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How is SD quality on and HDTV?



My wife and I are considering buying an HDTV. We watch a lot of SD programming currently, however, and we're wondering about the quality of these channels on the new TV. I would think that they would display fine but I've heard some HDTVs don't display SD as well as a normal SDTV. Is there any truth to this? I'd hate to buy a new TV only to find out it doesn't look as good as our old one in some cases.


On my 3 HDTVs, digital SD programs look fine. As clear as the best picture you used to see on an old analog TV.

But what doesn't look good on an HDTV is an analog channel on basic cable (no box). HDTVs are digital technology, and they work best with a digital input. An analog signal has to be compromised in order to be displayed on an HDTV, and the result is often not as good as the same signal on an old analog set.

But aside from that, *digital* SD programming looks fine on any HDTV that I've seen.

Digital Cable Quality on an HDTV problem.?


I just recently bought an Samsung DLP 46" HDTV that has 1080i maximum resolution. The HD channels on the TV look amazing and I have no problems with them. The only problem I have is on regular channels that are 480i. They bad and fuzzy and quality isnt that great. I dont know if its a cable problem because on a standard TV I have thats plugs in from the same source looks great. Is it because of the size of the screen or does my cable need more signal power? I have Time Warner Cable and have a Cable Box with it too.
Oh yes by the way I do use HDMI on my receiver though I still get bad regular channels.

This is normal. I have it, too. Everyone has it. That is just what we HDTV owners are going to have to put up with for a few more years until all channels are HD compliant. The federal government is on the HDTV side and has already mandated that all channels will be HD in the near future.

We'll just have to watch crappy regular channels for the time being. Make sure you're using HDMI cables for true, uncompressed high-def video!

The reason why you're channels look bad? Your HDTV needs high-octance fuel to run. Regular cable is just like regular unleaded. It doesn't have the resolution (720/1080) to give your HDTV the high-def signal it requires. Therefore, it makes due with the standard cable television signal and produces an unimpressive picture. Buy an upconverting DVD player ($45-150) with an HDMI cable (for 1080 16:9 screen size) and you'll feel better when you're not watching your HD channels.

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