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HDTV widescreen and 480p+?


Got a new HDTV, but its always at 4:3.. After a bit of research I realized that I need different cables and whatnot.

I found for my wii, I just need a $20 set of cables to get 480p..

But what about directv? Any way to upconvert somehow without getting a new box? The box claims it supports 16:9 widescreen, but when I change the settings between 4:3 and 16:9 it stays exactly the same.. The box does have a usb and s-video port in the back..
I assume its the basic RCA cables that are whats holding it back, as the box has the setting for widescreen... Or may it be something else? I am clueless when it comes to hdtv :) this is my first.


Be sure to change the output setting on your Wii if you get the component cables, by the way. It's in the menu. The reason you can get a higher-quality signal is that the Wii will send that different signal down the line if you tell it to. You're not going to be able to do that with your satellite box if it either can't handle HD programming or doesn't have HD programming even available to it.

Upconverting doesn't actually make the picture any prettier. . . you still only have enough data available to display a signal in 480i. You'd largely just be splitting squares into a bunch of smaller identical squares when you're upconverting -- and your TV is likely doing this already just to be able to display anything.

I'm stuck with cable where I live right now, and I had to swap out my old digital box for an HD digital box to get the video part of the "free" HD local channels coming down the line. The sound was fine, and the screen was just black because the box I had didn't know what to do with the HD signal. All tuner boxes aren't "born" knowing this.

I'd imagine the same would be true for your satellite box -- it's probably too old to know what to do with an HD signal if it had one if you've had it more than a year or two, although you could always call them or ask at a local store if you find the specific model number on your equipment first. If it's actually HD-capable, the odds are that you just don't have any HD channels to feed into it. . . if you've not changed your package in a year or two, you again probably don't have that.

Analog cable on HDTV?


-Would analog cable appear horrible on a HDTV?
-If yes, would I have to change HDTV to SD mode every time I watch analog cable?
-Does every HDTV have a SD mode?

Every HDTV will receive analog signals, and if you plug in your analog cable into the antenna input of your TV that what you will get (you still must scan for channels in the setup process). The picture quality depends on how good your cable system is. If the provide a nice clean signal they won't look too bad, but any defects will show more on the high def screen.

If you get digital cable, you connect the cable box using an HDMI cable and you will get whatever is provided by the cable signal (SD, HD).

On any digital set, anything the signal carries is what you will see, HD or SD--you don't have to switch anything.

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