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which 2011 hdtv should I get?

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Panasonic Viera 42ST30 3D HDTV?


Samsung UN46D000 2D TV

I don't care about the 3D, only the 2D picture quality


I found Samsung a very unique type of TV, Try and find a HD one that comes with a HDMI Cable to ensure for the best experience But remember HD only lasts for so long.

samsung hdtv un46C, un46D, or UN46E?


What's the difference between the C, D, and E? All I want is sick picture and sound. I don't care for extra features this TV will simply be used to play videogames and watch a movie every now and then

A quick explanation of the Samsung serial numbers:

Part 1, the display technology: UN = LED, LN = LCD, PN = plasma
Part 2, the size: easy to recognize, it's 46-inch
Part 3, the series: D6000, ES8000, C7000, loads of variations. The C series are from 2010, D is from 2011, E(S) is from 2012. The number indicates the specs/features.

A few examples: UN46Cxxxx is a 46-inch LED screen from 2010, a PN55Dxxxx is a 55-inch plasma from 2011. A UN55D7000 has the same features as a UN46D7000, just a bigger screen.

Over the last years, image quality improved but not as fast as new fancy features were added. If you don't need gesture control, internet access, smart TV features and apps, a HDTV from 2010 would be perfectly fine, the irony is that most of them are more expensive now that the new 2012 ones. The UN46C6500 for example costs about $1.4k, the UN46ES6500 slightly more than $1k.

Bottom line: My recommendation would be the UN46EH6000. No 3D, no unneeded features, but 240Hz refresh rate, decent image quality, 2x HDMI, 1x USB, Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Pulse, barely more than $800 for a perfect "basic" HDTV. Sick sound? All modern flatscreen HDTVs have built-in 10-20 watt speakers. That's far from perfect, no matter what manufacturer you look at, these thin little speakers can't do wonders. Some sort of home theatre kit is definitely recommended for all audiophiles.

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