Monday, February 10, 2014

Should I wait for the 2013 50 inch Plasma TVs to arrive?


I need some advice. I am currently looking at the Panasonic TCP50ST50. I can get it for around $875 given the sales, CC discount, and points I have saved up. But, should I buy this TV now, or wait for the 2013 models to arrive. Here are my needs: I cannot go larger than 50 inch. Picture Quality is the number 1 priority. I have surround sound already set up. The TV will be an a basement that has windows, but still a dark room. I will be using it mostly for HDTV, Blue Ray DVD, and some gaming. I have a Wii U so I already have an ability to stream into my Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu accounts. So the questions would be: approx how much will the 2013 50 inch models be? Is Panasonic still the best? And will the new features on the 50" models be worth the extra expense?

You should consider the LED TV, tough the price is higher for that size. I find that the picture quality is better and the newer models are also equipped with a number of features (i.e.3D , direct internet connection, youtube streaming). Wait for the new models to be launched, so that the older models' price will drop. Samsung and Sony are also quite good choices.

prediction please: when will the blue ray player drop to sub $100?

Eric C

i am wondering should hold out or get a regular 1080p upconverting hdmi player?
i am considering philips 5992, $62 on amazon...

Sub $100? Not until Christmas 2012.

And then in 2013, we'll hear about the next new format which will pretty much be the end of Blu-ray. Buh-bye!

Upscaling players are cheap, and quite honestly, unless you have a 40" or larger HDTV that does 1080p, this will be quite adequate for your needs. I have one of the players from Oppo Digital ( Their players handle just about any format you can imagine, are region free (yay), and consistently score high with even the pickiest Home Theater Enthusiasts.

Now, if you're interested in video games, you may want to consider a PS3 which plays games, upscales DVDs and plays blu-ray discs, all at 1080p. At $400, it's one of the cheapest blu-ray players out there, and still considered one of the best for the money.

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