Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How I get better picture quality on HDTV?


I've a HD TV. Also I've satellite cable with regular channels program. What type of cable should I use from the wall to TV to improve the picture quality without leasing their HD receiver. Is it possible?
I've a Dual Receiver from Satellite cable which control my other TV and this HDTV. HDTV is hooked up to the cable box

If the box has component cable (red, green, and blue), you can use that to improve the quality of the image. If that's not available, using S-video will be your second best bet to improve the quality.

poor HDTV quality?

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i have a panasonic vieta or vieja HDTV or i dont know the second name but it has poor quality like when i go to the sides its like the pictures on the screen have colored shadows and u can see alot of squares and rectangles i actually dont know what it is but when i connect the xbox 360 it has like poorer vision looks unclear. so i wanted to know how could i set it up or what i need to do

If it's fuzzy or distorted like not very clear then see if hooking up component or hdmi cables to it clears it up otherwise it's the tv. If you watch regular tv on hdtv it's worse quality than regular tv because it's showing weakness when it's meant for high quality.

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