i get a replacement? im pretty desperate because I need the $150 that i'll get for my return.

A. Aunsoft Video Converter helps you convert between various formats. It is the must-have conversion tool for video lovers, and enables you to enjoy movies on computer, to further edit video for creation, to present video on HDTV, and to publish video online in web-friendly format. You can control your video and music on popular portable devices including iPad, Nexus One, HTC Hero, Zune, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, iPhone anytime anywhere.

Can Apple TV output video through HDMI and audio through another cable?
Q. I just bought an Apple TV, and I asked the guy that helped me about this, but I want to be 100% sure before I open the box. If I'm plugging the Apple TV into my HDTV through HDMI, am I able to have the audio come from a separate cable? I'd like to have the Apple TV video going into my TV, and the audio going into my home theater.

A. yes, you can have your sound separate from your HDMI :)

How well does the Apple tv stream netflix movies? Is it worth having it strictly to watch netflix movies.?
Q. I am really thinking about buying the apple tv sdevice to stream my netflix library right to my tv. 1) Do I need a HDTV to do this?
2) How well does it stream netflix movies? It said that I don't even need an internet connection to do this.
One who is sick of driving to Blockbusters:)

A. Apple TV requires an HD TV - it only has HDMI output
You do need broadband - There is no magic
If you just want to stream netflix, The Roku Box is cheaper and old versions supported non-HD TVs as well.

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What is the difference of HDTV antenna and a DTV antenna?

Q. Which is clearer HDTV antennas or DTV antennas? i have a 1080i flat screen. and want clear tv without cable.

Is there a difference, which is clearer, and which supports HD channels and normal channels both? do they output in 1080i, 720i, or 420p?

A. A TV antenna is designed to receive radio frequencies. They are designed to receive signals either in the VHF (Very High Frequency), UHF (Ultra High Frequency) range or both. A TV antenna does not know nor care if the signal has been modulated with an analog or digital signal. A TV antenna does not care if the signal resolution is 480 (SD) or 720/1080 (HD). It only matters to an antenna the frequency of the signals it is designed to receive.

This is why there is no such thing as a Digital Antenna, a HDTV antenna or a DTV antenna. There are UHF, VHF or UHF & VHF TV antennas. There are directional antennas and non-directional antennas. There are many tpes of antennas.

If you want the strongest signal strength for your HDTV, then use the web site This web site will provide you with a list of channels you can reasonably expect to receive at your specific location, what type of antenna will work best at your location, what direction to point that antenna and if you need amplification on your antenna.

What is the difference of HDTV antenna and a DTV antenna?
Q. Which is clearer HDTV antennas or DTV antennas? i have a 1080i flat screen. and want clear tv without cable.

Is there a difference, which is clearer, and which supports HD channels and normal channels both? do they output in 1080i, 720i, or 420p?

A. There is no difference, it is all marketing names for antennas to make them sound new and exiting.

None output any particular resolution better than the other.

Antennas will vary how they only receive the over all signal, which is mostly an all or nothing deal.

Will an hdtv antenna work on a non hdtv?
Q. I have an old Sony Wega tv that is not an HDTV. I want to buy an hdtv antenna and was wondering if it will pickup any channels. Also, what is the purpose of a digital converter? Will a hdtv antenna connect to a digital converter and make the picture of my non hdtv into hd quality?

A. >Will an hdtv antenna work on a non hdtv?

All TV antennas are "HDTV" antennas, even 30 year old ones.

Antenna requirements depend on your location. Having "HDTV" slapped on the box tells you nothing about whether an antenna is suitable for your location.

>Also, what is the purpose of a digital converter?

A DTV converter takes digital broadcast signals and converts one of them to the old analog type so your old TV can understand it. As far as your TV is concerned, the output of the converter is just like an old analog TV station on channel 3 or 4.

>Will a hdtv antenna connect to a digital converter and make the picture of my non hdtv into hd quality?

The converter boxes only output non-HD quality. But if the TV station is putting out a good quality signal, that's about DVD quality.

>Sony Wega tv

I assume that it has a S-video input. If you get a converter like the Channel Master CM-7000 with a S-video output, you can get a little more picture quality out of the TV by using a S-video cable.

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what is a good HDTV to buy that is within a reasonable price?

Q. i want 1080p, but do not want to spend over 1000$ on it...what should i do?

A. It really just depends how big you want the TV and if you would prefer LCD or Plasma. What you're going to use the TV for will help for what to choose too. I would recommend Plasma because it just looks overall better than LCD.

Plasma will be a sharper, brighter, nicer image compared to LCD but, has burn-in-image and will not last as long as an LCD. There will be more selections of 1080p TVs in the LCD format too, though you will find 1080p in Plasma TVs.

Top three brands to go for would be Sony, Samsung or Panasonic.

The price would vary mostly because of TV sizes and the screen type though. Samsung and Panasonic will be more along the same lines for pricing so I would focus more on the capabilities between those two brands, if you go with any of those three that is.

Other decent brands, which will be a little to a lot cheaper than the previous three I said before would be Sharp, LG and Toshiba. Those would be the cheaper brands I would recommend getting.

But when it comes to HDTVs, I would really recommend spending the extra buck and buy one of the first three brands that I mentioned earlier.

Hope this helps you out!

What should I look for in a HDTV that can be used as a monitor for gaming?
Q. I'm thinking that a minimum of a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a resolution of 1080 should do? I don't know about the other aspects, so please define how much I need (of such as sound and brightness). even better list a web site(s) that defines everything.

A. I have a 37 inch LCD from an off brand that I’m in love with. I mainly use it for my 360 and sometimes hook up my PC as well. The first thing is to define your budget. Then, measure the room-I had a friend who bought an HDTV too had to sit so close it didn’t look all that great. Next look at all the connections you may need (HDMI for PS3, various for 360, etc.) and take notes. Finally, figure out what you may want to add in the future and try to allow for that.

A higher contrast ratio is better, as is the ability to display 1080p. Usualy LCD is better than Plasma, which is better than DLP, but it depends on the TV. I’d recommend going to the cnet link below for more specific help.

When you’ve read up on it, go in to a real store (I prefer BestBuy) and talk to a salesperson. Take notes and ask for handout literature (brochures, etc). Do additional research with google etc. to see if you can find an angle. That’s what I did: my ’off brand’ was a company that makes Sony HDTVs just starting to market their own brand, so I got quite the deal.

One last thing: If possible, buy from CostCo, because if you find that there is a problem (it just doesn’t work for you) they have a VERY forgiving return policy.

Can I become a youtube commentator without an HDTV?
Q. I am 13 years old and I want to be a YouTube video game commentator but a lack of fundage means no HDTV or equipment. I may be able to raise the money for some equipment. But an HDTV is just too dang much $$$.
PS How can you make money off of YouTube commentating?

A. Hey I was in your situation just recently. I had to get a job and buy the equipment, It took me a while but I did it. If you do not want to wait set up a camera all the big youtubers did it like onlyusemeblade thesyndicateproject its how they started. I realize it is a lot of money for all the equipment but don't be discouraged! And yes you can make money off of youtube. The first thing you will need is a youtube partnership.That allows you to put ads on your video when you do that you can make money. The more people that see the add the more $! The downfall is you need a certain amount of subs at least 1000 and I think 10,000 video views not 100% on that.

My channel -

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

local channels only on cable

Q. I'm getting fed up with my horrible antenna reception and have been looking into a local channel only package with comcast. They want 18 dollars for it! It is only 9.99 in San Francisco (in in the suburbs). Is there anyway to get this price down? Or do they have a digital local channel only service?
Im in the concord area, I have a digital tv with a digital tuner and have a very large directional outdoor antenna and revcieve only 2 english stations both in analog and digital, and both are PBS stations and I have very little interest in those. So antenna is no longer an option, and 17.70 a month for local only is what comcast quoted me on their website.
its a uhf actually, and i have also tried a uhf/vhf model, and a vhf only model, and im positive that antenna is no longer an option, no one in my area uses antennas because they do not get signal here.

A. You don't say where you're located. In San Jose, I get Comcast Limited Basic for $14.50. It's pretty much just local channels plus DIscovery, WGN andmaybe a couple of shopping channels.

Have you tried the antenna sites to see what you can get? The new digital tuners are really good at working with weaker signals.

Try the sites and either get yourself an HDTV or a converter box to hook up to your analog TV. Most local stations are broadcasting in both analog and digital.

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Why is there no PAL or NTSC games on the PS3?

Q. i mean the 360 and wii (i think the wiiU also) have pal and ntsc games but the PS3 doesnt, and when i asked about the differences between pal and ntsc they told me that it is all about graphic and nothing else (1 is american the other is european or something like that) and did the PS2 have pal and ntsc games?? (i dont quite remember DX)

and does the WiiU and will the 720 have pal and ntsc?

and thanks

A. Those answers are either wrong or incomplete......................

Simply because of individual companies policy.

Sony does not allow any regional restrictions on its consoles released after 2006. All publishers must release region free games, while modern consoles of Microsoft and Nintendo still do.

That means PS3, PSP, PS Vita games are all region free.
While for PS3 games they still provide either ( optional NTSC or PAL ) + at least one HD output.

That means if a user use the old type SDTV, he need to do TV matching to the game disc, or graphic problem may occur on certain discs.
If he uses HDTV with HDMI cabled, then no problem. The output uses 720i, 1080p ..etc

In short:
PAL / NTSC on PS3 games stands for output only
PAL / NTSC on WII and xbox , xbox 360 stands for compatibility only ( the connection between game disc and console )
And this compatibility are divided into 3 types ( NTSC-U/C, NTSC-J, PAL ) , NOT 2 types.

In conclusion.
For PS3 games, users need to do matching between game disc and TV if they have no HDTV.
For PS2, Wii, WII U, xbox and xbox 360 games, users need to do matching between game disc and console.
Note: xbox 360 games are a lot different, Microsoft let publishers to decide whether to have to region locked or not, and most of them made disc region free.
Hence, there are lot of xbox 360 games are region free indeed, and do not have this restrictions

People there always got confused with output =/= compatibility, and thought they are same thing.....

xbox 720 compatibility is not yet announced by this date 21 Feb 2013, but its expected to be region locked which is a bad sign. We do hope they still let publishers to decide it like those xbox 360 ones did.

Anyone know where I can download the torrent for the 2013 BAFTA?
Q. I want to watch the 2013 BAFTA, but I can't find the torrent for it so far. Can anyone give me the link to download the torrent for it? Thanks.

A. i found it here:
torrent download site

I would like to buy a 42-47 inches 3D tv?
Q. I don't know much about led, LCD or plasma. I just want have great 3d experience and it should have good picture quality. Can anyone suggest which tv should I buy?

Or should I wait till 2013 to buy one..?
P.s. I don't care about Internet and other fancy stuff

A. 3D technology has not been a big hit in the electronic industry. At this time there are only around 130 titles available in 3D blu ray disc movies and they are mainly animated movies from disney. Keep in mind that to watch in 3D you will need the following: 3D HDTV, 3D blu ray disc player ot a game console, 3D blu ray disc movie or 3D video game and 3D glasses. You also have to sit in front of the tv to get the 3D effect. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on 3D HDTV, along with the pro and con of each technology. Panasonic Plasma is the only Plasma tv they recommend. They also have more pllasma tv being recommended than any type of tv from other manufacturer. Hope this will help you out.

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how to connect s video from vista laptop to panasonic hdtv?

Q. I have a toshiba vista laptop that have an s video cord and also a panasonic 50 inch tv. I want to see my laptop screen on my tv so i bought an s video cord. I went home and plugged in both ways and changed my tv input but nothing came up. My laptop wasn't able to detect the tv either. Please help and be specific because i am not very good and laptop tv things. Thanks.

A. You'll probably have to enable the SVIDEO output on the laptop, which could be with a button on the keyboard. A lot of times the ALT or FUNCTION key plus another key enables it. Sometimes the key is above a number key and looks like a tv screen. The only other place it may be be able to be enabled is in the graphics properties. In vista that would be right click the desktop and click screen resolution, then go into advanced settings.

I will tell you though SVIDEO looks horrible unless your'e just watching a movie with it.

How to fix the screen size on the ps3 when playing a regular dvd?
Q. I have a 32 inch samsung HDTV and when I play a regular dvd on the ps3 the right and left sides are cut off and appear black what should i do? is it just the screen size of the tv? should i hook it up to my 50 inch instead?
ps: when i play blu ray it works fine...however its the SD that cuts off the sides

A. Check your TV settings, some support a 4.3 or a 16.9 aspect ratio

Anyone know where to look to find information on making a home theatre with a good sound system?
Q. Anyone know where to look to find information on making a home theatre with a good sound system? I'm looking at a budget of 5-7K including a 50 inch LCD. In ceiling speakers for the front two. Any direction appreciated. Thx.

A. Jefferson you already went $3,000 over budget & you forgot the 50 inch LCD.

Plus the two front speakers are suppose to be in ceiling speakers.

And those $600 Denon DRA-697CI receivers are putting out way too much distortion.
100 watts x 2 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.08% THD

Now compare that to the $500 Yamaha RX-797 receiver.
100 watts x 2 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.019% THD

One fourth the distortion for 30% less money


Shopping for a sound system can be simple ...,_including_sound_reinforcement_topics..html
home theater audio

Ground loop problems and how to get rid of them
What causes the humming in audio systems
Solving AV problems in typical home system

"Home Theatre has become as American as popcorn at the movies."
"It is believed that the more expensive the 'gear' the better overall performance of the Theatre. To many people, retail dealers included, rely too much on the higher performance (higher cost) of the equipment to promote high end results, when lower cost (less performance) systems properly setup and calibrated to the environment can perform just as well. Whether your preference is for a Large Screen Rear Projection TV (RPTV), the latest in Flat Panel or Front Projection systems or even just a plain old tube TV a solution is there. A Home Theatre can be no more than adding a good, cost-effective surround sound system to the Family Room TV or to the ultimate high-end theme theatre that spares no expense – or somewhere in between"

DVD Talk Forum

Home Theater Forum

High Def Forum - Your High Definition Community & High Definition Resource


I personally like the sound of these ceiling speakers.
JBL SP8CII 2-way / 8-inch woofer In-Ceiling Round Speaker
$180 each ($1080)

For your center speaker.
JBL HTI-55 2-Way In-Wall Speaker System $120
Dual 5" Bass Drivers and One 1" Swivel Mount Tweeter

JBL HTI-88 HTI88 – HTi Series Dual 8" In-Wall Passive Subwoofer $220
Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power 250 Watts per Channel
(Impedance 8 Ohms nominal per Woofer)
JBL Back Box for HTI88 in Wall Subwoofer $230

Yamaha RX-V2600 7.1 Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver $1,300
0.04% THD at 20-20,000 Hz (8 ohms)

Yamaha RX-797 Stereo Receiver $500
(For the subwoofers.)

Sharp LC-52D62U 52-inch 1080p Aquos LCD HDTV $3,500
Table Stand: Included.

$6,950 total

But if you went just 4" smaller you could save $1,500 on the TV.
SONY KDL-46S2010 BRAVIA S-Series 46" Digital LCD Television $2,000
Includes pedestal table stand.

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How to connect DVI output from PC to Component input in HDTV with dip switch adapter?

Q. I have a new Dell PC with an ATI Radeon X1300 video card, and am trying to connect it to my JVC HD-ILA Television through my receiver (which has component in and out). Basically, I purchased a DVI to Component adapter, which has several dip switches on it, and I am not getting a picture on my TV when I boot up. Sometimes I will see a second or two of video garbage but then the screen is blank. I feel like I've tried all of the different combinations of dip switch settings (16:9, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i). I guess my last resort is to just buy a DVI to HDMI and plug it right into my TV, but I wouldn't be able to use my receiver like I'd prefer to do for simplicity. Has anyone encountered this problem or have a suggestion on how to view my PC on my HDTV through my receiver? Thank you!

A. Very good choice on your TV, that and the 42" Toshiba DLP
would have been my choice, DVI (out) from the computer to the Component (in) should work, im sure you did, but you changed your TV's input to component1 or 2 right? You may have to downgrade to the AV cables which the card should have a Video out plug. Or if your in the market, upgrade your TV and go flat panel. The bad thing about that is a decent 42" LCD is a small fortune. I wouldnt go plasma if your goin to use it for a computer but the back of most flat panels have a serial connection to use it as a monitor. I know I havent really answered your question but i wouldnt bother with the HDMI, youll get the same results. all the DVI to Component adapter does is dumb down the picture and allow a different interface. The HDMI runs both picture and sound in HD where as the DVI only does video so its kind of a waste. not to mention the price of the HDMI cable and adapter. Best bet is call a Best Buy and talk to the home theatre department.

the best color settings for jvc lcd hdtv?
Q. i just bought a 42 inch JVC LT-42P789 i am wanting to know what the best color settingd are

A. There are no "best" settings. Settings are subjective and vary somewhat with room lighting and input. Try here for help:

i bought a cable for my computer to work with my JVC tv but its not working.?
Q. i have a jvc tv that supports any wire yellow ,red ,white . etc and even hdmi but the wire i have is VGA to RGB but its all fuzzy on my tv

A. You are going VGA out from computer to Component in on what kind of TV exactly? SDTV or HDTV? Not to say it should be fuzzy on either one, but makes a difference on computer settings you ought to be using.

What resolution are you sending out to the TV? You want to be sending a TV appropriate resolution for optimal picture quality. Like if your JVC is an HDTV of 720p then you should use 1280x720.

For more about various settings for an external monitor such as what you're doing, check out this MS website,

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hello can anybody help me please. is a LG 42" Full HDTV 1080p 120Hz Smart TV wotht $849 ? is this a good deal?

Q. LG 42" Full HDTV 1080p 120Hz Smart TV

Price...$849.00 ($50.00 S/H)

Thousands of movies, cool apps, videos and the best of the web right at the click of your remote. That's what you get when you have Smart TV entertainment access on the LK530 1080p LCD TV. Plus, it's Wi- Fi Ready so you get huge entertainment with a minimum of messy wires. Even better, it brings it to you in unrivaled 1080p Full HD.

Model: 42LK530

•Smart TV
•TruMotion 120Hz
•Wi-Fi® Ready (Adapter Sold separately)
•Magic Motion Remote Compatible (Sold separately)
•Full HD 1080p Resolution
•DLNA Certified®
•ENERGY STAR® Qualified
•Picture Wizard II
•Intelligent Sensor
•Smart Energy Saving
•ISFccc® Ready

•Screen Size: 42" Class (46.9" Diagonal)
•Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
•TruMotion (Frame Rate): 120Hz
•Contrast Ratio (DCR): 150,000:1
Broadcasting System

•Analog: NTSC
•Digital: ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM (1 Tuner)

•XD Engine
•Aspect Ratio Correction: 5 Modes (16:9/Just Scan/Original/4:3/Cinema Zoom)
•Color Temperature Control: 3 Modes (Warm/Medium/Cool)
•Picture Mode: 7 Modes (Intelligent Sensor/Vivid/Standard/Cinema/Game/isf Expert 1/isf Expert 2)
•AV Mode (Picture & Sound): (Cinema/Game/Sport)

•Mono/Stereo/Dual (MTS/SAP)
•Audio Output (Watts - THD 10%) 10W + 10W
•Speaker System: 1 Way 2 Speakers
•Dolby Digital Decoder
•Surround System: Infinite Surround
•Auto Volume Leveler
•Sound Mode: 5 Modes (Standard/Music/Cinema/Game/Sports)
•Clear Voice II
A/V Inputs/Outputs

•RF In (Antenna/Cable): 1 (Rear)
•AV In: 2 (1 Side, 1 Rear)
•Component Video In (Y, Pb, Pr) + Audio: 2 (1 Side, 1 Rear)
•HDMI™/HDCP Input: 3 (Side)
•USB 2.0: 2 (Side)
•Digital Audio Out (Optical): 1 (Rear)
•RGB In (D-Sub 15 Pin) - PC: 1 (Rear)
•PC Audio Input: 1 (Rear)
•LAN: 1 (Rear)
•RS-232C (Control/Service): 1 (Rear)
•Headphone Out: 1 (Side)

Thank you for your time and help,


A. Do you already like that tv? I'm sorry but that is not a good deal. The store selling with that price is trying to rip off customers. That is an old model. If you check, you can get a 42" lg lm6200, which is a 2012 model, for less than $800. Compared to lk530, lm6200 is better. Like for wifi, in lm6200 it's already built in. No need to buy the adapter separately.

When will Avatar 3D be released on Blu Ray?
Q. It is my understanding that Panasonic had (or has) an exclusive agreement for the distribution of Avatar 3D on Blu Ray disc. Apparently they offered the disc as an incentive to buy their HDTV's but so the 3d version never went "on sale".

I heard that the agreement should have ran out at the end of 2011, but I haven't seen it go on sale anywhere. Does anyone have any more info?

Also, if it isn't going to be available anytime soon, does anyone know how I can get one (without paying $150.00 on eBay for it)?

Thanks a lot.

A. Yes it will be releasing in early to mid 2012 as Panasonics deal will expire, so they should be releasing soon. By the way, I have Avatar 3D and it is AMAZING in 3d. It is Unbelievable. (or you could download it off some site online..........)

Which TV should I buy?
Q. I have one a friend is selling for $360 it is Samsung LCD TV Series 7 #750. The Model is LN46A750R1F/XZC I have used it and the tv is excellent picture and everything. The capacitors and power supply has been replaced but the tv is also 2007.

Or I have recently found

It is a Toshiba 40" LCD. The size doesn't matter to me 40"-46"

Suggestions? Do i buy the new one Toshiba for $180 or buy the samsung for $360?

Thanks ahead of time.

A. Did you not read the customer comment on this Toshiba TV?

I purchased my Toshiba tv on January 2, 2012 and it stopped working on July 13, 2012. I called customer service because my tv would not turn on, the power indicator would come on then go off within 30 sec but there was no picture or sound. Customer service told me that they would create a work order and I would get an email from Nexicore. They automatically ordered a motherboard without even seeing my tv. Once my part was in the service provider would contact me within 24hrs to sch and it took 3 days to sch an appt w/ (Nick) he then told me he had to come to my house before 4pm because he lived on the other side of town and wanted to miss traffic. He replaced the motherboard and 2hrs later the tv is not working. I was then told they had to order the part again another 3-5 days and then resch a service visit. I told them at this time I did not want the same employee to come to my house and this was ignored. I was told that there are 3 parts to a flat screen tv the motherboard, power panel and the screen. So this time they order both the motherboard and the power panel to guess which part is bad. The same service employee came back out (nick) replaced the parts and the tv worked for 2 weeks. Then the tv not only wouldn’t power on correctly but would emit a screeching sound. I then called Toshiba and told them that I do not want to deal with Nexicore any longer and they gave me a list of 3 authorized service providers. I brought my t.v. to HI Definition Electronics and they had no cooperation from Toshiba w/ ordering parts and were told that they were not an authorized service provider after Toshiba was the one to give me their contact. I had to call the customer relations manager myself and be placed on hold while he was on the phone w/ HI definition. Finally both companies decided to order the motherboard for a 3x and Hi definition replaced the part and informed me that the same malfunction is occurring. Finally my complaint was escalated to Mikalla but all Toshiba states that they can do is order another part and keep trying to fix the tv. I have been told by a customer relations manager that this is how electronics work and they will just keep replacing parts until they get it. Then Mikkalla told me I have not been through enough to get a replacement and that all they can do is order another part. I asked what else and how much longer until they actually will make this right and she stated that is not something that they inform the consumer of. Also I was informed that I did not read my warranty information and have not went through the proper steps to get the tv repaired which, I would think that they would of notified me of this the first time I called 3 months ago. It clearly states on my Toshiba warranty “if your are experiencing a technical problem or have questions regarding operation, Authorized service providers, warranty or parts, please contact customer service department at: 1800-631-3811” Mikkalla also stated that I own this tv and it is my responsibility to get it fixed not Toshiba’s. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY PRODUCT FROM TOSHIBA!! TOSHIBA DOES NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR POOR PRODUCTS AND DOES NOT CARE AT ALL ABOUT THEIR CONSUMERS.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For a blu-ray player (like ps3) do you NEED and HDTV, or will my really old tv from the 80s work?

Q. I don't care about quality, honestly I don't even notice it. For that matter, are there any devices that require an HDTV (by device I mean game consoles and blu-ray players and such)?

A. I am not aware of any video device currently sold that only has HD output. You can use the standard A/V cable supplied with the PS3 to output composite video to any old TV that has the standard trio of yellow/white/red inputs for the video, left audio channel and right audio channel, respectively. If it's an ultra-cheap TV, sometimes they only had the coaxial input for cable or an antenna, but if your TV has the yellow, white and red RCA jacks the PS3 can feed it. Even my Panasonic Blu-Ray play that connects to the Internet and plays HD videos from Youtube has the old composite and S-video outputs. You absolutely can use the PS3 on most ancient TVs if you don't mind it looking a bit fuzzy...

setting up satellite dish to receive local channels?
Q. is there a way to use a satellite dish, which is not connected, as a rooftop antenna ? appreciate any suggestion.

A. The dish would not function as an Over The Air Antenna , I understand that there are clip on antennas manufactured by Terk that do mount onto your dish for local channels SD and HDTV.

If you're trying to be frugal and just wondering if your dish can serve another purpose the answer is No , small dishes such as those used for Pay TV services like Dish Network and Direct TV have encrypted programming that require an authorized receiver.

You can make yourself a $$$ CHEAP DIY Do it Yourself indoor antenna using Coat hangers that works very well and rivals $60 dollar models sold in Electronic stores by the following these instructions.
People claim that this antenna works so good they get reception of distant TV stations.

The ways that cannot be discussed given in a previous answer is by illegal means and requires you to spend over $100 dollars on a FTA receiver and it's not guaranteed , for that money you could buy a high end roof antenna.

I have an HD Plasma TV. I want to get an HDTV outdoor antenna. Do I need a converter box?
Q. I have an old Panasonic 42" Plasma screen TV. I want to get rid of cable and Satellite and buy a HDTV antenna. I found several to choose from on But some come with a converter box. Do I need a converter box? What does a converter box do?

A. It already has a digital converter built in.
On the antenna issue: Don't buy one, make one! Speaking from experience here. I got a really nice low profile antenna and couldn't get all the local channels. I got 7 out of 16. I researched antennas and hear of a home made one that supposedly works better. $15 dollars later I made my own.
you just use coat hangers, piece of wood, screws, etc
Go to YOUTUBE and search home made antenna. They all are about the same instructions. I get EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL from my hoopty antenna that is hidden behind the HDTV. Go figure!

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When is the best time to find deals on HDTVS?

Q. OK so I had ordered a 55 inch Phillips LCD WiFi TV for 620$ from Walmart, but they lost it in transit and they are unable to replace it so they gave me a refund. I know Phillips TVs are not the best but they also are not the worst. I'm just wondering when have you have found good deals to buy an HDTV, also I can only spend 750$ and I really want a 55 inch or if possible maybe even bigger. also I don't care about black Friday. I just want a TV and this is my second attempt at getting one I ordered the same TV before Walmart from Ebay but when I received the TV it was Broken and they could not replace it so I got a refund. Any help or advice would be appreciated thanks.

A. Yes the best deals are right around Super Bowl time
the middle t late weeks of Janurary are the better deals
they want to clear out the oder models before they put the year models out

How should I buy an HDTV this time?
Q. Should I line up at Bestbuy or wait for cyber Monday? I heard good deals on TV run out very fast at stores.

A. actualy you get better deals a few weeks before the Super Bowl i would wait

What does it mean if a HDTV has no tuner?
Q. I was looking into buying an Olevia but noticed that there was no tuner. What is it and is it needed if I have HD Directv

A. the HD tuner is what allows your television to 'tune" into HD TV channels. Without an HD tuner you will not be able to watch channels that are broadcast in high definition for example the HD version of the super bowl. You can however purchase an HD tuner separately but they are a but pricey. I would recommend purchasing a TV that has the tuner built in that way it is not necessary to deal with the hassle later. However, sometiimes a company like Direct TV will give you a "box" that has the tuner built in, usually they will charge you more per month to "rent" it. I would make it a point to ask them. Hope this helps.

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When is WWE smackdown 2012 coming out?

Q. Anyone? I can't wait, i think it's gonna be pretty awesome! Especially since im suppose to be getting a 40' sony HDTV

A. Release Date : North America : November 22, 2011

UK : November 25, 2011

I believe that your talking about WWE 12, the smackdown vs raw series are officially over

If you want to see the Roster I can list some;

Brock Lesnar
Booker T
The Rock
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Road Warriors Animal and Hawk
Kevin Nash
Ricky Steamboat
Ax and Smash
Eddie Guerrero
Arn Anderson
John Cena
Randy Orton

If you want to see the rosters Stats, Entrance,Finisher,and Best Moments then head to

Also In This Years game you have many creation options such as;

Character's with many new customizable features
Arena/Ring ( NEW )
Better Storyline Creation
I believe you can make your own Titantron now

If you want to see many of these amazing new features then heres a youtube link;

Brock Lesnar WWE 12 Video Promo :

There are so much more but I'll give you a link, I believe in WWE Universe 2.0 there are WWE drafts , now that's awesome :)

Stream lined interface, a draft, and injuries are all new additions.

Is the GeForce GTX 460 equal or greater than the AMD Radeon HD 7770?
Q. Currently looking over parts to purchase for a budget gaming pc and was wondering which was better, or if they were equal

A. Here's your answer:

GeForce GTX 460 benchmark score 2652:
Radeon HD 7770 benchmark score 2124:

So, in fact, GTX 460 is better than HD 7770, not only because of the higher score, but in fact all nVidia cards are better for gaming, as they have proprietary nVidia features that no AMD/ATI card has, things like:

* nVidia CUDA cores (Compute Unified Device Architecture)
* nVidia GPUDirect and nVidia PureVideo HD 1080p, an nVidia hardware feature designed to offload video decoding processes and video post-processing from a computer's CPU (processor) hardware to the nVidia's GPU hardware, used in all series GeForce 6 and later and GeForce M for laptops
* PhysX (a proprietary realtime physics engine middleware SDK)

All those features lack on the ATI/AMD cards...

What all that translates into, is more stress put on your CPU to compensate when using an ATI/AMD card, and degraded overall performance in games and other graphics intense applications.

That's why AMD uses cheap tricks such as putting the GPU on one board (what they call dual graphics) or creating the AMD APU series processors (an all-in-one CPU+GPU) in a desperate (and failed) attempt to compete against an nVidia GPU from the same price range.

I only use nVidia GeForce cards in all my computers.
I recently used 1GB GDDR5 GeForce GTX460 Fermi and 1GB GDDR5 GeForce GTX560 Ti in my 2011-2012 built gaming computers, as well as an XFX Double D 2GB GDDR3 GeForce GT630 in my media player built small form factor PC that's hooked up to my 50inch Panasonic 1080p Plasma HDTV
I also used 1GB GDDR3 GeForce GTS 250, 512MB GDDR3 GeForce 210 and older models like GeForce 9500GT and GeForce 8400GS in my older computer builds.

how can i record HDTV?
Q. is it possible? i want to record some NFL games in high definition to blu ray discs. im not looking for tivo or anything like that to record to a hard drive. are there any devices out there that will record HDTV to blu ray discs?

A. yes they are called a dvd-r or in your case a blu-ray which-Blu-ray recorders are currently only available in Japan, this section will be updated as soon as recorders become available outside of Japan.
after july15th 2012
this is for stand alone machines i think the blu-ray recorders for computers are out now for 209.95(us)

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