Monday, February 24, 2014

Does anyone have any info on Comtek/Clear Cast Digital antenna?

Is it any good? What are the pros and cons?

There is no such thing as a "digital" antenna. That is pure marketing hype. There is nothing special nor unusual about this antenna. It will pick up your local broadcast TV channels within a 10-15 mile radius of your home. This company has been cited many times for exaggerating the antenna's capabilities.

Questions about Panasonic GT50 THX Cinema picture mode?


I purchased a 50" GT50 HDTV a few days ago and I absolutely LOVE it! The picture is amazing. I was playing around with the picture modes though and i noticed one called "THX Cinema". How is this different from the regular "Cinema" mode? When i switch between them all that's obvious is that the picture looks a bit smaller but more complete (like it zooms out a tiny bit). Of course I'm completely ignorant to all this technical stuff so what do I know. Can anyone explain this to me? I the THX mode optimal for movies and such?

For a given manufacturerâs compliant display, THX [picture] modes are intended to provide a set of simple preset picture settings that conform to THXâs carefully chosen criteria for video image quality. Ideally the preset THX picture settings should provide the most natural or accurate video image quality short of a professional video display âcalibration.â In reality, for the more demanding perfectionist it is relatively easy to surpass the image quality performance offered by the preset THX picture modes on the 2012 Panasonic plasma display panels by using the Custom picture mode along with proper display calibration software and hardware.

In addition:

THX picture modes (according to Panasonic GT50 series eHELP, page 25):

âPrecisely reproduces the original quality of the image without any revision.â

âRecommended for playback of THX disc[s] (disc[s] with âTHXâ logo.) THX mode is used to mirror the picture settings used by professional filmmakers, faithfully reproducing the image quality of THX Certified movies. (THX Certified movies have the âTHXâ logo on a disc.)â


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Sunday, February 23, 2014

How can I improve the sound quality on my HDTV?

David P

The sound on my new Samsung large screen TV is very bad sometimes. For sports and news programs, it's fine. But when I play back an hour long drama such as CSI or NCIS, it's very difficult to hear what the actors are saying. The same problem holds true when I watch Blu-ry movies on my Samsung Blu-ray player. Sometimes I have the sound on the TV, which I normally watch at about a 20 level, turned all the way up to 100, and then I still can't make out what the actors are saying. The picture quality on my new Samsung plasma TV is drop dead gorgeous, but these sound problems are making my movie experience horrible. Outside of buying a sound bar or a surround sound system, what can I do to better understand the dialogue in movies? Thank you.

Don't shoot the messenger! Read your owners manual. Samsung tells you these sets aren't built for premium sound. The last set of speakers I replaced in a Samsung, they were $2.97 each. The sound quality sucks on the newer sets. Your forced to "up grade" your sound options ie surround system. Samsung makes a great sound bar. Most customers turn the speakers off and use the sound bar.

how do i get quality sound from my PC to HDTV?

Ethio /Hab

what the problem is i do get sound but not really good sound.I bought audio cable and conected my HDTV and my PC.The manual which came with tv guides me to buy Audio cable.I did but it didn't work.

You've got a few options, but this depends on your computer and its capabilities as well.

Depending your computer's sound card you may have an optical output for surround sound. This is on many newer computers with media capabilities. If not this is something that you can purchase for $30 - $300, depending on how much sound control you would like. What a new sound card will offer you will be sound controls, and higher quality outputs than a standard sound card (typically just a speaker output which is a headphone jack connection).

If you don't want to mess with installing anything inside your computer there are numerous USB soundcards that you can get. These will connect to your computer VIA a USB connection and will give you many options for connecting to your home theater as well.

Go to one of your local computer super stores, or check out for sound cards. Look at both USB and internal cards. The only drawback to internal is that you will have to install it inside the machine - which you may or may not be able to do. One of those stores can install it for a nominal fee as well.

If you don't want to mess with anything mentioned above you can just simply connect a high quality RCA to Mini cable from your computer to your stereo. Its a cable with a headphone jack at one end and, left and right audio cables at the other.

I hope this helped. If you have additional questions feel free to email me through my profile, or check out my blog below for more support.

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HD TV without HD service, image quality?


I just bought a new HDTV and I got a regular DirectTV box and it runs on those red/white/yellow connectors and I was wondering if I upgraded to a HD DirectTV box with HDMI connector but without the HD service, would my image improve? Or does it not matter. I just want it to have better quality image. The guide that comes with it says that the A/V(red/white/yellow connectors) have the lowest quality image.
Better image quality on my Direct TV that is. Also those channel I watch will not have HD, I don't care about the HD I just want to know if the image would improve from A/V connection to HDMI connections on Direct TV
Well it is a bit blurry in the background at certain images.... it is a 40inch led lcd 1080p 120hz Samsung 6300. I just want to know if i can get rid of those blur if I used a hd box instead regular ones.... i dont care about HD, I'm using it to watchin asian channels that dont offer HD.....

1 ) HDTV connect to regular Direct TV box via RCA red/white/yellow cable = normal pictures quality.
2 ) HDTV connect to HD Direct TV box *without the HD service, via HDMI cable = normal pictures quality , because the " signals still normal resolution not HD 720P resolution .
3 ) HDTV connect to HD Direct TV box *with HD service / paid for HD services via HDMI cable = better pictures quality / better image from HD channel ( but not all channel are HD ) , because the " signals is digital 720P resolution and you HD TV will display up to 720P resolution.
4 ) All HD TV built in digital tuner ( ACST in USA / DVB-T in European ) , you can get free view on air TV channel with HD 720P resolution , plug in you out door antenna you also enjoy HD TV from some HD channel. * in door antenna may be not so clear, depends of area *
keeps in mind . Pictures image depends of you TV " quality ". also you in-put signals.
you in-put source master the display resolution . if you in-put is only 480P resolution to you HD 720P TV even 1080P TV, you get max 480P resolution display. is nothings to do with RCA cable or HDMI. of course only HDMI able to handle / transfer digital 720P / 1080 P signals.

regular boadcasts on HDTV?


is it true that while watching regular broadcasts on an HDTV the image quality is worst than on a regular TV?

YES, you are correct. HDTV's were designed for HDTV, not for "Analog" or "regular" TV broadcasts. Although your HDTV WILL display regular TV, the comparison can be like night and day. The analogy is like a porche, it will run on "Regular" gasoline, but to perform properly, it needs "premium" gasoline. Analog is considered "Regular" gas, and it is most likely feeding your TV only 480 lines (or much less in most cases!) of horizontal resolution, yet it requires as much as 1080 lines to run to it's maximum potential. So, what most HDTV's do is take those 480 lines and "convert" them into 1080 lines. Now, if the 480 lines have ghosting, static, and poor colors(which is probably the case with lousy analog anyhow), the TV will have to do the "Mathematics" and try to turn 480 lines into now 1080 lines of ghosting, static and poor color. Now it did it, your HDTV just made your lousy "Analog" TV even worse, and you didn't have to lift a finger. There are some premium brand HDTV's (Sony, Samsung,LG)in the market that can "Convert" the regular TV better, by using "Scalers" and up to 6 "Processors" that can initially "Clean-up" the analog TV, remove static and noise, and purify colors, and make it look closer to HDTV when "Scaling" to 1080. In comes the cost, and the preverbial "You get what you pay for". Finally, to answer your question as to why analog tv looks better on your old tv. That's because your OLD tv was actually design FOR regular tv, and the manufacture designed it to do well with that type of broadcast. Good luck, and don't forget to rate me. Thanks, Dan Home Theatre Sales Manager 15 Years

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I think it’s better to shift on LED. Are you agreed with my friends?

Nitesh Bal

College friends are saying to change my LCD and instead of that, I should buy LED. What can be the solution dear?

Get plasma, it destroys LED/LCD in picture quality easily and are cheaper. You can get a GT25 or ST30 3d HD panasonic plasma at 42 inches for 1000 bucks and make your friends jealous as hell.

Look at Cnet's reviews Google best 3DTV or HDTV of 2011 and the top 5 are plasma's. Maybe 1 LED is in 6th place but its 3 grand.

Who's number one when it comes to TV's...?


You can't go wrong with the VT30 Panasonic Viera plasma's, D8000 Samsung plasma's or Sharp Elite LCD's.

They were the top three (Sharp, Panny, Sammy) in the 2011 shoot-out held last month at Value Electronics in Scarsdale, NY.

When you factor in price, the plasma's are the easy choice.

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