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Quality of Samsung 42" Plasma HDTV?

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Looking at Samsung 42" Plasma HDTV.....anyone have any advice on it? Pros/cons/ problems?

I wouildn't buy ANY plasma TV, unless you get the extended warranty, which in some cases is useless as well. I had a Samsung who's plasma screen went out 3 days after warranty. Called the warranty company and they said that because there were no longer being parts made for it, I would have to pay an additional 350.00 for a new model. Look at an LCD or LCP instead....

50" 720p or 42" 1080p HDTV?


I am upgrading (from a box TV) after searching I can get (with my money) either a 50" 720p HDTV or a 42" 1080p. My viewing distance is about 10 feet away. I will mostly be playing a ps3 on it and regular TV not so much blue ray DVDs. I am leaning towards the 50" which one do you think is better?
I have found the answer... a 50" 720p is just as clear as a 50" 1080p at a distance greater then 10 feet. Closer then 10 feet 1080p starts to become useful. If I went to the 42" I would have to sit closer then 6 feet to notice the 1080p. Thus in my situation of viewing 10-12 feet away logically and economically the 50" 720p is the best choice. I would be wasting my money for a less of a viewing experience with the 42" 1080p. Here is a chart and source

42" 1080p HDTV
the quality will be better and the size will only be a little bit smaller. If the 8 inches make that much of a difference, than you should probably get the 50'' however the type of tv also plays a role on how it looks and works.

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