Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What brand of HDTV has the best picture quality and a decent sound quality?

best led hdtv picture quality
 on LG 55
best led hdtv picture quality image


I want good picture quality and decent sound from the on board speakers. 32 inch to 36 inch. I don't need prices but that would help. I WILL be going to best buy to buy it, and they have a bunch of great deals going on for 32 inch HDTV's. I was thinking samsung. Any complaints?

Samsung led tv will be best picture in 32" but is also the most pricey.

Does the Samsung LED have more glare than the LCD?

Kristen S

Just purchased the LED because the picture quality looked a bit clearer in the store. However, we placed the tv directly across from a picture window and there is tons of glare. Would I have as much glare with the LCD? Maybe we'll just have to invest in some blinds or move the tv to another part of the room. The picture is perfect at night!

Samsung uses their "Clear Screen" technology in the A650, A750 A850 and now in the 2009 B650, B6000 & B7000 LCD products. Though these screens pass more light than any other LCD screen on the market, they also have the most reflections and glare of any LCD screen. In fact, these screens produce more reflections and glare than today's Panasonic plasma TVs with their Anti-Reflective filter. Control you light source(s) and this TV will reward your with a fanatistic picture.

Additional Details: Samsung uses the same LCD screen in the new LED series (6000, 7000 & 7100) as they use in the high-end LCD series (650, 750 & 850). Remember that the LED series is still a LCD HDTV, it just used LED back lighting instead of wide color gamut florescent tubes. There is not more glare on the LED series TVs, just the same amount of glare as on the LCD series.

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