Saturday, April 12, 2014

Which HDTV brand delivers the best quality around 46-52"?

Marios I

Philips, Sony, Samsung, which one.

It would be between 46" and 52"

If you want quality, Sony Bravia W series, A3000 or XBR4 series is the best on the market presently. They all can produce "Deep Color" (utilizing HDMI 1.3) which increases the amount of colors displayed from millions to billions giving you a much more realistic picture. They also incorporate 120Hz technology and motion enhancement, somewhat eliminating "motion blur" that is prevalent on most LCD televisions, while this technology does not completely eliminate motion blur it does a very good job of reducing it.

Prices are falling and while the XBR4 is presently still a bit high ($2500-$3500) the A3000 and W series can be had for much lower prices.

HDTV brand question?


I was out shopping and needed a new TV and I wanted an HDTV for when I switch over. I found a Vizio 32" Widescreen LCD HD for $420. I made the decision quick because there was only 1 left and I thought it was a real good price. Just wondering how good Vizio is? Was that a good deal? How does it compare to Sony and Samsung?

Vizio has a reasonable quality for the price you pay; it's a bit behind Sony but not with very much specially when you know how much you paid for it. Has lots of connections and a pretty clear and crisp picture; works pretty well in very light rooms. Not great when it comes about black but if you are not looking for miracles for this money you should think that you've got a good deal. Enjoy it!

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