Monday, April 14, 2014

3 Questions about the Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV.?


1) How is the picture quality for the Sharp Aquos?

2) How about the regular Sharp?

3) What tier does Sharp belong to in the HDTV LCD industry? Low/Middle/High/Top?


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Who makes the best LCD HDTV?


Personally I'd go with Sony or Samsung they make great LCD TVs that consistently get high ratings on and I own a Vizio, but that's because they have great regards to picture quality and price, and at costco i bought it before the return policy change so i can return it whenever in case it goes bad. But if i had the extra money..and just wanted a quality TV that i knew would have great features, picture quality, and reliability. you can never go wrong with Sony....Samsung a close second for those 1080P HDTVS.

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