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Sites for 720p and 1080p wallpaper?

high quality hdtv wallpapers
 on of high quality abstract hdtv dpi hd desktop 1920x1080 pixel wallpaper ...
high quality hdtv wallpapers image


Don't tell me and such. All the ones on google I pretty much found. I need a site with literally thousands of 16:9 backgrounds. Preferably in 720p and 1080p.

If you can find a GREAT site, with thousands of 720p and 1080p wallpaper, you are amazing!!!!!!!

There are hundreds of high quality ones at InterfaceLift:

And you can find tons of stuff in this DeviantArt category:

why does a 1920x1080 (1080p) wallpaper look bad on a 3D HDTV used as a monitor?


I have done some research and from what i can see a 1080p still frame is about two megapixels in quality. After researching spatial resolution my understanding is that for 1920x1080 to be displayed accurately it would have to be displayed on a 19" x 10" screen? So does that mean my wallpaper looks lame because its having to stretch it to over double the size on a 47" HD screen? now i have tried to use a 3840x2160 wallpaper but it didn't fit the screen. So i resized it in photoshop (but wouldn't this knock the resolution down (i mean quality)? As you can see i'm confused and not very aware of what i'm talking short i guess my question is.... How do i get a wallpaper to look good on a large (47") 3D HDTV being used as a monitor for a computer?

extra info:

I do have a hdtv card that I use to watch tv (looks great from a distance!) when using tv as a monitor viewing distance is about a 70-100cm

If I was to take a larger image i.e. 3840x2160 and open it in photoshop, then create a new 1080p size image and increase the dpi to say 200 and then free transform the large image to fit the 1920x1080 canvas would that make an image look sharper by cramming more dpi into a smaller canvas? or am i completely off there?

Its just the size of the monitor is very large.
With a 47" screen the dots per inch will be relatively low.
It will look fine from a distance - but up close the pixels will be quite large.

A high quality print will be anything up to 1200 dots per inch.
1920 pixels would be less than 2 inches at that resolution - so at 47" diagonal that is not going to look very sharp.
Your DPI on your monitor will be relatively low compared to a 1200DPI photo print.
It will even look low compared to a 300DPI print.
There is nothing you can do about this. Its all to do with the available pixels per inch.

EDIT: Just done some maths on a 47" diagonal screen and it turns out that your DPI is around 36DPI.
That's pretty low if you are up close and expecting sharp results.

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