Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What kind of 32" HDTV has the kind of picture quality that will blow my mind?


I am shopping for the best 32" HDTV with Picture in Picture for my bed room. I would like to have the kind of picture that has mind blowing performance that makes you feel like you are right there in the movie. I am also thinking about using it to watch avi movies from my computer. I was told to get a plasma tv with anything less than a 46" screen would be a waist of money. Any ideas of what I should be looking for? I already know to make sure it has a 15 pin VGA slot. What I'm concerned with is the best quality picture I can get in a 32" screen with picture in picture.

i work in the electronics industry so here are a few things to think about. In the 32" size you should go lcd. they are lighter, last slightly longer, and use less power. 2nd most avi. movies are not very good quality so hd would be a waste. if you are downloading movies and they are around 700mb file sizes that is less than dvd quality. and last if u do want to hook it up to your computer and watch movies you want to get a video card with a dvi port and get a dvi to hdmi cable to your computer. that will give you a MUCH better picture than vga. and check out the samsungs. great tvs great reviews and thats actually what im using for my computer monitor right now

Hanspree 32" LCD HDTV overall picture and quality?

Tyler Ponz

There is one on Costco.Com for $269.00 which sounds like a great deal and I'd really like to replace my p.o.s. old TV. I'll probably use it for video games mostly so I just want to make sure it's durable, has good picture/sound etc. I've never heard of the brand so has anyone ever bought one of these?Anyone bought the one I'm talking about off of costco?

Hanspree is a budget tv brand and would avoid makes you've never heard of especially if you are using it to play games on. Usually the panel itself a cheaper and so they put lower quality components inside, thus reducing overall reliability.

The best makes are Panasonic, Sony and Samsung. You could even go for an LG or Toshiba, and it will definitely be better than a Hanspree :)

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