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Do those DVD upconverters really work on HD TV's at improving the picture quality?

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Mike D

i just got those lord of the rings extended DVD's but they probably wont look like a bluray quality on my HDTV. however i went to walmart and saw they have these cheap $40 dvd upconverters that are supposed to make dvd's look near-HD. but does anyone know just how well these work? would it really improve the picture quality for a HDTV? has anyone here tried this out?

no. your good quality HDTV has built in capability to convert standard DVD output to match the native resolution of its screen. makers of HDTV sets know that their customers want to watch DVD movies, so they design a very good converter into the set. using an external scan converter may actually reduce the quality of the visual presentation.

Does the brand of hdmi cable really really matter,is it all hype?


I just purchased a 42 in. LG plasma and now I have to make the quality better. The monster cables are about 70 bucks on amazon with free shipping but I just read somwhere that newegg has hdmi cables for 30 bucks with shipping. Some reviews for the monster cable say that there is too much hype about them.

Does the brand matter? I know that there is a dfference in the way it is made for durability but does this mean that the cheaper version would get damaged within a year or something?

Also, after I get this cable will I need to have a specific cable box? I already have a digital cable box. And before I get HDMI which I know is the cable to provide the highest quality, is there another way I can get high quality with cables I may already have?


Yes, there is another way.. component cables, and yes, you must upgrade your cable box for hdtv. Digital alone does not cut it.
I was concerned with this myself and read many reviews that all say Monster cables are a overpriced rip-off. That the lower priced cables are just fine. It turned out I didn't have choice as when I upgraded my Optimum cable box for hdtv it doesn't even have an hdmi output. When I complained to Optimum they said hdmi wasn't necessary. Without any choice I used the component cables (supplied by Optimum) and have a beautiful picture. I have no way of knowing if it would be better with hdmi but I am certainly not at all disappointed with the picture quality the way it is. I have a Sony Bravia KDL-40S2010 tv. Not sure why you think you have to "make the quality better, but I suggest you try it first with component cables and then, if you are not satisfied, get the lower priced hdmi cables through the Internet.
Please note that you must exchange your cable box for an hdtv capable cable box. Could this explain your problem regarding making the quality better?
Hope this helps!

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