Sunday, February 2, 2014

Xbox one cord for sdtvs?


Will there be a converter for xbox one or ps4 so I can play it on my old tv. I know it is 2013 but could save money. Don't see why they only do hdmi

There won't be a cable or converter from Microsoft, though there are third-party boxes that will convert HDMI to other formats.

They only do HDMI because the Xbox One like the PS4 is an HD console. They figure that anybody that actually cares about this sort of thing already has an HDTV or monitor with an HDMI port.

Can I use a digital tv converter box with basic cable?


I know this question has been asked a million times but my situation is slightly different, I think.
Well, I have an HDTV from 2013 and an old HD compatible TV monitor thing from 2004 or so. Basically, I get about 100 channels from the Basic Cable package that I have from Time Warner Cable on my HDTV and on the older TV, I get about 20 of those clear channels and the rest are either gone or all blurry. I think its something wrong with the older TV's tuner, or the lack thereof.
Anyway, I bought a digital TV converter box that has a QAM tuner and some other stuff, it also has an HDMI output which I like. I am wondering, can I use this converter box somehow with my basic cable? The basic cable is just my coax cable connected to the wall and to my TV. Can I somehow use the converter box in between these two to get me the missing channels? Or what do I need to purchase to do that? Thank you.

No, digital converter boxes are only for antenna signals. Cable box signals are different, which is why TV's have the option to switch between Cable/Antenna input via the coax.
One option you CAN do however...

Use the video output of the cable box and put it into the AV1 input, and then just put the digital converter box on the coax part so you can get channels from there. You still have to switch between the 2 sets of inputs though.

If your Time Warner is giving you blurry channels call your cable company, it may be a problem on their end.

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