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Which HDTV is better for gaming, Plasma or LED LCD? (Best Picture)?


Samsung 55" 8 series LED LCD TV is by far the best picture I have witnessed myself. However, I keep reading reviews that plasmas offer better pictures for movies. Can someone that has actually personally seen these TV's tell me which one has the better overall picture quality?

It's all about numbers!

LED LCD's and Plasma's have the highest contrast ratios resulting in the blackest blacks, whitest whites and the most vivid and rich looking colors! But that's were their similarities end!

Plasma's also have the fastest pixel response times(.001ms) as well as the fastest refresh rates(600hz), making them perfect for fast motion content like sports, movies and gaming! LED LCD's are still limited by LCD's inherent technology flaw...slower response times(2ms) and refresh rates(240hz)! This doesn't mean they're terrible at fast motion content, it just means Plasma's are better at reproducing it then LED LCD's! Plasma's have smoother picture motion!

Another difference between the two is energy consumption. LED LCD's use about 40% less energy then Standard LCD's and Plasma's! Which is good if you're into the whole eco-friendly thing! Keep in mind however, LED LCD's are also the most expensive HDTV on the market right now! So you have to ask yourself, Is it worth saving $25/year for a TV that costs $3,000 more? You'd need to have the TV for 10 years for it to pay for itself!

When it comes to gaming...dollar for dollar...Plasma is best! It's facts, not opinion here!!! See this: http://www.plasma-lcd-facts.co.uk/

Which has better picture quality? LED LCD HDTV or LCD HDTV?

Isaac P

Which has the best picture quality? Is there a marginal difference between the two in terms of picture quality besides dimness? I know that the LED is pretty expensive but more energy efficient, but i want to get the best picture quality when i get my first HDTV next week. I've narrowed it down between these two tv's.
Vizio 42" Class 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV, SV420M


Samsung - 40" Class / 1080p / 120Hz / LED-LCD HDTV

I would go to a store that has both and compare them side by side. You should see that the LED has a much better picture using whole screen LED backlighting rather than perimeter CCFL backlighting which significantly raises the cost.

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