Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is this a good TV for the money?


I'm going to be getting a new TV soon and I'd like some opinions about a so-called 'smart' TV I'm considering. Back in the day I had no trouble weighing the different features of TV's, but this is a new age, I don't know too much about the smart TV's. I mean, I know the basics- that they allow you to run apps and are good with pictures and thumb drive content, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. Anyway, the TV is a "VIZIO model number E420i-B0 42" 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV HDTV" It's a 2014 model yet it's 50 bucks cheaper than a similar 2013 Vizio. I'm not sure if that's good news or bad news. Anyway, if any people who know TV's could check it out on Amazon or Walmart, I'd appreciate any informed opinions. (and all I'll really be using it for is my PS3, Blu Rays and TV)
Grumpy Mac: Wow! Thank you for the heads up... My current TV is a Vizio that I got back in 2008 and it was great for the money. I had no idea that they had sold the company to China! So Vizio is off my list.

Ron: I hope you check back because I want to ask you about the picture in regards to the refresh rate. I've heard that you really want to have a 120 mHz refresh rate MINIMUM. It supposedly really makes the picture much better for sports and action. The model you listed was only 60 mHz. Did you notice this to be true?
Thanks to everyone who responded. You've given me a couple good choices with the Samsung & LG suggestions!

First - Vizio has admitted that their televisions are un-repairable (do a google search if you want to confirm this). The low prices are attractive but when it breaks after a few months - you toss it and buy something better.

Second - While "smart" TV's are nice, you can probably buy a WD TV Play box ($70) or a Roku 3 ($99) and get BETTER streaming and video playback features, but save the $300 bump to move into a smart model.

Get a well-rated Samsung or LG without the smart feature and add one of the above media streamers. You will be better off and save some money.

Hope this helps.

Just Sold My Old Xbox 360 Should I Buy A New Slim Bundle?


How long should it take for the xbox 360 slim to turn into the old thing of the past. I hear 2013-2016 will release some or all new consoles by major companies. By that time I think video gaming would be majorly expensive for me considering I am a college student and I would like to save for a car or to dorm at college. Should buying a new xbox 360 slim 250GB bundle be in my interest, I mean it seems like a good deal but 300 dollars holy crap that's a ton of dough. I was considering buy a TV but most TV's seem to wanting to release 1080P and 3D technologies in the future so buying a 720P would be stupid. Saving up for something.

Is investing in today's cheaper technologies like xbox 360's, 720P/1080i HDTV's, Ect. worth it. I mean I will probably upgrade in the future.

Also wouldn't it just be best to wait it out, the wii ended out being a weak fad with bad graphics and good exclusives but mostly bad games, the ps3 at launch sold for 600 bucks I remember because I was so jealous of my rich friend when he got one on his B-day, the xbox360 ended up being junk until recently when they added in built in wi-fi and bigger harddrives.

I am started to see what technology does, and I don't like it. They hold out and gives us shit first then, give us more shit to buy. Apple my most hated company is the king of doing this for example.

Hopefully @ E3 which will not be open to the public sadly in June I will find out where the new xbox and ps4 stands. Also what will new consoles do? If It's 3D and we need new Tv's like Expensive 3D HDTV's needed to grab full potential I am going to laugh my ass off. 3D is not so revolutionary and as a guy already wearing glasses, it's not that cool. So maybe buying a xbox slim will be a good investment, also saving my money will be a good one as well. There is a lot of games I haven't played and the xbox 360 slims, old backwards compatibly wii and ps3 seem better than any new console to show it's face.


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