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Looking for a good surround sound system for my HDTV.?

Clark Kent


I have a Vizio XVT423SV 42" truled HDTV and I use it for watching movies on netflix, blu rays, and playing PS3 games. I am looking for a good surround sound system that I can buy to help complete the package. The stock sound is good but I want surround sound.

I don't mind buying used from craigslist or amazon but I just wanted to know some names and models of good surround sound systems that have good crisp sound quality? I want to be able to hear footsteps of enemy soldiers and which way they're heading just from listening to my speakers. lol.

My budget is about $100 but again, I don't mind buying used from craigslist and such. Sometimes good deals pop up there.

"The stock sound is good" You're kidding right? Seriously, visit a 'premium' home theatre store and\or Hi-Fi store to listen\hear what 'good' sound is.
You will be disappointed buy a full system in your price range. I would advise: Either lower your specification or raise you budget.

Fact: NOTHING in a plastic box will sound any good! ALL speakers should be in a wooden cabinet! (Mind, concrete\cement is good but that's another story lol)

Raising your budget is the easiest (in sound terms)
By lowering your spec you can afford some QUALITY equipment, just not a full surround sound set (yet)

Why not buy a decent A\V amp for starters. I'm going to show you some links here in the uk but shop around where you are, how about ebay for used gear, you can purchase a used amp that's really good but normally unaffordable.

Like: http://www.richersounds.com/products/home-cinema/home-cinema-separates/av-receivers
Generally the better the price the better the equipment\more connections etc, your looking for one that take HDMI.

Then: Buy a really good set of Stereo speakers (Floorstanders?) http://www.richersounds.com/products/hi-fi-separates/speakers/floorstanders
Make these GOOD, you can use them for your music as well as Home Theatre. GOOD ones will produce plenty of bass negating the need of a 'sub' (for now)

Along with them buy a decent centre: http://www.richersounds.com/products/hi-fi-separates/speakers/centre-speakers

Again get the best you can afford, they produce 90% of the sound in surround mode (The dialogue\talking)

That alone will give you a very decent sounding system. Test\listen to the speakers first, preferably at home (On 'loan\test') see if the match YOUR listening environment and that YOU like them.

Wanna go further? Now is the time to buy some surround speakers (You want 4 but can start with 2): http://www.richersounds.com/products/hi-fi-separates/speakers/bookshelf-speakers

Bookshelf speakers are the best 'bang for your buck' deals you can get!
(If you don't want large floorstanders then a GOOD pair of bookshelves coupled with a subwoofer is the other way to go, just remember you may want the fronts for music as well, shame to waste em eh!)

Lastly buy a decent 'sub' to really give you that 'wow' experience that only a full surround sound can give you. You will have set your amp originally for 'large' front speakers to divert the bass to them, you could now set it to 'medium' and divert the low end to the sub. (That's why you purchased a 'good' amp!)

This way you are always buying great sounding gear and adding as you can afford, and never have cr*p sounds.

As I said shop around, ebay is a great source, but go to a store and listen to em live first, google the specs etc. Good advice can be found at www.avforums.com BUT read the previous post first BEFORE you ask any questions (They maybe uk based but the advice goes for anywhere)

Lastly bear in mind when you buy 'decent' equipment it's re-sale value is higher (and easier to sell) when you wish to upgrade to some better.

When I'm researching something new to buy I will often spend a day or two touring the specialist shops viewing\testing\listening till I know what I want (I buy regularly for others and install) making it an enjoyable day (or 3 lol) out.

Good luck mate, happy shopping.

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