Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Is there a quality difference between length of HDMI cables?


They say that a longer distance between components means that more cable is required to make the connections, and over the distance of the cable, the HDMI signal will therefore degrade and also the picture and sound quality. I have a 9,84/3m feet HDMI cable connected from my Xbox 360 to my HDTV and i want the best picture and sound quality that i can get, would getting a 3,28 feet/1m HDMI cable instead make any quality difference?

Signal degradation won't be a problem unless you're talking about VERY long cables - usually dozens of feet in length.

In addition, HDMI cables carry a digital signal so it either works perfectly...or it won't work at all. You won't get any difference between a 1M and 3M cable.

Difference between Hdmi Home theatre and Regular home theatre?


Ok looking for a home theatre for my hdtv, hdmi compatability. But if I buy a home theatre with hdmi and connect it to the tv through component, will there be much of a difference if it where the hdmi version? Just looking towards the sound quality since my ps3 can't support the sound on the regular tv speakers.

HDMI is a single cable (looks like a giant USB cable) that will transmit both Hi-def video content up to 1080p and true surround sound. Component HD cables transmit video up to 1080i, so you won;t notice much of a difference in video quality (none if your tv can't display 1080p). With component HD, you will need to decide on an audio connection.

Your PS3 has an hdmi out so that would solve all your problems if your receiver has an HDMI INPUT. You plug the ps3 into the receiver via HDMI, plug the receiver to the tv using component and you should be good to go.

Other audio options include Digital Optical or plain old RCA(white/red) cables.

Btw, those RCA cables SHOULD work on just about any will only be stereo but it should work. Are you using that with your current setup?

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