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Why is there no PAL or NTSC games on the PS3?

Q. i mean the 360 and wii (i think the wiiU also) have pal and ntsc games but the PS3 doesnt, and when i asked about the differences between pal and ntsc they told me that it is all about graphic and nothing else (1 is american the other is european or something like that) and did the PS2 have pal and ntsc games?? (i dont quite remember DX)

and does the WiiU and will the 720 have pal and ntsc?

and thanks

Those answers are either wrong or incomplete......................

Simply because of individual companies policy.

Sony does not allow any regional restrictions on its consoles released after 2006. All publishers must release region free games, while modern consoles of Microsoft and Nintendo still do.

That means PS3, PSP, PS Vita games are all region free.
While for PS3 games they still provide either ( optional NTSC or PAL ) + at least one HD output.

That means if a user use the old type SDTV, he need to do TV matching to the game disc, or graphic problem may occur on certain discs.
If he uses HDTV with HDMI cabled, then no problem. The output uses 720i, 1080p ..etc

In short:
PAL / NTSC on PS3 games stands for output only
PAL / NTSC on WII and xbox , xbox 360 stands for compatibility only ( the connection between game disc and console )
And this compatibility are divided into 3 types ( NTSC-U/C, NTSC-J, PAL ) , NOT 2 types.

In conclusion.
For PS3 games, users need to do matching between game disc and TV if they have no HDTV.
For PS2, Wii, WII U, xbox and xbox 360 games, users need to do matching between game disc and console.
Note: xbox 360 games are a lot different, Microsoft let publishers to decide whether to have to region locked or not, and most of them made disc region free.
Hence, there are lot of xbox 360 games are region free indeed, and do not have this restrictions

People there always got confused with output =/= compatibility, and thought they are same thing.....

xbox 720 compatibility is not yet announced by this date 21 Feb 2013, but its expected to be region locked which is a bad sign. We do hope they still let publishers to decide it like those xbox 360 ones did.

Can I use a digital tv converter box with basic cable?

Q. I know this question has been asked a million times but my situation is slightly different, I think.
Well, I have an HDTV from 2013 and an old HD compatible TV monitor thing from 2004 or so. Basically, I get about 100 channels from the Basic Cable package that I have from Time Warner Cable on my HDTV and on the older TV, I get about 20 of those clear channels and the rest are either gone or all blurry. I think its something wrong with the older TV's tuner, or the lack thereof.
Anyway, I bought a digital TV converter box that has a QAM tuner and some other stuff, it also has an HDMI output which I like. I am wondering, can I use this converter box somehow with my basic cable? The basic cable is just my coax cable connected to the wall and to my TV. Can I somehow use the converter box in between these two to get me the missing channels? Or what do I need to purchase to do that? Thank you.

No, digital converter boxes are only for antenna signals. Cable box signals are different, which is why TV's have the option to switch between Cable/Antenna input via the coax.
One option you CAN do however...

Use the video output of the cable box and put it into the AV1 input, and then just put the digital converter box on the coax part so you can get channels from there. You still have to switch between the 2 sets of inputs though.

If your Time Warner is giving you blurry channels call your cable company, it may be a problem on their end.

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