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Need a Digital Cable Box for my HDTV?


Looking at upgrading to Digital Cable and I'm interested getting some information on these Digital cable boxes. I presently have just a plain Expanded Basic Cable plan from Charter.

I have 2 HDTV's (Samsung and Toshiba) that have access to both Standard cable and Digital cable. I'm even able to access three or four local channels on my DTV mode that are in High Definition, even though I don't have Digital Cable (which I hear is not unusual).

I also have 3 TV's that do not have a Digital tuner, just plain LCD/Plasma tv's. A Dynex LCD tv, an EDTV Plasma iLo (it might have Digital), and just a standard mountable under cabinet LCD tv in the Kitchen.

If I upgrade to Digital Cable, do my HDTV's need the Digital Cable Box from Charter in order to access all the channels or will these TV's be able to pick up all the channels without it?

Will my Standard TV's need a Cable box in order to browse the channels or will they still be able to access the first 50-60 channels (which include basic channels like TNT, USA, etc)??

It's not important for the Standard TV's to get the true High quality Digital cable, but I'm curious if I would get like a black screen/error if I don't get those TV's a Digital Cable box.

For now, your standard TVs should be able to receive the first bunch of channels. After 2012, you can't trust that this will remain true in that cable companies may start dropping analog channels.

Not getting HD channels on standard cables without renting a box is not unusual. You can use an antenna to get local channels.

As of today, 2-16-2012, what is the proverbial Ferarri of HDTVs?

Supply Sid

It's getting about time to upgrade. Now I have a finished basement which is a game/media room. The couch will be about 10 feet away from the TV so I'm thinking I can go 60 inches or more, EASY.

A few years ago, it was the Pioneer Kuro. Now, it is the Sharp Elite series.

Note that this is the ultra high-end. You will get a very good quality from each top brands also:
Sony = HX929
Samsung = D8000
Panasonic = VT30
LG = LW9800 (but the reviews are mixed)

If you want to go really big (> 70"), you have not a lot of other choices than Sharp though. The rest of the manufacturers stops at 65" in 2011.

(And if you want to wait, new 2012 models will be out in about 1-2 months)
[To AVDaddy: No, manufacturers just announced them at CES in January. Most of the models will be out in March-April, but some are only planned to released in fall]

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