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Do HDTVs give a better quality picture than older TVs even if you don't subscribe to HDTV?

Hermione G

I want to know if there is an observable difference in picture quality with an HDTV as opposed to an older TV bought in 2001 - not flat screen. This is if I do not subscribe to HDTV from my cable provider while using the newer HDTV. Thanks
I didn't make myself clear. I have digital cable. I just don't pay extra for the high density stations.
I repeat: I have digital cable. I use a cable box. I pay comcast x amount of dollars a month to get digital cable. It's just that it is NOT a box that delivers High Def.

Keep your 2001 TV until such time as you decide to upgrade to HD reception. The analog channels that you get via direct cable (no box) will not look better on an HDTV, and will probably be worse. An HDTV is a digital receiver, and it has to compromise an analog signal in order to display it.

If you're in the U.S., your cable company is likely to go all-digital some time after the end of 2012, so that might be the time to consider a new TV.
Per your additional details: same response. An HDTV will display a standard-def digital signal very nicely, about as good as it can get, but the difference compared to your old set is not enough to warrant investing in an HDTV. You wouldn't be utilizing the set's capabilities that you paid for. Buy an HDTV when you upgrade to HD.

What is the best HDTV of 2012 so far?


Please clarify in each HDTV's respective category.

-Plasma TV
-Smart TV
-TVs to come
-Best Design for a TV (Panel type is irrelevant)

Please provide detailed explanations.

I bought my LG 47 inch cinema 3D smart TV some weeks back. For me, I was considering attributes like price, design, picture quality and accurate colour to give the best credit for my TV. I guess other people may have a different opinion and may select a tv that may be different from mind but I prefer passive sets period.

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