Tuesday, April 8, 2014

N64 video Quality on HDTV?


I have an n64 hooked up with an 42" HDTV with RGB cables and the video wasn't like it used to be. Which made sense to me because of the resolution. I changed the view of the screen to make it non widescreen which helped quite a bit but not 100% so would the following make a difference..

-connecting by using S-video
-adding ram expansion, I heard it increases the resolution but does it help with the older games at all? like Mario 64
-any other ideas to make the quality better besides emulating?

None of that will make any difference. You're seeing the same quality of the game's visuals, but the better screen (larger, probably LCD or plasma compared to an old CRT) is making the flaws more obvious.

HDTV quality disappoint?


Recently purchased a Polaroid 32 inch LCD HDTV, and I was very disappointed in the way it looked, plugged in and showing analog channels, and quality viewing in general. Is this normal, or should I really buy an HDMI cable, HD cable box, to truly view it as HDTV?

It's normal.

The problem with HDTVs are that the quality is low for SD signals and high for HD signals. Unfortunately, you have to deal with it until you upgrade to HD cable or satellite service.

Upgrading your TV service to digital and connect with an HDMI will cable will help slightly.

HDTV is high resolution. SD signals have 2.5 less resolution, therefore the TV has to upscale the image. Upscaling causes fuzzy edges, video artifacts and video noise. HDTV by design scale all images to the native resolution of the HDTV, either 1280x720 or 1920x1080.

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