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HDMI poor quality with HDTV?

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I'm using a Asus EAH 4870 graphic card connected to LG 32" Full HD TV with a DVI to HDMI connector.
The problem is my HDMI display is horrible. The display is blurry and even analog output is clearer then HDMI. I'd tried installing the latest driver for VGA but no avail. My current resolution is 1920 x 1080. Please advice what should i do.
My TV native resolution is 1920 x 1080p. I'd tried to switch to that resolution but still no go.

I've also noticed poor HDMI video quality with Asus cards.

I bought an Asus EAH3450 video card for use in my HTPC, and when i hooked it up to my big-screen 1080p LCD HDTV (1920x1080 native) using a DVI-to-HDMI cable, it causes my TV to underscan the image (shrink the image down so there is a black border all the way around the edge of the screen). Underscan squishes the pixels and it looks blurry. No matter what I do, I can't get it to do 1:1 pixel mapping with my HDTV over the digital connection. When I connect the EAH3450 via analog VGA, it can do 1:1 pixel mapping but the HDTV sometimes syncs the signal wrong and it's off-center.

I have since swapped that Asus EAH3450 for a Sapphire HD4650 and I was able to get 1:1 pixel-mapping right out of the box using DVI-to-HDMI. I'm never buying Asus video cards ever again.

What is the best and cheapest Big Screen HDTV available?

Q. I'm looking for a 46" or 50" big screen TV. My budget is around $900 - $1100. I'm not to concerned with the type of TV, wether it's LCD, Plasma or Projection. Although, this new TVs main purpose is for gaming, so it must have HDMI and at least 720p. I'm also worried about latency as I've read that some newer televisions can be a little slow to display the image due to the image processing that takes place. Does anyone have any good recomendations as to a tv brand or type that fills all these criteria and is within my budget? I'm not opposed to purchasing online although I still want to stay within my budget after tax and shipping fees.

I do in fact have a recomendation and it's one shared by most experts in the audio/visual field. At this point in time the Hitachi f59 series is the absolute best bang for the buck available on the market, bar none. LCD? Plasma? DLP? Nope, it's got every set below $3000 covered hands down in every relevant category, be it picture quality, gaming performance or maintenance cost. The fact is that CRT is still the benchmark all others are judged by and at this point in time a High Def rear projection set such as the Hitachi offers the savvy buyer all the goodies without the hassles.

The F59 series is available in 51, 57 and 65 inch screen sizes, and as to price, well lets just say that on a good sale day you can pick up the 65 for between $1000-$1200 and the 57 for $999. Personally, I'd wait for the annual 'After the Super Bowl' sales as most retailers really offer some blowout pricing at this time, many close to those of 'Black Friday'. It was 'Black Friday' which put the 51 inch version on my doorstep at $699 shipped and I couldn't be happier with this set, heck I'd have paid full price and still considered it a steal. Yes, it really IS that good! But don't just take my word for it, take a look for youself at some of the factors which lead me to this purchase.

For instance lets look at the bulbs, or should I say lack of. ALL of the others technologies require an arc lamp bulb to provide the light source and it does a wonderful job...for about two years. 18-24 months is the average life expectancy of these bulbs under normal viewing conditions, then its time for replacement at a cost of $200. Average that out over the ten plus years you'll watch your typical CRT rear projection set like the Hitachi with ZERO bulbs and you'll see just what the latest 'High Tech' is really worth.

As you're a gamer this is the best choice once again due to a few things, the foremost being response time. CRT doesn't have to measure pixel response in milliseconds because there are none, thus instant and true image representaion is there 24/7/365. This is critical when playing first person shooters such as Halo on Xbox Live as the lag associated with the other technologies allows the slightest bit of lag. Sure, a 10ms lag doesn't seem like much but it is the difference in that hitting and missing those vital split second shots, the difference between tea bagging an downed opponent or cursing yourself blue over why your 'dead on' head shot failed to take out the bad guy. Of course the fact you require an HDMI port tells me you're of the PS3 persuasion but this set does indeed have and support HDMI so that's another base covered. Oh, and screen 'Burn In' isn't really an issue either anymore so than any other set, in fact less if proper caution such as not leaving ANYTHING paused for extended periods of time are taken.

Now as far as movie watching goes I certainly hope you have access to a lot of DVDs because viewing them on this set is more addictive than heroin or internet porn. My personal collection grows by the week now, even movies I've seen a million times gain new life on this set. And as for cable, well I have digital cable and see NO reason to upgrade to HD because the Standard def stations would remain the same and the combo of digital and this TV make you swear you were watching true High Def when tuned to any of the Discovery Network channels.

I'll not even go into the realm of picture quality, suffice to say 1080i with the true blacks and true color representation only CRT can deliver is still king of the hill despite every attempt to knock it off. So go ahead and pull the trigger on one of these bad boys, I promise, you'll not be dissapointed in any way, shape or form. Good luck and happy viewing

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