Sunday, June 15, 2014

Where can I buy a Sony Google TV 24" (nsx-24gt1)? It's the first gen. that sony came out with google tv 2011?

I'm looking all over the internet for a new one, I know hard to find in 2012 but i'm looking. I couldn't even find a used one, anyone can help me out?
This TV

Why do you want one. Reviews are poor. They changed and discontinued it.
24" is a small TV
They were dumping them a year ago, down to $200.
Only ones you would find is someone selling an old one.
May 7th in Philly:
Here is one:
I know nothing about the seller in Oregon.
That is the one. Mixed reviews. There are plenty of ethernet TVs, or just hookup a laptop or netbook to a regular TV

Wait for the good one to come down in price:

Sony Bluray player internet TV that plugs into any TV:

I think itâs better to shift on LED. Are you agreed with my friends?

Nitesh Bal

College friends are saying to change my LCD and instead of that, I should buy LED. What can be the solution dear?

Get plasma, it destroys LED/LCD in picture quality easily and are cheaper. You can get a GT25 or ST30 3d HD panasonic plasma at 42 inches for 1000 bucks and make your friends jealous as hell.

Look at Cnet's reviews Google best 3DTV or HDTV of 2011 and the top 5 are plasma's. Maybe 1 LED is in 6th place but its 3 grand.

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