Sunday, May 18, 2014

The best HDTV for me?


I want to buy a new HDTV. My budget is about $1000. I want between 40 and 50 inch. I don't know what it is really better Plasma or LCD, but it seems their aren't many plasma's anymore. I am looking for the best quality for the price.

Also I seen some HDTV's that when showing non hd channels look really blurry and bad. I have HD channels but why does that happen and which tv's do that?

Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on tvs, along with the pro and con of each technology. You will notice that Panasonic has more plasma tv being recommended that any manufacturer in the market today. It is still consider to have the best picture quality of all tvs. In November issue of the magazine it named the Panasonic Plasma model VT as the best tv for 2010.
If you read yahoo questions, you will notice that 95% of the tv problems comes from LCD tv and 95% of those are the bargain price brand. You can get a Panasonic plasma 50" 1080P model S2 for under $900 at Best Buy or the G20 with THX (higher standard for video quality by Lucas film industries) certified for under $1,100. Hope this will help you out.

can this work on the new 3d hdtv from sony ?


can the new sonys 3d hdtv convert movies on the t.v and can they work like can the regular t.v channels work on 3d and does all ps3 games work on 3d and if not then what t.v channels , ps3 games and movies that can work on 3d .
thanks in advance !

Some of the new 3DTVs have 2D to 3D conversion, but you shouldn't expect much out of them. 2D converted content is never going to look like real 3D. Here's a list of 3D games for the ps3:

ESPN 3D is only major 3D network right now. Directv also has a couple 3D demo channels.

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