Saturday, February 22, 2014

Which is better LED LCD or LCD HDTVs?


Led is the newest technology and is probably how all tvs will be made in the future. You could literally lift them with one finger an so will do away with the need for heavy duty mounting brackets. They are also the slimmest, use less power and have the best picture quality in my opinion.

Is a LED HDTV more like a Plasma or more like a LCD HDTV?


Of late I've been seeing advertisements for LED HDTVs. How do LED HDTVs differ from LCD or Plasma HDTVs. Are they better or what?

LED HDTV's are LCD TV's with LED(light emitting diode) for a back light rather then a CCFL(cold cathode fluorescent) back light. The LED back lights give them better contrast ratios and much better energy consumption(40% less then std LCD and Plasma)!

However...Plasma TV's still have better picture qualities! Plasma and LED LCD's have similar contrast ratios. But that's were the similarities end! Plasma TV's have near instant response times of .001ms, while LED LCD TV's are at 2ms. Plasma's response times are 2,000 times faster. Giving them sharper images with fast motion content like sports and gaming!

Plasma's also have faster refresh rates at 600hz! LED LCD TV's have refresh rates of 240hz. Making Plasma's refresh rates 2.5 times faster! Giving them smoother playback of fast motion movies! See the link below for more info.

Another advantage Plasma has over LED LCD is cost! Plasma's are hundreds of dollars cheaper per inch screen size compared to the new wallet busting LED LCD TV's! LED LCD's huge price premium kind of offsets their energy consumption saving because you would need to own the TV for 10-15yrs to pay for the extra cost of the TV!

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