Thursday, January 30, 2014

Are these Samsung HDTV's exactly the same?

Vicious Wo

I notice the Samsung UA40F5000 has the exact same specs & features as the Samsung UN40F5000, & Im just wondering if TV's that are the same, have different model codes from each other?

The Samsung UA40F5000 is european:

& the Samsung UN40F5000 is american:

Yes they're essentially the same TV.

Samsung's TV models basically mean (where - size - year - model)

Therefore in UA40F5000 vs. UN40F5000 everything (size, shape, year, model, etc.) are the same, they're just made/sold elsewhere.

- UN/UA = Place
- 40 = 40"
- F - 2013 Model
- 5000 - Series/Model Number

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