Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Is Toshiba Regza 42'' LCD Hdtv a good brand and good quality Hdtv?


I want to buy a Hdtv and I want to know if Toshiba has good quality and is a popular name.
Please help me! Thanks!

Toshiba makes very nice tv sets. The Regza is their top of the line too.

The top 5 LCD brands are:

Nothing is going to be as good as a Sony so in the long run it is up to you if you like the picture of the Toshiba.

question about buying a new LCD-HDTV???

Q. planning to buy a new LCD- HDTV....which would be the best choice for that...and why do u think its best choice. market is full of so many different brands so its bit confusing for me to choose one ..please help ?? i wud appreciate ifu give answers with good explaination.......

The Final Word on HDTV by J.-

If you enjoy throwing $6400 out of the window of your car, then by all means, buy the plasma tv. If youre looking for a decent tv that will last your for a very long time, go with the LCD. While, plasma screen tvs do have a slightly better picture quality than LCDs, their(plasma) lifespans are only about 7-8 years, maximum. Most only last 5-6 years. Some people will try to bullsh** you by saying "Well, they havent been out for that long, how would you know." Well, I know, and so do the people that manufacture them, and so do the people that own them. Another point that you can make is the PS2/other game systems problem, on a plasma tv, if you leave a game system on for an extended period of time, images will become burned into the plasma screen. LCDs, while bulkier, do not have these problems. To me, people that own plasma screen tvs are just like the idiots who own hybrid cars, the only reason they buy them is so that they brag about it to their friends, in the event that the yuppie a-holes even have any. To be simple about it, if want to buy a good Hi-Def tv without spending a small fortune go with the LCD. If you have a couple of extra bucks to spend, I'd recommend DLP, but thats another story.

Now thats out of the way, if youre absolutely hell-bent on getting LCD screen then you have to go with Sony, no questions asked. I think that the vega gives you the biggest bang for your buck, but check it out, at this point in time theres not a huge cost difference between models, general speaking. In any event you want to make sure that you get a Sony. Next, having all of the HD monitors in the world won't do you a damn bit of good unless you have HDTV service. Below are your options:
Cable TV: Absolutely sucks. High cost, crappy picture quality and rather small amount of HD programming even available. Upside: Its HDTV for dummies, your ignorance is your bliss.

DirecTV: Excellent picture and quality at a decent price, however even DirecTV doesnt have a whole of programming in the way of HDTV. Also, I'm not a big fan of their HD technology, but thats just me talking, I'm kind of, well actually, very picky when it comes to TV.

Dish Network: At this point in time, Dish is probably the primo way to go for HDTV. They have excellent receivers/equipment at a fairly modest cost but more importantly they have more HD programming available than any one else on the Planet Earth. I shouldnt be saying this, given the fact that my cousin owns a DirecTV franchise, but what the hell do you care?

These are all options to mull over, but don't be an idiot when it comes to spending money on your TV setup. I promise, if you follow my advise you'll be more than happy.


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