Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why does my wii game quality look so bad?

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So I play on a 32 inch HDTV I bought some component cables which has not done anything I have set it to the hd setting as well as the widescreen setting but the game quality still looks bad. When I play Resident Evil the edges of objects look really jagged and everything does not look the way it once did please help.

It looks bad because wii is not an hd console. It's gonna look worse on an hd tv than a normal one.

How to get the best out of my xbox360 and my new tv?


Hey i just bought a new samsung 32 inch lcd hdtv and i was wondering how to make my xbox 360 gaming experience the best? i would love to play my games with hd quality but what would i have to buy or hook up or do for that to happen?

you could get the HD cables for your xbox, but for a 32 inch tv it's not really necessary. You could just flip the switch on the audio/video cables to HD. That's what I do for my 32 inch and everything looks great.

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