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How can I connect my laptop to my flat screen?

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The tv is a Samsung 2013 model and the laptop is about three years old.

The tv has these outlets: red white yellow cable group, HDMI and USB.

The laptop has USB, and VGA input.

I'd like to use my laptop to stream movies on my tv. Can this be done? With a cable? With a wireless device? Please help, I need to know desperately and no one knows that I've talked to. I am positive that these are the only inputs on these devices.

You have a new TV that has HD, which is why it has the HDMI adapter, that allows new laptops with HDMI output to connect and watch videos on their laptops on the HDTV.

Being 3 years old, I don't think your laptop has and HDMI port, but you can check. If it has that's the better choice and get a HDMI cable to fit that. Search Amazon here:

If you can't find the HDMI port, it probably doesn't have one.

If that's the case try this:

Why did my new TV stop getting free channels? It says low-signal now but I had many HD and SD channels before?


Toshiba 50L1350U 50" LCD HDTV

Before Oct. 2nd, 2013, I received several HD and SD channels by connecting my cable. I have comcast internet but no tv service.

Today, all I get is the music channels above 90.

I was under the impression that over-the-air channels are available for free, is this not the case?

Did the digital TV tuner stop working?

Is this part of the FCC/Government shutdown?

You have a fundamental misunderstanding. "Over-the-air" means you receive it with an antenna, from the TV station's transmitting antenna in your area. Yes, that is free, but you only get it with an antenna, not from your cable outlet.

In the least, there is nothing free on cable service--it's all provided by private companies, and they have to get paid via customer subscriptions.

What you were seeing on the cable was Comcast's "no-box" channels, receivable without one of their set top boxes. Those were all standard-def analog plus some HD channels. You saw those HD channels because your TV has an optional QAM tuner.

You had continuity on the cable to your home as an Internet subscriber, which got you those no-box channels as a bonus, so they weren't free. You can't see them now because Comcast and all cable companies are rapidly migrating their analog channels to their digital packages that require some type of box. When it's done, as it apparently was in your area on October 2nd, there are no TV channels left on the cable that are receivable without a box. It was done in my area over a year ago.

So, if you want TV from Comcast, you'll have to upgrade your subscription and get a box.

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