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best HDTVs for gaming?


I recently tried out a 46" 120hz insignia lcd (6.5 ms) from best buy and it was complete crap, had to return it. I was told that i needed the 120hz for gaming however when I tried to play any FPS the 120hz feature just made it so "laggy" i could not even attempt to play but when i turned the 120hz off it seemed okay.
I now have a cheapo 40" rca lcd from walmart (I believe 8ms and 60hz) nothing to write home about. with both of these tvs (more so with the rca) it is making fps games really hard to play. i would not say it seems like input lag, when i click A to jump my person jumps immediately etc. The best way I can describe it is when I look Left or Right, Up or Down it feels/looks really "jerky", god forbid I am also Moving while Looking, so jerky its not even funny. Also, sometimes I swear my cursor moves on its own, like I have auto aim set to "ON" which I do not. I notice this "moving cursor" thing mainly when there is alot of stuff happening in front of me (ie" a bunch of enemies running around in front of my cursor) I feel like I would be better off just using my 15 year old 27" sharp tv even though any text on it is unreadable and blurry which makes RPG impossible to play.

So what exactly do I need to do? I thought about trying out a plasma but they seem sooo dark, the cd/m2 ratings on plasmas seem very low and every plasma at the stores seem alot darker than lcds. And its not about the money, I would be okay with splurging a little on something that was actually worth it, so far I have been trying to be cheap about it and get 700 and 500 dollar tvs, which suck apparently. My goal would be to get a 46 or 47" 1080p, but I could live with a 40 or 42" I guess. I just want something that is bright, good black levels but still able to discern detail, and good for games. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

LG 32LH30 32-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

Review: LG doesânt get enough praise.
Just bought this TV for the sake of it being an IPS panel and for its apparent adjustability (and also 1080p). Plus this tv is so easy to calibrate; the âpicture wizardâ is extremely helpful.
The amount of menu options is jaw-dropping, as is the style of the set. The LH40 model looks neat with the plastic square along the bottom of the panel, but I like the more minimalist look of the LH30, and I do not like the 120hz or the $100 price jump of the LH40.
I made a comparison to my sony 32M4000 (which I have now given to my father) and there are some interesting differences (many are polar opposites):
-The sound is far superior on the LG.
-Black levels are very close, sonyâs is a bit deeper and maintains black colors better at angles.
-The whiteness of whites is slightly better on the sony, but colors and mid tones definitely have more of a âpunchyâ factor on the LG.
-Color is amazing; rich and saturated; best ive seen on any LCD, period.
-Color does not wash out at all from different angles, only very dark colors and black tend to become discolored (blue or red depending on the angle).
-Of course there are far, far fewer picture options on the sony.
-My sony has a ghosting problem with dark colors, not so on the LG; motion blur and lag is also reduced too.
-OTA HD channels look decent enough, not as sharp as the sony, but the better color makes up for it imo.
What was the main factor that made me get this LG?..its S-IPS panel.
Samsung is an excellent maker of lcds, but I steered clear of them this time, as buying a tv from them is like playing the lottery. They use 3 different panels with differing levels of color and contrast quality; you are not essentially getting what you pay for:
You may get Samsungâs own S-PVA panel, the best quality (if youâre lucky).
An A-MVA panel from Taiwanâs AUO (a notch worse than S-PVA).
Chinese company Chi Meiâs S-MVA panel (worst of the three).
Panasonics IPS Alpha panels are decent, but on some panels dark colors appear far too blue from different angles.
That narrows it down to LGâs S-IPS panel; its color saturation, vividness, and response time are worth the slight sacrifice in contrast and black depth (at least in my opinion).
This tv is not perfect, however; I spotted 3 dead pixels right out of the box (2 bright, 1 dark), right around the middle of the screen. They are practically invisible without being a foot from the screen and looking hard for them, however.
Viewing angles demonstrate some darkening of the picture, but its not too bothersome (swivel stand helps).
No other flaws I can think of at the moment, I recommend this tv!
My calibration settings use color adjustments from along with some of my own tweaks, try them out!
Picture menu:
Aspect ratio: Just Size
Energy Saving: Off
Picture Mode: Expert 2
Backlight: 60
Contrast: 88
Brightness: 58
H Sharpness: 60
V Sharpness: 60
Color: 50
Tint: 0
âExpert control menu
Dynamic contrast: Off
Noise reduction: Off
Gamma: Medium
Black level: Low
Real Cinema: On [grayed out]
Color Standard: HD [grayed out]
Color Gamut: Wide
Edge Enhancer: Off
xvYCC: Auto [grayed out]
OPC: Off
Expert Pattern: Off[grayed out]
Color Filter: Off
White balance: Medium
Method: 10 point IRE
Pattern: Outer
IRE: [see below]
Luminance: 137 (100 Luminance only, 90 through 10 are preset)
â 10 point IRE calibration
IRE: [Red, Green, Blue results, respectively, for each IRE point]
100 [-8, 1, -40]
90 [-13, -5, -40]
80 [-20, -12, -40]
70 [-17, -14, -33]
60 [-17, -12, -31]
50 [-17, -13, -26]
40 [-13, -12, -19]
30 [-6, -4, -8]
20 [-6, -4, -10]
10 [2, 3, -1]
Color management system
Red color: 2
Red tint: 0
Green color: -1
Green tint: -7
Blue color: 2
Blue tint: 7
Yellow color: 0
Yellow tint: 1
Cyan color: 0
Cyan tint: 0
Magenta color: 0
Magenta tint: â2

what tv has the best picture sound and other features?

Hunter G

i hear aquos and samsung are around the best HDTVs

Your on the right track those two manufactures are actually one of the top two rated lcd makers. Sharp actually came out with the first lcd tv and samsung is one of top selling tvs in the world. although sharps has excellent picture quality and most nature contrast than any other tv it speakers are not that great but if your doing surround sound its an excellent tv. Samsung has among the best black levels so it creates the riches colors and it speakers are decent. But i would recommend getting an lcd with 120hz for less motion blur. if your looking for plasma pioneer or panasonic would be great picks. I recommend you check out they rate tvs down to the smallest detail and youll get some great insights and the top rated models. but stay away from toshiba it's not what it used to be and lg tend to break down fast.

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