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Lcd 120hz vs Plasma 600hz?

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Joey B

I will play video games 100% or the time on one of these hdtvs. Should I go with a 720p 600hz plasma or a 1080p 120hz Lcd. Both tvs are made by the same company.

The above post is incorrect. The screen glare problem has not been solved. Plasma screens are the glossy type. When I went to best buy, i noticed severe reflections from all angles. There is even a video done by CNET on the VT30 plasma TV (last years panasonic flagship model and also the TV in my bedroom) on youtube where you can see significant reflections even in a darker room. Plasma TVs are best suited for rooms with controlled lighting. In those conditions the plasma TV will produce great PQ. Also plasma TVs consume the same amount of power as the older plasma models. You can verify this through many review sites such as FlatpanelsHD or CNET. They measure the total watts consumption per hour and have it down on a chart. If you are adamant on purchasing a plasma, then I would recommend the ST50 by Panasonic. It is their most inexpensive plasma TV and it has gotten great reviews.

Now I recommend to you a LED LCD TV for gaming. My reasons are : if you plan on gaming a long time, your TV will not overheat and burn-in issues are non-existent. (i have seen burn-ins on a panasonic vt30 after only 5 months--even with the screen wipe feature in use). Also 3D gaming is a big plus for me so the comfort of the glasses will become significant enough to where it will affect the type of TV you may purchase. You will be able to play during the day. LED LCD TVs are very bright. Most 2012 LED TVs however have a glossy screen as well. You will get some unwanted reflections. I highly recommend LG's LW series 3D LED TVs (2011 models). They have a matte screen for unparalleled brightness and since its 2012 now, should be priced even lower than its competition.

Best 1080p 32"- 40"hdtv? ?


I been looking for a good 32- 40 inch TV. Has to be 1080p connecting a Xbox 360 to it and maybe a apple TV. Will hang it so which one is the best please put down model number so I can look up unboxings and review. Thank you.

Samsung and LG are good at producing thin tvs. I like LG more though because of other features on their tv (i.e. they have passive 3d which is flicker free and requires light glasses) and because it's cheaper. In their 2012 models, LM6200 has 32" and 42".

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