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Do I need an HDMI Cable to get best picture?

best picture quality 32 inch hdtv
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I have a PS3, a 32 inch hdtv, and a brand new comcast digital cable box. All three have HDMI slots. Do I need HDMI cables to get the best picture? How many would I need?
Do I connect HDMI cable from ps3 to tv, ps3 to cable box, cable to tv? Which ones?

One cable for each item you want to connect to the tv. The HDMI will provide the best picture quality and carries the video and audio signal. Keep in mind that the the size of your tv, you can not see the difference between 720P and 1080P, you need at less a 46" or larger. Using HDMI cable is also cheaper that using the component video cable and an optical for the audio. Hope this will help you out.

How to do get great picture quality on my samsung LCD 32 inch tv?

Matt Matt

Do you need a HD box to have great picture quality , my picture is blurry . What settings do you use for the tv. If you can help it would be great. leave your email so i get more help thank you

An hdtv needs hd programming to look the best that it can and it has to be hooked up with an hdmi cable.
Right now your looking at standard definition on a high definition tv. Once you get the hd programming you won't want to watch sd anymore. There is that much of a difference.

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