Monday, February 24, 2014

Does anyone have any info on Comtek/Clear Cast Digital antenna?

Is it any good? What are the pros and cons?

There is no such thing as a "digital" antenna. That is pure marketing hype. There is nothing special nor unusual about this antenna. It will pick up your local broadcast TV channels within a 10-15 mile radius of your home. This company has been cited many times for exaggerating the antenna's capabilities.

Questions about Panasonic GT50 THX Cinema picture mode?


I purchased a 50" GT50 HDTV a few days ago and I absolutely LOVE it! The picture is amazing. I was playing around with the picture modes though and i noticed one called "THX Cinema". How is this different from the regular "Cinema" mode? When i switch between them all that's obvious is that the picture looks a bit smaller but more complete (like it zooms out a tiny bit). Of course I'm completely ignorant to all this technical stuff so what do I know. Can anyone explain this to me? I the THX mode optimal for movies and such?

For a given manufacturerâs compliant display, THX [picture] modes are intended to provide a set of simple preset picture settings that conform to THXâs carefully chosen criteria for video image quality. Ideally the preset THX picture settings should provide the most natural or accurate video image quality short of a professional video display âcalibration.â In reality, for the more demanding perfectionist it is relatively easy to surpass the image quality performance offered by the preset THX picture modes on the 2012 Panasonic plasma display panels by using the Custom picture mode along with proper display calibration software and hardware.

In addition:

THX picture modes (according to Panasonic GT50 series eHELP, page 25):

âPrecisely reproduces the original quality of the image without any revision.â

âRecommended for playback of THX disc[s] (disc[s] with âTHXâ logo.) THX mode is used to mirror the picture settings used by professional filmmakers, faithfully reproducing the image quality of THX Certified movies. (THX Certified movies have the âTHXâ logo on a disc.)â


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