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Is a settop box needed for a hdtv?


Now that Indian govt has made it mandate for the need of a settop box before March 31st 2013.. Is it mandate to get a settop box for a hdtv as well? If anyone know of this plz do answer my question. thanks a lot...

It depends if it has a digital tuner built in, which is compatible with the digital system and bands Indian broadcasters will switch to. Read your manual or spec sheet from the manufacturer website to see.

In most of the developed world, HDTVs by government decree or by market force, have included digital tuners.

Is this lg 55in tv good for the price?

Mr Myagi

Any pros and cons? Can I watch 3d channels without the glasses? Thanks

That is the entry level 3D TV from the 2012 line up (the LM in the model number is the 2012 designation, LA is the 2013 lineup).

Overall - that series is considered to be a very decent TV. For that particular model...since it is the entry will have somewhat less features than the higher up in the series (LM6200, LM6700, LM7600, LM8600, LM9600)...but overall it's not much different. This particular one does not have the Smart Features of the LM6200 and up...and it also doesn't have as good of processors as the LM7600 and up, but it should be decent enough for normal use.

As far as 3D and glasses are concerned. These TV's use passive 3D...meaning that (and this is in laymans terms) the picture is filtered in a way that when the glasses are put on...the left eye sees one picture and the right eye sees another...and your brain makes it 3D. Without glasses will just look like an extremely out of focus picture.

As far as cons for this unit...there are 2:

1st (and this applies to a LOT of manufacturers and not just LG).
The 120Hz "Tru Motion Rate" is not the same thing as a 120Hz refresh rate. So - though it sort-of performs like a 120Hz really is a 60Hz panel. You will find this to be the case in most of the lesser expensive models from all manufacturers.

Given that this is a left-over 2012 are already starting out with 1 year old technology. Not saying that it's not good technology...but that there is already a newer model and any 2012 models are simply left-overs that didnt sell. You should expect to see a significant savings from the 2013 models. It's hard to price-compare an overstock model...since the major retailers who would normally carry these have already replaced them with 2013 you can;t always rely on a quick google shopping it's likely to come up with few results.

Overall though...$800 for a 55" 3D TV is not you certainly aren;t getting hosed at that price...but you just have to realize that it's marked down because it is in fact a 1 - 2 year old tv...even though its new.

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