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Is it advisable to review some smart TVs before your purchase?

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In the coming month my sister in law is going to purchase her smart tv. Yesterday we were discussing about it and I suggested that she read some online reviews before she buys one. She said she doesn't need to read them, since she doesn’t believe in such reviews. Wha's your opinion?

As it is always advisable to read reviews on a product before purchasing, I find smart TV something you'll have to try out for yourself. Smart TV isn't for everyone. There are people who enjoy TVs for purely watching programs and movies and there are people who want their TV to run like a smart phone. I personally love smart TV. I've had great fun using smart TVs in the past and they seem to get better every year. I've tried the Viera platform on my VT30 and it runs great although it can lag sometimes. I also have a newer 2012 LG LM 9600 (calibrated) model and the smart TV runs much faster. It even outperforms a normal laptop - HDTV hook up in pure speed. One thing I really like about my LG smart tv though is the remote. You can speak into the mic (built-in) for typing which is very time efficient when internet surfing. Typing in URL's on my viera can take forever.

Go to a retailer and check out all smart TVs and then decide. The decision is ultimately yours.

What tv haves multiple hdmi and 1080p and cost around 300 and up?


I need a realy good tv for my xbox 360 and i need a tv that cost around 300 and up

That's a tough question to answer because nearly all of them fit that description. Except for smaller ones (less than 40" diagonally) the vast majority have more than one HDMI Input, are 1080p in resolution and cost more than $300 (I'm assuming U.S. dollars - maybe you meant something else but you didn't specify).
You can't go wrong with a Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, and even Vizio (some would thumbs-down that last, but I know many people who love them). Here's a list of Amazon's 15 best-selling TVs from 2012:

For gaming many people say Plasma is the best technology for it's fastest response time (no "lag" in the video), but LEDs have come down in price, provide a brighter picture, will overall last longer (all will usually be obsolete before they fail or get dim) have largely solved the lag problem, and use less energy to operate. But for anyone to pick one for you - well I sure wouldn't try. Go look at as many as you can, read online reviews of any you are considering, and make your decision - it's your eyes and ears... Good luck!

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