Friday, February 14, 2014

Vizio 55 inch LED HDTV Model: VF551XVT2A - are they any good?


One of these caught my eye at a store. I wondering if anyone else has one and what did they think of it after they used it for a while.

Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on tvs along with the pro and con of Plasma, LCD and LED tvs. You will notice that Panasonic has a Plasma tv recommended in each of the price category of entry level to the high end. While Sony, Samsung and Toshiba does not (December issue). Other brands like LG, Sharp, Sanyo and Vizio did not even get mentioned. Plasma is still considered to have the best picture quality of all tvs in the market today. Vizio is made in China and made of cheap parts. If you read yahoo questions, you will notice that 95% of tv problems are from LCD/LED tvs and 95% are from off brands. The LCD and LED screens are very sensitive and can easily be damaged. Hope this will help you out.


Ok planning on getting a TV, stuck between:

LG 47'' :



Please take a look and tell me which is better!!

ALso, what is that LED LCD crap? is it better?!

LCD and LED are actually two different types of TV's. LED usually has better color quality and lighting, as well as viewing angle, but they run quite expensive.

After reviewing the two HDTV's you've listed, the LG 47" is a sure winner and I would highly recommend it. The specifications are better and will give you a better picture. It has a great design as well, which is great with HDTV's.

EDIT: For the guy below me, pardon my error. I misread something I suppose. I did research again, and LED TV's do in fact have better power consumption.

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