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What is the best HDTV around 26 or 27 inches?

what is the best quality hdtv
 on samsung UNB50001 300x217 Top 3 Best HDTV 2010: Samsung Is On The Top
what is the best quality hdtv image


I want an HDTV around 26 or 27 inches, and i was told that Samsung makes the best quality HDTV. What do you guys think without going over a budget of 700 dollars.?

Samsung - WRONG! It has a good picture, granted, but it doesn't even come close to the best in reliability. For the best, go Sony! But I don't think you'll be able to meet your budget.

If you can go $749, look at the Panasonic HDTV LCD TC-26LX70 on sale at Circuit City - good price and great LCD. If you have to keep it under $700, go Toshiba for the best and most reliable LCD in that price! Stay away from the "no-names" like Vizio, Olevia, Ilo, Insignia, and Maxent, as well as RCA, Philips/Magnavox, and Polaroid.

How come HDTVs (mainly LCDs) in stores have bad pictures?

Q. I was checking some HDTVs out the other day and the pictures look cloudy. It's weird because I have an emachines computer which in some people's opinion is a cheap computer brand and when I watch HD stuff on YouTube or wherever it looks amazing, yet here are these Sonys, Samsungs, Pannys and LGs with terrible pictures. How is it that my cheap little computer can generate a better HD picture than these high quality HDTVs?

It could actually be psychological thing, maybe your really used to seeing what you do on your monitor, so your brain is having a hard time adjusting to what is "true HD". but another thing is. Youtube is NOT by far anything close to true HD 1080p. Youtube "HD" is only 720p resolution. Another thing is that a lot of times the TV's at let's say Best Buy and store's like that, the TVs are not properly adjusted. The best brand's for TV's for quality and best image quality are Sony, SAMSUNG, and Sharp. If your shopping for a new HDTV, next time you go there ask a store employee to show you the basic's of HDTV's.

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