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What is the best way to connect a gateway MT6728 laptop to my HDTV?

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I would like to connect my gateway mt6728 laptop to my HP Plasma HDTV to watch movies and videos on the TV through the laptop. I have read that for the best quality a DVI to HDMI connection should be used. I also read an S-Video cable can be used. I'm not sure which, if either of these methods are compatible with my gateway MT6728 laptop.

Any help with this matter would be much appreciated.


looks like all you have on your laptop is a vga port
you do not say what model of HP plasma HDTV you have, so check the back for a vga port. it would be a sub miniature connector that looks like a db9 connector. the HDMI are totally different looking.
if you got one, try hooking it up with a vga cable.
mine sucked though. the image quality was fuzzy and very poor.


Why does our new plasma HDTV have a lower quality/grainy picture?


We just got a 50" Samsung HPT5064 plasma HDTV and a lot of channels (non-HD) seem to have a grainy or low quality picture. Is there some setting we should change? Is this common for larger screens? We went from a 23" CRT TV to this so all of it is fairly new to me.
As someone asked, Comcast is our cable provider and they did provide us with an HD box.

Also, we're sitting probably around 10-12 feet from the television.

SD TV does not look good on an HDTV. On my 40", I have to sit about 8" back for it to look good, and my set was well rated for SD display. How good or bad it looks depends on the input signal's quality. A 50" widescreen has a picture height equivalent to a 41" standard TV. When you blow-up analog TV that was never designed for displays that large, right away you have a problem. On top of that, in order to be displayed on an HDTV, the signal has to be deinterlaced and up-scaled to the native resolution of the set. This processing introduces artifacts. Non-up-converted DVDs should look pretty good. That;'s as good as you can get from SD material. If from about 10", your picture isn't acceptable, then you may want to look for a set that's better rated for SD.

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