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What will I need to boost the volume on my HDTV?

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I just won a Sharp LC-C6077UN Flat Screen LCD HDTV. After hooking it up I found that with the volume all the way up it was just above a wisper. I just read some reviews on this model and found that others have the same problem.

Is there an inexpensive way to boost the volume?

It would be unusual for a set of that size to have audio just above a whisper. Audio levels are poor on many flat TVs due to the small downward-pointing speakers, but your situation is not typical.

I'd first want to try it with different inputs: antenna, cable or satellite box, DVD player, etc. If the sound is only low with one input, you've partially solved it. If it's low on everything, the set ought to go back for warranty repair or replacement. Hopefully, your winnings included the warranty.

What is the best way to conenct these audio components?


I just bought an intro home theater system. It includes an LG 32" LCD HDTV with HDMI, a Yamaha HTR-5840 6.1 surround receiver, two Klipsch Synergy F-1 speakers, and a Sony DVP-NS70H DVD/CD player with HDMI.

In order to get the BEST quality out of this combination, how should I connect everything?

I currently have the HDMI from the TV to the DVD directly since the receiver doesn't do HDMI. I then have a coax from the DVD to the receiver, and a fiber from the TV to the receiver.

1. Is this going to give me the best possible sound for what I have right now, or should I reconfigure it a bit?

2. Is fiber or coax better?

3. When I turn on my DVD and receiver to play a CD, I also have to turn on the TV. When I turn on the TV though, it doesn't see the DVD player until I force the menu to choose HDMI as a primary output. Is there any way to make the DVD visible to the TV by default?

Whenever in doubt, keep things digital for as long as possible by using Digital I/Os. It appears that you are already doing that. If this is the case, then you should be getting the best signal reproduction that your receiver can deliver!

Keeping things digital for as long as possible, decreases the chances of Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and eliminates the effect of this interference, which in the end, provides you a window of opportunity to maybe not buy the "Highest Quality" interconnect cable. Simply, 1s and 0s are 1s and 0s that all represent amplitude and frequency. Truly, how would you lose any signal, using 1s and 0s to represent that signal? Without signal loss, then the most accurate reproduction of the source material is practically guaranteed (of course, limited by the capabilities of your receiver). Of course signal loss is a product of using metal based conductors (such as with coaxial connections as opposed to the light-based operation of fiber-optic technology), but unless you plan on having your source equipment in one state and your receiver in another, this provides no further complication in having to purchase Monster Cable digital interconnectors,

Another thing, start saving now for a new receiver! Although Yamaha will always be remembered by me as my first receiver manufacturer once I began seeking high-quality equipment, their quality has decreased with their insistence on providing more budget oriented receicers. Although I would unwaiveringly purchase a Yamaha budget over one made by Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, or Panasonic, there are more capable receivers that are more accurate by other less well known manufacturers such as Denon and Harman/Kardon. Attempt to get a receiver with the highest quality Burr-Brown Digital-to-Analog conversion. High quality DACs are your final chance at getting the best sound quality from your system! Look around the net (visit manufacturers' websites and such) until you find the receiver that melts your heart! Upon finding that "magic-receiver," search online retailers to discover the least expensive manner in which you can obtain it.

Truly, the most important pieces of your sound system come before the loudspeakers! In reality, the best DVD Player with comparable quality digital signal interpretation to maintain signal integrity is most appropriate! Read reviews of source equipment published in Home THeater focused magazines such as "Home Theater Magazine" and "Sound and Vision Magazine" (which was formerly known as "Stereo Review").

You deserve it!

Especially with those Klipsches! The fact that Klipsch generally produces highly efficient loudspeakers, receiver power requirements can be scaled back a little to get a higher quality (build-wise) receiver to bring out the ambience and presence of the Klipsches! Although I do not personally own any Klipsch loudspeakers, I have yet to be let down by any Klipsch based listening session.

With that said about the in-store listening sessions hardly ever being letdowns, I don't see any reasonable explanation as to why you should be let down in your own home.


Regarding your other questions, you should really examine your DVD Player's manual to see if you can set HDMI as the default output method, that way, you won't have to "force" it everytime... There's no reason to have any other output as the default since you are using specifically the HDMI interconnection to deliver the digital video information.

Finally, with the question of which digital interconnection is better between coaxial and fiber-optic, remember that the chance of signal loss is far less with fiber-optic connections, because light can travel much farther through a tube than an electrical pulse through a metal conductor. In the end, again, if money is the issue, coaxial connections use the same RCA cable that your analog devices have used over the years.

Using fiber-optic based installation prevents corrosion, for there is no metal connector that can corrode. However, again, be advised that there is no direct quality improvement by using fiber-optic interconnection for your device as opposed to coaxial, for a 1 is a 1--whether it is being transferred over coaxial or fiber-optic cable.

I would say to use the coaxial I/O to save money initially, but look forward to making use of the fiber-optic connection as time moves forward or if you're thinking of permanently installing the receiver in a particular location.

Hope that helps!

Happy listening!

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Is there a quality difference between length of HDMI cables?

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They say that a longer distance between components means that more cable is required to make the connections, and over the distance of the cable, the HDMI signal will therefore degrade and also the picture and sound quality. I have a 9,84/3m feet HDMI cable connected from my Xbox 360 to my HDTV and i want the best picture and sound quality that i can get, would getting a 3,28 feet/1m HDMI cable instead make any quality difference?

Signal degradation won't be a problem unless you're talking about VERY long cables - usually dozens of feet in length.

In addition, HDMI cables carry a digital signal so it either works perfectly...or it won't work at all. You won't get any difference between a 1M and 3M cable.

How do I change audio setting on Samsung LCD to direct sound through Digital Optical cable to surround sound?


I have HDMI running from Surround sound to HDTV. I have Digital Optical Cable running from HDTV to Surround sound. How do I direct the TV to use the optical cable for sound instead of HDMI. The main goal is to have best sound quality for HDTV, HD Set-top Cable Box, and surround sound system. Thanks to any answers!

Run the optical cable from the TV digital audio output to the surround sound digital input.

Select the optical input on the surround sound system (can't tell you exactly how without knowing the make/model), and you'll get great audio from whatever you're watching on TV.

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How do you hook up a VHS and DVD player without sacrificing quality?

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Brian H

My parents got a nice big 46" HDTV and they wanted me to hook up the DVD player. I get there and realize its a DVD VHS Combo so I hooked it up with the Red, White, and Yellow RCA cables and then my parents got mad because the picture was fuzzy. I re hooked it up with Component cables and the picture was much better but now You cant use the VCR part. Is there anyway to hook them both up without reducing the quality? I haven't messed with a VHS DVD combo in so long, I'm just stumped on what to do. My TV I just hook up the player to the TV with HDMI and done but this player doesn't have HDMI.

I'm afraid you are out of luck.

A DVD has max resolution of 480 and component cables are your best way to hook things up.

But a VHS is 240 lines of resolution. And that only tends to use Composite (single yellow cable) which is the worst type of video connection.

Please tell your parents: DVD contains 70 year old video. Every line is backwards compatible to a 1948 television. DVD is a high-tech way to save and play old video.

Even DVD's do not look good on a modern High Res display.

It's not the TV's fault.

How good is the quality on a 32" Hannspree SV32LMNB LED 1080p TV?


I know it is 1080p, but is the quality actually good for blu rays or hd gaming?

I'm both an avid TV watcher and a HD videographer, and as such, I wouldn't pay for a 1080p 32" HDTV unless you're using it within about 3 feet.

The human eye cannot see the difference between 1080p and 720p at normal viewing distance in a 32" TV. 1080p was designed to have 720p quality at sizes over 46". I have a more trained eye than most people and I struggle to tell the distance in TVs smaller than 40".

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Lcd 120hz vs Plasma 600hz?

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Joey B

I will play video games 100% or the time on one of these hdtvs. Should I go with a 720p 600hz plasma or a 1080p 120hz Lcd. Both tvs are made by the same company.

The above post is incorrect. The screen glare problem has not been solved. Plasma screens are the glossy type. When I went to best buy, i noticed severe reflections from all angles. There is even a video done by CNET on the VT30 plasma TV (last years panasonic flagship model and also the TV in my bedroom) on youtube where you can see significant reflections even in a darker room. Plasma TVs are best suited for rooms with controlled lighting. In those conditions the plasma TV will produce great PQ. Also plasma TVs consume the same amount of power as the older plasma models. You can verify this through many review sites such as FlatpanelsHD or CNET. They measure the total watts consumption per hour and have it down on a chart. If you are adamant on purchasing a plasma, then I would recommend the ST50 by Panasonic. It is their most inexpensive plasma TV and it has gotten great reviews.

Now I recommend to you a LED LCD TV for gaming. My reasons are : if you plan on gaming a long time, your TV will not overheat and burn-in issues are non-existent. (i have seen burn-ins on a panasonic vt30 after only 5 months--even with the screen wipe feature in use). Also 3D gaming is a big plus for me so the comfort of the glasses will become significant enough to where it will affect the type of TV you may purchase. You will be able to play during the day. LED LCD TVs are very bright. Most 2012 LED TVs however have a glossy screen as well. You will get some unwanted reflections. I highly recommend LG's LW series 3D LED TVs (2011 models). They have a matte screen for unparalleled brightness and since its 2012 now, should be priced even lower than its competition.

Best 1080p 32"- 40"hdtv? ?


I been looking for a good 32- 40 inch TV. Has to be 1080p connecting a Xbox 360 to it and maybe a apple TV. Will hang it so which one is the best please put down model number so I can look up unboxings and review. Thank you.

Samsung and LG are good at producing thin tvs. I like LG more though because of other features on their tv (i.e. they have passive 3d which is flicker free and requires light glasses) and because it's cheaper. In their 2012 models, LM6200 has 32" and 42".

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Sites for 720p and 1080p wallpaper?

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Don't tell me and such. All the ones on google I pretty much found. I need a site with literally thousands of 16:9 backgrounds. Preferably in 720p and 1080p.

If you can find a GREAT site, with thousands of 720p and 1080p wallpaper, you are amazing!!!!!!!

There are hundreds of high quality ones at InterfaceLift:

And you can find tons of stuff in this DeviantArt category:

why does a 1920x1080 (1080p) wallpaper look bad on a 3D HDTV used as a monitor?


I have done some research and from what i can see a 1080p still frame is about two megapixels in quality. After researching spatial resolution my understanding is that for 1920x1080 to be displayed accurately it would have to be displayed on a 19" x 10" screen? So does that mean my wallpaper looks lame because its having to stretch it to over double the size on a 47" HD screen? now i have tried to use a 3840x2160 wallpaper but it didn't fit the screen. So i resized it in photoshop (but wouldn't this knock the resolution down (i mean quality)? As you can see i'm confused and not very aware of what i'm talking short i guess my question is.... How do i get a wallpaper to look good on a large (47") 3D HDTV being used as a monitor for a computer?

extra info:

I do have a hdtv card that I use to watch tv (looks great from a distance!) when using tv as a monitor viewing distance is about a 70-100cm

If I was to take a larger image i.e. 3840x2160 and open it in photoshop, then create a new 1080p size image and increase the dpi to say 200 and then free transform the large image to fit the 1920x1080 canvas would that make an image look sharper by cramming more dpi into a smaller canvas? or am i completely off there?

Its just the size of the monitor is very large.
With a 47" screen the dots per inch will be relatively low.
It will look fine from a distance - but up close the pixels will be quite large.

A high quality print will be anything up to 1200 dots per inch.
1920 pixels would be less than 2 inches at that resolution - so at 47" diagonal that is not going to look very sharp.
Your DPI on your monitor will be relatively low compared to a 1200DPI photo print.
It will even look low compared to a 300DPI print.
There is nothing you can do about this. Its all to do with the available pixels per inch.

EDIT: Just done some maths on a 47" diagonal screen and it turns out that your DPI is around 36DPI.
That's pretty low if you are up close and expecting sharp results.

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Is there such a thing as a digital television signal amplifier?

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I just bought a new digital tv, so there is no converter box , and only one of the digital channels come in. the rest are just blank. I know it is because I live too far away from the transmitters in chicago. Does anyone know if there is an amplifier I can use for a tv only?

What are you using for an antenna? Before you purchase any RF amplification you should read Peter Putmanâs articles and check the AntennaWeb reference, to which Iâve posted links below.

On the subject of RF amplification for DTV signals: if youâre using an outdoor terrestrial antenna (and hopefully you are) then I recommend that you take a look at the high-performance, ultra low-noise Type 9254 HDTV preamplifier (with the Type 9252* weatherproof masthead-mount enclosure) and Type 9255 power supply combo from Research Communications rather than purchasing your standard, run-of-the-mill RF line amplifier or distribution amplifier. *(If youâre using an indoor antenna simply omit the waterproof/weatherproof masthead enclosure.)

Low-noise RF (booster) amplification should be located reasonably close to your antenna elements in order to minimize the amplification of RF noise and interference, hence the masthead-mounted enclosures. Itâs important to keep in mind that using RF booster amplifiers can be a âdouble-edged swordâ particularly if you live in an above-average electromagnetically noisy environment.

You may also want to consider upgrading your antenna. Again, if you are using an outdoor terrestrial antenna then you should take a look at the various off-air terrestrial TV antennas from Terrestrial Digital / Antennas Direct and other manufacturers. The optimum combination of pre/amplifier and off-air antenna, along with a good quality antenna rotor system, should provide a noticeable improvement in performance.

Research Communications, Ltd.
High Performance HDTV Preamplifiers

Terrestrial Digital High Definition TV Antennas

Channel Master Amplifiers and Preamplifiers

Winegard Off-Air Home Antenna Products

######## RESOURCES ########

HDTVexpert¹ â Digital TV Reception
HDTVexpert¹ â Indoor HDTV/DTV (8VSB) Reception
HDTVexpert¹ â DTV Reception Out On The Fringe

¹(I also highly recommend that you read Peter Putmanâs indoor and outdoor HDTV/DTV antenna tests while youâre at it.)

AntennaWeb - âMaximize Your Antenna Receptionâ

The National Translator Association
2007 Convention Papers

WTFDA DX Equipment Reviews
WTFDA Forums

Interference [to Home Electronic Entertainment Equipment] Handbook

RF Noise Identification Website

Question about digital converter boxes?
TV converter box coupon (where to buy box with analog signal)?

We bought a digital coverter box and we already had rabbit ears, how can we get a better signal?

Julie D

We are poor at the moment and can't buy a new set of rabbit ear antennas, the ones we have are pretty crappy and we tried using bread ties and it worked for awhile, but we switched tvs and the box works but now we can't get any channels and everything is set up right!! Help please

Off-air DTV reception is much more unforgiving when it comes to inadequate or improperly configured equipment. Digital TV signals, especially those on the constant edge of reception, can frequently come and go due to a variety of dynamic factors that can adversely impact your reception.

By themselves rabbit-ear antennas are nothing more than basic telescoping dipole antennas used strictly for indoor reception of VHF TV signals. Unless there are local TV broadcasters in your area using the Low- or High-Band VHF portion of the terrestrial TV spectrum for DTV broadcasting then rabbit-ear antennas will be useless. Most off-air DTV broadcasts are within the UHF portion of the TV spectrum, therefore you need a good quality UHF (and perhaps High-Band VHF) antenna of sufficient gain. Even with the proper antenna you will still need to aim it carefully in order to maximize the signal strength from each of your local TV stations. (By the way, there are numerous do-it-yourself TV antenna projects on the ânet that can provide excellent performance, esp. for consumers on a tight budget.) To keep noise and signal loss to an absolute minimum you should always use a high quality coaxial antenna downlead, (I highly recommend Belden Tri-Shield RG-6/U or RG-11/U coaxial cabling,) esp. if you need to use a fairly long downlead. And as a last resort you may even need to use a low-noise RF preamplifier for stations of interest that fall into Suburban or greater TX-RX distances.

It is also important to note that the proper outdoor antenna, when properly installed, will always outperform a typical indoor antenna. If possible you should always try to use an outdoor antenna.

Begin by heading over to the Digital forum and read their excellent and informative OTA FAQ & Knowledge Base. Next head over to the TV Fool Website and use their tools to map all of your local television station transmitters. (Be sure to read the TV Fool TV Signal Analysis FAQ before you begin mapping stations.) During the mapping process you will also be able to quickly determine if there are any stations in your area that are broadcasting VHF DTV signals, i.e., TV signals below 300 MHz. Once you have completed these two important steps you can begin searching for an off-air television antenna that will work best at your location for the stations you wish to receive; I have provided a list of several resources below that should help make that task a little easier.

######################## RESOURCES ########################

Digital Home Forum
â OTA FAQ & Knowledge Base
â Signal Amplifiers (Amps, Preamps, Distro Amps)

TV Fool
â Mapping Tools: Google Earth Coverage Maps and Interactive TV Coverage Browser
â TV Signal Analysis FAQ

What antenna is best for the lower channels 4 5 7 9 etc?
Which is the best digital antenna?

Ultra Satellite & Antenna Voodoo (USAV) - Off-Air FAQ

HDTV Primer
â Antenna Basics
â Common TV Antenna Types
â Choosing an Antenna
â How Big Should the Antenna Be?
â Comparing Some Commercially Available Antennas
â Choosing a Mounting Site
â It doesnât work! Now what?
â (Temporary page; good info not yet available through the main page)
â Erecting a TV Antenna (Main Page and Index)
â General over-the-air (OTA)
â Comments re: Lindsay Splitter/Combiners

A/V Science (AVS) Forum
â HDTV Technical
â The Official AVS Antenna Topic!
â Antennas, rotators, boosters/preamps... for wide-band VHF/UHF

The Truckee FreeTV Consortium


Yagis, Loops and Folded Dipole Antennas

Folded Dipole TV Antenna

Martin E Meserve - K7MEM - Folded Dipole Design

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after seeing the great graphics of the 360 & PS3, do you think these systems would last for 10 years?

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the PS4 and new XBOX being 2016 or beyond? i mean the next stop would be the final one since you cant go over photorealism
no, officialy the PS2 was only 6 years, because the PS3 came out in 2006. I dont care how long they make game for a system, some games for the dreamcast and neogeo are still being made after 18 years. i am talking about an official new system

Someone recently asked if it was really true that the ps4 and xbox720 would be released in 2010. Which is ridiculous. They might start work on a new xbox that soon, but it will take a long time to develop, and they won't likely call it xbox720, either, "720" only relates to snowboarders or skaters.

Both consoles were designed to satisfy the high-end HD market. Only a small percentage of people have HDTV's yet. After February 2009 that percentage will make a jump, but it will still be years before it even reaches the halfway point. Maybe 2013 or so.

Next, the xbox and ps3 are the limit of current home-pc processing technology. Processors reached their current, 2 to 3 ghz limit about 5 years ago, due to heat problems. A recent advance in chip technology will allow faster chips to be made, but it's not even close to being implemented yet. The xbox has 3 fast processors, and the ps3 has a staggering 7. That's about as many processors as you can put into a computer or console, and still have it be cost-effective and have developers making applications for it.

So the bottom line is basically, they CAN'T make the next generation yet. The technology it will have to involve is in its infancy, I doubt it will be implemented in time to save Moore's Law, maybe in big mainframes or servers it will be implemented in 2 or 3 years, but I think it will realistically hit PC's in about 2012 or 2013. Console developers need to see how it works in PC's before putting it in consoles, so giving them a couple years dev time would put the next generation around 2014 to 2016.

Now about that photorealism thing, I disagree, there's a lot more to do to make games more realistic and lifelike.

For one thing, most 3D games use classical rules of perspective, ignoring the way the world actually looks to your eyes. You don't see a rectangle in front of you, and you have much more peripheral vision too. If you turn quickly in a 3D shooter, straight lines often look curved. Devs have been making optical tricks to deal with this for a while, but there is much work to be done.

A couple years back, Sony showed off the first flexible LCD video screen. That's right, you could conceivably have a game system where the screen wraps around in a semicircle around you, or even a "virtual reality" room where the screen surrounds you. Games for such a system will be awesome and will take more than the next generation to handle

Survey...Please help me! Thanks in advance!?

Q. For my homework, my economics teacher asked us to, go onto yahoo answers and list 25 economic words and have people respond to the post explaining how there life is affected by each word. If you could please help me that would be wonderful. Thank you so much!

The words are:

-Consumer Goods
-Economic Growth
-Division of Labor
-Human Capital
-Trade off
-Opportunity cost
-Standard of living
-Economic Interdependence

Thank you so much for all of your help in advance

I am retired on a pension which as of January 1st will likely have seen no cost-of-living increase for three years.

I buy what I need the most and very, very little of what I want. In fact what I want has moved more and more into the what I need category. So I have managed to maintain having one of the spiffiest computers about, but even for that I spend probably less than 10% of the money spent by others who have a greater income. For example, my SPIFFY TV on computer cost only $41. My current HDD cost about $29.

I do virtually ALL of my own home repairs, no matter what -- plumbing, electronics, electrical, carpentry. I built my own door, far stronger than the doors most homeowners have. I am replacing my own tub and shower faucet in early December, basin already done. When my hot water heater goes, I will do ALL the replacement work. I did my own furnace work for maintenance before the winter heating season. I am planning to repair a microwave this winter and when done, I will give away the current small one that is working. I repair my own vacuum cleaners. I install my own GFIC outlets or any other electrical switches. I installed my own outside HDTV antenna. I plan to install my own new carpeting in 2011 or 2012.

I am collecting parts, well under way, for my own Solar Photovoltaic Green Energy System. That will already be working next Spring. I do all my own gardening and mowing. I recently removed a built-into-the-wall air conditioner and installed a new and more efficient one. The new work is always FAR and AWAY better than the previous work. Older people with learning and experience can do much higher quality work. I did ALL the repainting of my home. This summer I applied a new roof coating which is WHITE and computed already that is saves me $157 off my air conditioning bill every single year.

I explained to the government and others how Medicare can save $1,000,000,000 every 15 years. I could work as Director for that program which involves stopping Medicare fraud.

I no longer pay a phone bill but can still call anywhere in the USA using my computer. I renegotiated my natural gas contract, saving almost 23% off of costs for this winter. I changed my ISP (internet service provider) lowering my monthly cost from $45 to $20.

I buy clothes at thrift outlets, Salvation Army Stores, and the like more than at the Dollar Store. I buy almost ZERO clothing at retail stores, mostly underwear and socks. I hardly ever eat at restaurants and when I do it is most likely a fast food place while I am away from home for the day.

I do ALL my own shopping -- CAREFULLY -- and often buy in bulk via internet, or on sale. My computer replaces ALL the entertainment which others spend on and DOES BETTER at a tiny fraction of their expense. Yet I remain in full and complete touch with the whole world and enjoy the finest of everything, all available.

I plan on buying a super-efficient refrigerator when the one I have breaks down, or by 2013--2014 at the latest. Same for the water heater which will likely need replacement first.

I now have rhubarb and grapes in my garden as well as flowers. I plan to grow more veggies and fruits next year. I bought three pumpkins on sale for only $3 a few days ago. I make my own pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. I reuse my own flower seeds from year to year. The grape seeds came with real grapes from Chile.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What is the best HDTV in the $1000 to $1500 range?

the best quality hdtv
 on the best hdtvs and compare photos specs and user reviews
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I'm looking to get a good quality HDTV (I care more about picture than size, but a combination would be better of course)...I just don't know much about TVs. I would mostly use it for movies and playing Xbox 360. Thanks in advance.
Any other suggestions? I'm not sure what all the specs mean, so when I click those, I still don't know which ones are really good. I'd rather get this TV for movies than basically what's the best TV in that price range for movies? Thanks for the help guys.

Sony, LG and Samsung are the best!

are Sanyo HDTVs bad even though Panasonic bought the company?

Matthew K

Panasonic bought Sanyo this past december. Panasonic obvious makes good quality HDTVs, so does this mean new sanyo brand HDTVs should be good quality too?

Sanyo TV section work with Panasonic around 2007 . before Total take over by Panasonic. there share the same TV technology since 2 years ago. after Sanyo become part of Panasonic group, their TV R & D division are the same people.there try to use the same components /parts in order to save costs. ( this take up to one years ). mose of the Sanyo LCD TV almost share the same parts that Panasonic use. All Sanyo Plasma TV is select Panasonic made Plasma Panel for there New Plasma TV.
Panasonic POLICY is QUALITY even Subsidiary must made Quality Products.
Since day 1 . Matsushita is Support Sanyo ! because founded of Sanyo Mr Toshio Iue is former employer of Matsushita. and is brother in law of Mr. Konosuke Matsushita ( founded of Matsushita )
i cannot said all Sanyo TV is Panasonic Standard now, but is around 60 % model is Panasonic Quality. till 2010 all Sanyo products will be Panasonic Quality ! because of " costs ".some of the products will manufactures by Sanyo sold under Panasonic trademark.
Panasonic able to use Sanyo PATENTED SUPER SHARP TECHNOLOGY in Panasonic HD TV.
watch out in next 6 months. Panasonic / Sanyo HDTV will be more GREAT than now !
Pamasonic TV technology/ own manufactures LCD/LED/Plasma display Panel + Sanyo patended Super Sharp Technology . ( no other can copy this designs ) .

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Can I downgrade from a 32 inch tv to a 24 inch?

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 on lg 55lh40 55 inch lcd hdtv is a full 1080p 1920 x 1080 lcd hdtv which ...
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My 32 inch LCD Emerson hdtv broke, will it be that much of a downgrade to go to a 24 inch LED Vizio TV. Basically I am looking at either a 24 inch vizio or a 32 inch LED element tv. I have never heard of element and saw mixed reviews, but it is made in America, which I like. Will an Element 32 inch led tv last, or will it break in two years like my Emerson did?

You're going down 12 inches so you will notice the difference. It has been my experience that you get what you pay for so if you buy an off brand TV be prepared for it to go out in a year. Basically they take advantage of the poor by making them pay more. Save an extra hundred and buy a 32 or 40" name brand HD tv. I bought mine from Walmart and saved about 150 dollars in black friday.

what is the difference between all the new tvs?


there are so many new tvs. There is plasma, lcd, hdtv and other anacronyms. I am about to be in the market for a new tv and I need all of this explained simply and easily. Is there a web site that can break all that down for me?

Answer has reviews and some good explanations also explains the pros and cons of all the technologies

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Do I need an HDMI Cable to get best picture?

best quality 32 inch hdtv
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best quality 32 inch hdtv image


I have a PS3, a 32 inch hdtv, and a brand new comcast digital cable box. All three have HDMI slots. Do I need HDMI cables to get the best picture? How many would I need?
Do I connect HDMI cable from ps3 to tv, ps3 to cable box, cable to tv? Which ones?

One cable for each item you want to connect to the tv. The HDMI will provide the best picture quality and carries the video and audio signal. Keep in mind that the the size of your tv, you can not see the difference between 720P and 1080P, you need at less a 46" or larger. Using HDMI cable is also cheaper that using the component video cable and an optical for the audio. Hope this will help you out.

Can a Wii ruin a 32 inch Sony Bravia L series LCD HDTV's picture quality?

Justin H

I know that an Xbox 360 and a PS3 are made for HDTVs, but what about a wii? I have a wii and am about to move in a 32 inch Sony Bravia TV into my room, but my uncle says a wii willl ruin it's picture quality. Please I really need help! Best answer to anyone with expierience!

I've heard rumours that leaving a picture on an LCD for too long burns it in, but I don't personally believe that. Games consoles are not designed to ruin picture quality on TVs. If they were, do you think they'd be half as popular?

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Some computer experts say that the graphical quality of video games has reached a plateau?

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Q. e.g., look how good the graphics are for a game like Crysis 2. These are rendered on hardware that was nearly outdated in 2005. You could imagine the potential of similar hardware in 2011. Or would it even make a difference?

What will make the next generation of gaming distinctive from the current?

In the past, the answer to this question was easy: GRAPHICS.

PC graphics can continue to march forward with ever more impressive hardware optimizations, higher resolutions, better physics, etc. However consoles are going to have a much tougher time of it. Sure with this generation we saw the jump to HD, or at least 720p@30fps. However the next batch of consoles should have no problem with 1080p@60fps which is the maximum any HDTV is capable of producing. Even 3D won't be a problem for these consoles - if they decide to support it.

Really the only direction left is better physics, and better textures. However these are going to seem more like minor bumps vs. the huge leaps we've been used to. It might also mean consoles will come out less frequently - no need to upgrade as frequently.

The 360, for instance, will turn 7 later this year and while Microsoft is working on a new console we probably won't see it on shelves until 2013 at the earliest - nearly 9 years after the 360 came out.

What will come after the Xbox360, Wii, PS3?

Sam Yi

I only own a regular Xbox, and am planning to buy a new console.

My question is this: Am I too late in buying gaming console? Should I wait until something else comes out? WILL something come out in the near future?
Anyone have any information or opinions?

Nobody knows what the next generation will look like or when it will be released. Anyone who says they know is a big fat LIAR cause they haven't even been designed.

In fact, the technology doesn't even exist yet to make them. Look at the number of cores in xbox360 and ps3: 3 and 8. Each on a 3.2ghz clock cycle. The last couple years have seen the death of Moore's law, which predicted the number of transistors on an IC would double every 18 months. They can't do it anymore because there's a heat barrier, so they had to resort to making multiple cores and pretending it was one "chip." It is hard to make software for and generates even more total heat than it would if they had just stuck with single core without making it any faster. But they can't do that, because the industry expects Moore-compliant products.

Look at any pc on the market today, are there any cpu's clocked faster than 4 ghz yet? No, and they don't even sell them that fast, you have to overclock them. Every new pc is at least a dual nowadays, up to 4 and it looks like they'll be going 8 soon. About to finally catch up with the ps3 except their multithreading still isn't as advanced as the Cell's is, or as good for running 3d game engines either.

So what will they make a ps4 out of? A new Cell with 16 cores? Don't bet on developers lining up to make games for that. It would also overheat like crazy. Circuit width tech is down to 45nm now, but it took three years, since the original ps3's on 90nm. That's not a very fast increase, it would never make a 16-core console realistic. Likewise if Microsoft wanted to take xbox to the next level they'd have to release some kind of 8-core goliath, it would make the red ring of death look like an ice cream social at the south pole. The tech is not there; there is no design. Not even a concept.

Now, the Wii can and probably will upgrade, but that's not gonna make it the first of the next generation. It will make it the last of the current generation, just as Wii is the last of the last generation. The only next gen part of Wii is the controller, and that is an accessory. The console is a 700mhz single-core putz. It is no more powerful than your original xbox. It can't output HD, it has no web browser, it is limited in a zillion ways. If they redesign it to have a dual-core at the standard 2 to 3ghz, then it will outperform the old wii by leaps and bounds. But it will only be a current-gen console. I don't expect them to upgrade the cpu though, only the graphics chip to make it HD capable. Because Nintendo has long feared the US digital transition when suddenly zillions of people will have new HDTV's and realize standard def really kind of sucks.

The console that will last the longest is the ps3, because it has the most advanced cpu and also the best gpu of the bunch. (400gflops compared to 240gflops for xbox's gpu). They're wasting their time on motion sensing right now, which the ps3 has done since it was released and also with the playstation eye, and xbox knows it can't make a better console yet either so it's trying to get your grandmother to play too. Motion sensing control is a joke.

There will not be any real current gen consoles released before the year 2013. Only portables.

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What brand of HDTV has the best picture quality and a decent sound quality?

best picture quality led hdtv
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I want good picture quality and decent sound from the on board speakers. 32 inch to 36 inch. I don't need prices but that would help. I WILL be going to best buy to buy it, and they have a bunch of great deals going on for 32 inch HDTV's. I was thinking samsung. Any complaints?

Samsung led tv will be best picture in 32" but is also the most pricey.

Plasma vs LED, which is better for watching HDTV especially sports?


I will be looking to get a 50-60 inch HDTV sometime next year and was wondering which technology is better for watching sports in HD, and HDTV in general? Plasma seems a lot cheaper and from what I've read has better picture quality but I heard again LED might be better for sports/hdtv. Which is the way to go?

Plasma...due to it's very wide viewing angles, and fast response time, giving you no blur on fast action.. (no refresh rates needed..) Long life, just like LCD/LED..

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

How Do You Hook Up An HDMI Cable From a Ps3 to a Hisense H32K26E 32" LED HDTV?

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Anthony Du

Ok So i am getting a ps3 On friday because i wont have enough money for the ps4(I think its overrated too) and i read online that you can only play in hd if you have and HDMI cable. So I already bought the cable. So i am wondering when i get my ps3 how do i hook the cable up and what do i have to do to my tv. I havent really tinkered with the tv because its my parents tv and i dont want to mess it up. So what do i have to do? Do i have to change settings on the tv? How do i change the settings on the tv and the ps3?How am i gonna know that its in HD when i plug the cable in? And where do i go to change the image quality on the ps3 Please answer my time is running out!!!

Some Facts about my tv:
- Has 3 HDMI ports
- Can go up to a 720p resolution
- Has 60hz
- 32 inches
- A resolution of 1366 x 768

Also how do i know wat quality(480i,480p,1080i,720p) my tv is currently running and how do i change it if possible?

Just plug it in an go. it should set itself up. You can set the PS3 to 720P.

How to get better quality for ps2?


I recently bought a new ful hd 22 inch sony bravia and I connected my ps2 to it. But with the standard AV-cable the image quality looks like shit. Will it improve my quality enough if I buy a component video cable and connect my ps2 with that? Or doesn't the quality improve very much? I don't want to waist ⬠25...

No it wouldn't. The PS2 has SD graphics (576p) compared to your 1080P HDTV it's always gonna show it's flaws. Just check someone playing a PS2 game on their PS3 and you'll see what I mean. I'd say it's time to upgrade to the current gen

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Can a Wii ruin a 32 inch Sony Bravia L series LCD HDTV's picture quality?

best picture quality 32 hdtv
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Justin H

I know that an Xbox 360 and a PS3 are made for HDTVs, but what about a wii? I have a wii and am about to move in a 32 inch Sony Bravia TV into my room, but my uncle says a wii willl ruin it's picture quality. Please I really need help! Best answer to anyone with expierience!

I've heard rumours that leaving a picture on an LCD for too long burns it in, but I don't personally believe that. Games consoles are not designed to ruin picture quality on TVs. If they were, do you think they'd be half as popular?

How do I optimize the color profile on my HDTV?


I have a new Samsung 32" LCD HDTV, and I've heard that it's important to tune your color settings to get great picture quality. How can I do that?

You probably have an LCD computer monitor. Tune your HDTV the same way you tuned your monitor.

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Is a HD cable worthless if i do not have HD channels?

best quality 32 inch hdtv
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I bought a 32 inch hdtv for only $125...Great DEAL!
But i notice that the channels look the same as my old 20 inch tube tv..
I have cable that does not have hd channels so if i buy a hd cable will the picture look any better?

You will see two benefits. One, the extra resolution that your TV has will be taken advantage of. Two, on HD channels the screen will be properly filled without stretching or zooming. Yes it will be better.

Get the HD channels, in most markets it's not that much more. Where I live, it's another 16 bucks for a HD cable box with DVR and HDMI output. And yes, you'll need a HDMI cable for the max quality, the cable company will usually throw that in for free.

even if you don't go HD, your DVDs will look nicer. Another thing, most 32 inch TVs right now are only 720p, you won't get every pixel out of HD programming because it's 1080i and there is a limited amount of 1080p. Don't worry, it all scales fine, you won't see anything funky, you just won't see every pixel. It's also harder to see the extra definition if you are sitting more than a few feet away, 32 inches is kinda small.

What do i need to get the Best out of my Entertainment Center?


I just bought a new samsung 32 inch lcd hdtv and i have an xbox 360 system and a compact stereo. What cords or additional things do i need to buy to get the most out of my system? hdmi cords or hd boxes? Just let me know exactly what i need to hook up. Thank you

hmm, well as for the 360, it actually doesnt output in tru hdtv, so special cables are not necessary for it, but it does help if you get a hdmi cable, it will improve picture quality.then you should get a 5.1 surround system. this makes everything sooo much better, even more than games, all movies and music will be improved too. get something like this:

and to connect a 5.1 sound system, you will need either another hdmi cable going from your tv to the system, or a fiberoptic goind from either your 360 or the tv to the system.


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Plasma vs LED, which is better for watching HDTV especially sports?

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I will be looking to get a 50-60 inch HDTV sometime next year and was wondering which technology is better for watching sports in HD, and HDTV in general? Plasma seems a lot cheaper and from what I've read has better picture quality but I heard again LED might be better for sports/hdtv. Which is the way to go?

Plasma...due to it's very wide viewing angles, and fast response time, giving you no blur on fast action.. (no refresh rates needed..) Long life, just like LCD/LED..

My new Samsung LED 7 Series TV is grainy. How can I improve the picture quality?


I have connected my sky+ box to it using the scart lead. When i sit further away from the tv the picture looks better but it is not great closer up. How do i get the crystal clear picture that you expect with a tv like this? I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

I don't live in EU so don't have hands on experience with SCART. But to my understanding SCART is a Standard Definition connection only. It can't do HD. You need to use HDMI or Component in order to actually feed your TV HD.

Plus you also need an HD box from Sky. Depending on how old yours is, it might be one that only does SD from it. You want to get that upgrade to an HD capable box.

If you are sending SD to your HDTV, you're going to encounter some visual defects. And just like you describe, they will seem less noticeable if you're far away and more noticeable if you're closer to the screen. But either way they will be there.

The reason is that SD (PAL) is a aspect ratio of 5:4 and a resolution of 720x576. But HD is an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 1920x1080 (in your case as you bought a 1080p TV). So there is a discrepancy on 2 fronts.

As a result your TV has to up-scale the source feed (the resolution) for sure. There's no way around that one. So that will add some quality loss. Then it has to deal with the aspect ratio problem. It can either stretch the image horizontally (breaks the aspect ratio, but doesn't add to much more degrading of the image), or it can zoom the image (maintains the aspect ratio so people aren't stretch, but further softens the image). This is just the nature of watching SD content on an HDTV. You will get used to it, everyone does.

The best way to get crystal clear images on your new HDTV is to subscribe to HD broadcast programming and to get a BluRay player for HD movie viewing. Anything that is still PAL (SD) is only going to look so good.

Some of the posts are a bit old, but it does kind of talk about this a bit here on this forum link,

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Do I need an HDMI Cable to get best picture?

best quality 32 inch hdtv
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I have a PS3, a 32 inch hdtv, and a brand new comcast digital cable box. All three have HDMI slots. Do I need HDMI cables to get the best picture? How many would I need?
Do I connect HDMI cable from ps3 to tv, ps3 to cable box, cable to tv? Which ones?

One cable for each item you want to connect to the tv. The HDMI will provide the best picture quality and carries the video and audio signal. Keep in mind that the the size of your tv, you can not see the difference between 720P and 1080P, you need at less a 46" or larger. Using HDMI cable is also cheaper that using the component video cable and an optical for the audio. Hope this will help you out.

Can a Wii ruin a 32 inch Sony Bravia L series LCD HDTV's picture quality?

Justin H

I know that an Xbox 360 and a PS3 are made for HDTVs, but what about a wii? I have a wii and am about to move in a 32 inch Sony Bravia TV into my room, but my uncle says a wii willl ruin it's picture quality. Please I really need help! Best answer to anyone with expierience!

I've heard rumours that leaving a picture on an LCD for too long burns it in, but I don't personally believe that. Games consoles are not designed to ruin picture quality on TVs. If they were, do you think they'd be half as popular?

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What is the very best quality picture for video glasses? I want high quality and versatility.?

best 3d hdtv picture quality
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best 3d hdtv picture quality image
Q. Some offer the equivalant of a 42" and some even 80" tv. Must be HD also...Thanks guys.
I want the largest offered BUT that still gives the highest quality picture. Must be compatible with xbox 360 and ps3 and hopefully direct tv. Their fairly new so I don't know lots about them.

Here are a few links HD

Maybe you will find something you are looking for

Good luck


Karena K what has your link to do with Camcorders oh sorry your trying to sell a book for $40.

What kind of people love to watch high def videos and what kind don't care about high def videos?


I'm amazed to have just found out that there are people who don't care about HDTV. I love HDTV and watching the video, when the picture looks awesome it makes me want to drool.

Are you someone who loves HDTV or not? If you do, why? If you don't, why?

The types of people that don't care about HD are, (generally, not as a rule), old people, children, or people interested in things like sports & other earthy things, or those whos main concern is being cool & going out.

On the other hand, some of this audience may often go for HD because they hear it's the thing to do, (& now it's the only option at all), but they may often buy an overpriced HDTV just so they're sure it's a 'good' one, & then watch standard-def content on it, unaware. If shown the difference in resolution, refresh rates, & compression bit-rates, they may not even notice, & they probably still buy DVD's or rely on on-demand video services instead of hard copies, (which always have better quality & more extras). They likely use their TVs primarilly for video games & sports matches. If they have an HD camcorder, (which most are today), they, (again), may spend alot to make sure it's a 'good' one, & then they use Windows Movie Maker to burn of standard DVD of their footage, &, in the slim chance they notice it isn't HD anymore, they wonder why.

HD is mostly appreciated by video afficianadoes, movie buffs, & geeks. (I'm sort of all 3.)
Then again, even among us, there is division. Some don't care about 3D, &, because they're ignorant about what it really is, they may write it off as a gimmick. Others knew it was the way of the future before it became mainstream & use it as a legitimate art form & presentation method.

I personally love HD because SD is often so rife with compression artifacts, & this really detracts from the realism. Besides that, obviously, is the higher resolution. Even older film content not filmed on digital HD cameras benefits from being transfered this way, creating the closest thing to watching the original film strip, & often even better.

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