Thursday, March 13, 2014

Which 55" hdtv has the best picture quality and which has the best sound quality?


Best picture is a tricky question to answer. Everyones perception of a good picture is very different. I can vouch for Samsung and Panasonic.

Samsung UE55ES8000 is a fantastic set, just been superseeded by the UE55F8000 but you can now get a great deal on last years set. It is a 3D capable LED edgelit LCD screen with a great wealth of SMART features and has so many connectivity options. What's more is that it looks amazing when wallmounted, thanks to an ultra slim bezel around the outside. All pictures are extremely clear even regular SD and even internet content.

Panasonic TXP55GT50/VT50 would be the preferred choice for the movie and sport lover. Its a Plasma screen co-developed with the boffins at Pioneer and THX. Plasmas are naturally better at producing better contrast as well as more life-like colour and superior motion handling. Plasmas do cost a bit more to run than LCD based sets and ideally, they perform better in a dark room. The only notable difference performance wise between the GT and VT model is that the VT has an infinite black filter in front of the screen to further improve the blackiness of the.....blacks :)

Sound quality wise all TV's are going to be poor. The UE55F8000 has supposedly improved sound quality, as it has a small bass speaker. But as its so slim, i'm not holding my breath. You are definitly better off with a soundbar or external speakers.

Best Soundbars for the money:

OrbitSound T12V3 £299.99 RRP - Wired Subwoofer has an iPod dock intergrated on the top of the soundbar.

Panasonic SCHTB550 £399.99 RRP - Wireless subwoofer, the soundbar can either be as one long speaker or split into 2 to form a 2.1 speaker configuration.

Sonos Play:Bar £599.99 RRP - Not cheap but if you already have a Sonos system, this is a great addition. Plus you don't HAVE to have a subwoofer if you don't need it. The SUB is a £599 option at the moment in Gloss Black.

picture quality issue with HDTV?


I have a Samsung tv 1080p It's 2 years old. With the antenna I get true can see the mistakes the newscasters made putting on their make up. I dont see it often but it happens now aqnd then. With digital cable I dont get that kind of definition. how can I? Im with comcast

Depends on which year and model your Samy is,, but 1 thing comes to mind,,are you inputting via the incoming COAX round cable from output of the cable providers box?
reason is = HDMI cable needs to be used to attain TRUE best picture is why,..and the simple annoying fact that i learned was there are different Boxes that transmit Hi-Def on all channels avail that can,, but i also needed to PAY additional added cost to receive all of them ,which was hidden in the microscopic info so small a normal 20/20 vision human cant barely actual read without a x3 magnifying glass!

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