Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Tv should i buy?


Hi I am looking to buy a new tv, but I am having some problems. I want to buy the panasonic vt60 for the colors, motion, and black levels. The only thing keeping me from buying it is the line bleed, fan noise, and green dithering that show up in the picture where it isn't completely dark. I bought the panasonic gt50 last year and loved it but it had the problems I listed. The green dithering would have been acceptable if it couldn't have been seen from a normal viewing distance while in THX mode. Anyways now i am considering led TVs and was wondering what 2013 led tv can best compete with plasma? Right now I am considering the Sony 900a model. Is there a better 1080p Led tv than the sony?

The Samsung 8000 series would be a much better tv than the Sony. Pesonally, I have nevver owned a Sony product that have last more than 3 years. Purchased the first DVD players model 7000 and the 7700 both are the price of $1,100 each and the first HDTV 34" CRT and they all did not last more than e years. The new Panasonic ZT series Plasma tv is reviewed by Home Theater Magazine. This is compared to the old Pioneer Elite KURO tv. I would still recommend the Panasonic. I do use 4 Panasonic Plasma tv along with 3 LCD tv and never had one issue. Hope this will help you out.

Will the release of oled and 4k drop the price of regular tvs?

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hello, i was wondering if anyone in the tv sales or home theatre communities thought that with the release of oled (organic light emiting diode) or 4k resolution tvs sometime in 2013, that the price of tvs that aren't oled or 4k will drop much like standard definition tvs dropped in price when high def came out? In case your wondering im looking at the price of a Panasonic Viera Tcp50st30. THANK YOU

Yes the prices will go down, but not all of a sudden. Like all other electronics, the prices are constantly going down. Even when HDTVs came out, the prices on standard television didn't dropped overnight. Also, OLEDs TVs and 4k TVs are still a novelty, with only very pricey model are available to the general public. It will take 2-3 years to become mainstream and to challenge the plasma/lcd/led prices.

This is especially true if you want to buy a very specific model, like your case. If you are willing to wait that model would be when the new models will come out (so the stores need to sell their old stock). This is usually in the February-April time frame.

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