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TV; Samsung 46" LCD HDtv. 18 months old
Signal; ALL digital cable via a PVR;

Problem:- picture quality with an HD signal is great! as are some of the non HD programs BUT; Some of the non HD programs, particularly the low-light ones and in the darker areas show a "smeared" effect during movement compared to the brighter areas of the picture. eg ; a full facial shot of a person talking will display with a sharp-ish (lighter) face but with the darker hair smeared so that no hair strands are visible as the head moves a photo taken with a too slow shutter speed. On a soccer field, a close up of a player with the grass in the background is fine until the player moves and the camera follows him, then the grass is blurred (smeared) out into a mono-tone green. All these "smeared" effect areas will sharpen up as the image becomes stationary. It would appear that the darker areas are slower to regenerate than the lighter areas.

There are lots of forums out there addressing this LCDTV poor picture quality but I haven't found an answer that deals with my concerns. - - Can any one shed any light on this one? Also would Plasma have the same problem?

This is one of many reasons why CRT is my favorite type of television. Fixed-pixel television technologies (including LCD, plasma, and DLP) must scale to their native resolution, so sources not at that resolution will not look as good. LCD's are particularly bad at displaying content not at their native resolution; plasmas aren't quite as bad. The only cure to this problem is to watch EVERYTHING in HD (good luck with that, that means saying goodbye to any VHS/DVD you may have) or to get a CRT (good luck finding a new one). Until about a year or two ago, they mass-produced CRT HDTV's, which could perfectly display content at 480i, 480p, and 1080i with no problem, and 720p and 1080p scaled down didn't look as bad.

HDTV picture quality?

Gap Face

I got an HDTV a while ago and my friends and I cant tell the difference from my 32" HDTV from my friends 23" SDTV. My HDTV settings are at standard because I dont really no how to make the picture better by custom picture quality. Most people say that should be fine but some tell me I should change it. Also some people say that I should turn down the sharpness all the way down but what should I do for the contrast brightness and color? This HD DVD player is the only HD thing I got besides my cable box and that looks normal to. My HDTV is the samsung LN-S3251D which Cnet said was the best 32" LCD HDTV last year. So what should I do with the settings? My HDTVs native resolution is 720p and the movies I buy have good Picture quality from what highdef digest says. So what should I do?
yes I am watching HD DVDs and also HD channels from comcast

Forget the picture settings...To get an HD picture you must have the signal coming from your devices connected by HDMI OR COMPONENT inputs to the TV set first.

Then your devices must be set to 720P in the video output part of the device's menu.

Then the SOURCE of the actual signal must be an HD signal
Your cable box must be tuned to an HD station and the SHOW must have the HD box showing up on the Guide....

As for the HD DVD player, you must have an HD-DVD disc for HD, and it CAN'T be an old movie converted to HD usage.

All these hoops you must jump thru....sheesh !

But....I PREFER to test HD setup by going to Discovery Channel's HD Theater station...they are the best HD signal to test with...
Especially the the one with the ANTs crawling around or the mountains in them.
There you will see the DETAIL of the small critters and plants.

And it's a quick and easy test for your TV and the Cable signal.

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