Sunday, June 8, 2014

What is the best 32 inch HDTV?


I am looking for the highest quality television. that includes sound/picture quality/and the quality of craftsman ship (basically how long this thing will last). Thanks!

Last October I was in the market for a 32" LCD tv for my bedroom. I went on line to Best Buy and read all the customers review who purchased a 32". Panasonic has the best reviews. Look at the screen from an angle and you will notice that some tvs will loose picture quality, while the Panasonic did not. I actually purchased the 37". Go online to Home theater Magazine and read the reviews on tvs. You will notice that Panasonic has a tv recommended in each price category of entry level to the high end. While Samsung, Sony and Toshiba does not (April issue). Other brands like LG, Sharp, Sanyo and Vizio the top other brands did not even get mentioned. If you read yahoo questions, you will notice that 95% of tv problems are from LCD tvs and 95% of those are off brands. Hope this will help you out.

How to do get great picture quality on my samsung LCD 32 inch tv?

Matt Matt

Do you need a HD box to have great picture quality , my picture is blurry . What settings do you use for the tv. If you can help it would be great. leave your email so i get more help thank you

An hdtv needs hd programming to look the best that it can and it has to be hooked up with an hdmi cable.
Right now your looking at standard definition on a high definition tv. Once you get the hd programming you won't want to watch sd anymore. There is that much of a difference.

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