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What is the best HDTV in the $1000 to $1500 range?

the best quality hdtv
 on The Best HDTVs: What kind of HDTV is better: Plasma, LCD , LED, etc.?
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I'm looking to get a good quality HDTV (I care more about picture than size, but a combination would be better of course)...I just don't know much about TVs. I would mostly use it for movies and playing Xbox 360. Thanks in advance.
Any other suggestions? I'm not sure what all the specs mean, so when I click those, I still don't know which ones are really good. I'd rather get this TV for movies than games...so basically what's the best TV in that price range for movies? Thanks for the help guys.

Sony, LG and Samsung are the best!

are Sanyo HDTVs bad even though Panasonic bought the company?

Matthew K

Panasonic bought Sanyo this past december. Panasonic obvious makes good quality HDTVs, so does this mean new sanyo brand HDTVs should be good quality too?

Sanyo TV section work with Panasonic around 2007 . before Total take over by Panasonic. there share the same TV technology since 2 years ago. after Sanyo become part of Panasonic group, their TV R & D division are the same people.there try to use the same components /parts in order to save costs. ( this take up to one years ). mose of the Sanyo LCD TV almost share the same parts that Panasonic use. All Sanyo Plasma TV is select Panasonic made Plasma Panel for there New Plasma TV.
Panasonic POLICY is QUALITY even Subsidiary must made Quality Products.
Since day 1 . Matsushita is Support Sanyo ! because founded of Sanyo Mr Toshio Iue is former employer of Matsushita. and is brother in law of Mr. Konosuke Matsushita ( founded of Matsushita )
i cannot said all Sanyo TV is Panasonic Standard now, but is around 60 % model is Panasonic Quality. till 2010 all Sanyo products will be Panasonic Quality ! because of " costs ".some of the products will manufactures by Sanyo sold under Panasonic trademark.
Panasonic able to use Sanyo PATENTED SUPER SHARP TECHNOLOGY in Panasonic HD TV.
watch out in next 6 months. Panasonic / Sanyo HDTV will be more GREAT than now !
Pamasonic TV technology/ own manufactures LCD/LED/Plasma display Panel + Sanyo patended Super Sharp Technology . ( no other can copy this designs ) .

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