Sunday, May 4, 2014

I would like to buy a 42-47 inches 3D tv?

de elenda

I don't know much about led, LCD or plasma. I just want have great 3d experience and it should have good picture quality. Can anyone suggest which tv should I buy?

Or should I wait till 2013 to buy one..?
P.s. I don't care about Internet and other fancy stuff

3D technology has not been a big hit in the electronic industry. At this time there are only around 130 titles available in 3D blu ray disc movies and they are mainly animated movies from disney. Keep in mind that to watch in 3D you will need the following: 3D HDTV, 3D blu ray disc player ot a game console, 3D blu ray disc movie or 3D video game and 3D glasses. You also have to sit in front of the tv to get the 3D effect. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on 3D HDTV, along with the pro and con of each technology. Panasonic Plasma is the only Plasma tv they recommend. They also have more pllasma tv being recommended than any type of tv from other manufacturer. Hope this will help you out.

3D related question?Please Answer!!?


I have a sony bravia 40 inch 3D LED HDTV.I want to download life of pi in 3D from torrent.In the torrent file it is showing 2 same pictures in one screen like this-
So when i download this and view it in 3d on my tv...will the movie be displyed in 2 screens or converted in 1 screen when i turn 3D on my tv?Please answer!

It is Side by side 3d Movie. It is also called SBS 3d.It will be played as single screen when you play it on your TV. Enjoy your 3d TV. You can search on Torrent with SBS 3d keyword.

Other 3d Version is IMAX,Anaglyph.

I recommend you watch Final Destination 4 and 5, Journey to the center of the earth for better 3d effects.

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